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Chapter 139 – It Doesn’t Matter that My LUK Value is 1! Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2899 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1156 words

Around an hour, Arisa and the others came back. Lily was also with them, together with a woman. Seems like they joined Lily midway.

Apparently, the woman was chased by a goblin, and they talked a bit on their way back, but since there’s a teammate (me) in the base, they decided to listen to the details after joining with me.

But, before that…

“There’s a stream over there, so please cleanse yourself first. I’ll also treat your injuries.”

Yeah, she’s kinda smelly, you know…?

From what Arisa picked up, she was trapped in a goblin nest before. Maybe she was panicking a bit since her friends also got caught?

But it’s better to prepare well than to move in a hurry. And she should be hungry. But since she got caught and became dirty and smelly, eating food in that state was a bit…

Since she was injured, I was a bit worried about her taking a bath, but Lily had applied [Recovery Magic] on their way back so she should be able to move around properly.

She cleaned herself and came back, then I used [Drying] to dry her instantly and treated her injuries. Well, she only had to drink a bottle of middle-class recovery potion and she’s all healed.

“What is this effect… Is this a middle-class potion? Not advanced…? What about the payment…”

Hmm, I don’t plan to rip someone off in this situation, so she doesn’t have to worry, okay? I have a bad personality, but I won’t go that far.

The woman’s name seemed to be Nell. Her main job was a mage, but she could do close quarters battles, a quasi-magic warrior. From her appearance, she seemed to be 17-18 years old? Older? Or younger? I still couldn’t guess the age of a woman….

Her party had a total of four people, one male and three female, and they went there to investigate the goblins. Did they get a survey request recently because the number of goblin nests subdued in our current location was unusually high?

…Eh, so it’s because of us? No, we just crushed the nests we happened to stumble upon….

It’s not like we were aiming to crush all goblin nests… Well, we might have been aiming for that in the middle. Now that I think of it, there were so many goblin nests, right?

“So when we were investigating, we were attacked by a large group of goblins and got caught…”

We continued the conversation as we ate rice. By the way, I had them change into beautiful clothes. It seems like Lily lent her clothes.

Back to the topic.

So they suddenly received a surprise attack during the investigation, and although they managed to regain their momentum and intercept them, they were gradually pushed and caught. However, the goblins were unusually in order, that’s why they assumed that they might be battling with a group with a commander.

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So when they actually got caught and carried to the nest, they were surprised at the overwhelming number of the group. And as they expected, there was a commander leading them. It had a large physique and looked quite old. They saw the commander with their own eyes. Actually, they were restrained and forced to meet it…

After that, everyone was pushed into one of the rooms, and while being given food from time to time, they were looking for a chance to escape while being beaten by the patrolling goblins.

And she managed to escape yesterday noon.

Although the goblins took their equipment, she had a spare wand hidden, so she used it to escape using her [Illusion] skill.

[Illusion] was a rare skill… No, I think I can do something similar using light, water, and wind magic together… Yeah, let’s practice it next time and try to acquire the [Illusion] skill if possible. Ah, the topic derailed.

Even after escaping, she managed to move away while making full use of [Illusion], but she noticed that the goblins were chasing her and ran desperately, and Arisa, Norn, and Bell helped her at that time.

…Arisa sure was amazing, huh? Norn and Bell became her support this time.

“Their nests are about half a day from here. No, I don’t think it’ll take that long to be honest. It’s an abandoned mine, so the map is pretty complicated… But the problem above all is the numbers. I think there are at least 300 goblins there, or even more. Complete with an elder Lord commanding them.”
“Over 300, with a Lord…”
“That means—“
“They’re a ‘Legion’, huh.”

‘Legion’ was a large group of monsters and beasts of the same race, led by a monarchic commander called Lord. The numbers depended on the type of the monster, but they would be certified as a Legion once it exceeded 100.

Most of the time, they were led by the elder Lord and higher-ranking Warlords. Since the commander was chosen after they had grouped together for a long time, the cooperation of Legion was high, and the commander could also correct their subordinates well.

“…That means, the nests we had crushed until now are the branches of that Legion.”
“But then, a flock of this size must be planning to attack some town, you know?”
“If we’re talking about a town near here…”
“It’s the town we’re currently staying at, huh.”

A flock of monsters large enough to be called ‘Legion’ often attacks people on a large scale. It could be a village, a town, or even a walled city or a fortified city. When such a big incident occurs, The Knights trained to subdue ‘Legion’ would appear, but they usually arrived after a lot of lives had been taken…

…Could we do some kind of surprise attack now?

Above all, we had no time. If we didn’t hurry, that town might be destroyed. I didn’t know what that Legion’s plan was, but they kidnapped humans there. If the goblins that chased this woman didn’t come back after a while, they would definitely notice something and move up the schedule to start the invasion immediately. We had no time to relay the news and call for further help.

“Wait a minute, the nest you had crushed… Are you that amazing female adventurer party that has been crushing the nests of goblins around? Goblin Slayers?”

Wait, what is ‘Goblin Slayers’!? It’s true that we were crushing the goblin’s nest, but I never heard of that nickname before!!

“…We did crush goblins nests around here, but what is ‘Goblin Slayers’…?”
“Eh? That’s your party, right? With that town as their base, a group of three young women adventurers with two wolves has been crushing goblin nests these days. They’re Goblin Slayers.”
“…They gave us a nickname without our permission. We should have named our party as fast as we could.”

Don’t look at us with that pitiful look. I feel like crying.

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