Chapter 131 – Lazing Around in the Next Base Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2466 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1094 words

We arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild while having an idle talk. In addition, this place also established a bar attached to the guild’s building. Why is this kind of dual-purpose bars popular here…? But this town had no specialized bar, so maybe a lot of people demanded it? But that would make it harder to take requests in the guild, so I felt complicated. It would be better to open a new bar if people wanted to have fun… Ahh, but that would help to take measures against people who came to make trouble. Other adventurers might come to help. Plus the staff seemed like they could handle a lot of things too. Oh well. It’s not like I had any plan to start a business here.

When we entered the guild building with Bell, there were people drinking alcohol in the daytime. I could also see a party that seems to have returned early, and a party distributing rewards to their members. Their line of sight gathered at us for a moment and immediately dispersed. This could be a normal reaction when seeing someone unfamiliar coming in, I guess? I’m nervous, you say? I don’t mind. I’m used to impolite gazes.

Let’s regain my mind and look at the bulletin board filled with request forms.

“…This is….”
“Yeah. It’s already past noon after all.”

Only a few requests left, such as several goblin subjugations, one kobold subjugation, and a few specific herbs collection… Hmm, boring. The challenging one was subjugating the demons found in the spring deep in the forests. In the first place, what should I do in subjugation requests? We were a clan, not a party. As long as we acted together while collecting herbs, there shouldn’t be any problem. But…

“What are we going to do?”
“How about reconfirming it tomorrow morning~? It’s already pretty late now.”
“Hmm, But with this lineup, I think it’s going to be pretty much the same when we come back tomorrow morning. Maybe the varieties are wolf, orc, bear, or something like that? We can go for orcs, but Arisa, you once said skinning bear fur was hard, right? We actually accepted it before, but my magic wasn’t very effective. We only managed to finish it in the nick of time.”
“Ah, we’re going to be fine~ It should be easy with this sword~”
“Ahhh, right. Arisa has Ren’s sword… And I also have a ring, so we’re completely different from that time… Hmm.”

I see. Since the equipment I gave them was superior, the range of the subjugation requests we could take would expand… But I would like to operate ‘Magic Armor’ in actual battle. If my age limit wouldn’t restrict me anymore, should I take the subjugation requests? Hmm…

“Then how about we come back here immediately tomorrow morning?”
“I think that’s fine.”
“But we won’t have much free time if we do that…”
“…What should we do then?”
“I don’t really mind with anything~”

Arisa had stopped thinking recently… Well, that’s fine.

“Then, rather than taking a request, why don’t we walk around the outskirts of the town? We can also collect things that look good.”
“Ahh, that’s a good idea.”
“Okay, let’s go right away!”

Arisa… No, it’s fine! It’s really fine! But hey, can you be a bit more…!

We then moved to the entrance of the town. When we told the gatekeepers at the entrance that we wanted to check the surrounding terrain for future requests, they willingly let us leave. We moved counterclockwise once we went out of the town. The other side was filled with fields, and that would make it impossible to look for herbs.

I think they should put water in this empty moat… Hmm, but when combined with the high fence, the defense power was high, I guess? Mumumu.

This side didn’t particularly cut through the forest, and the forest looked quite deep… That’s why people requested to exterminate the monsters that had settled down here.

Going in for a while, I could see the nostalgic trees that I often saw deep inside a forest… Wait, isn’t this a bamboo! I had to confirm this!

Lily and the others dashed after me who suddenly started running. But that was bamboo! A bamboo! Bamboo shoots!

“…There’s no doubt. It’s bamboo.”

I used [Appraisal] on it, and I found out that it was moso bamboo. Bamboo shoots were delicious. I didn’t hate square bamboo, but they probably didn’t grow together… What a shame. I had to find them separately.

However, I never thought I would find bamboo in this place…! This alone made our trip to this town worth it! Yay!

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I collected it immediately. I stored the entire ground in [Storage], together with the rhizomes. I managed to secure a lot of stocks, so I’m satisfied. But I had to pick up bamboo shoots early in the morning, so I didn’t collect that now. It’s April now, the season for bamboo shoots. I would definitely pick them up! Absolutely!

“We finally caught up… What are you doing?”
“I found what I was looking for.”
“What are you doing with this scooped ground?”
“I collected a little bit of the soil.”

By the way, let’s also look for places where bamboo shots were likely to grow. It didn’t really matter now, though.

“…Are you still looking for something?”
“Yeah. Delicious foods are growing, so I want to come to pick it up early tomorrow morning.”
“Early morning? You can’t pick it up now?”
“It tastes bad unless I pick it up in the morning.”
“…I see. Then I have to do my best too.”
“Delicious food… I will also help~”

Oh? They would help me? They probably did it for the delicious food, but I got labor help!

After that, once we finished dinner and returned to the inn, I found some things when I asked the inn staff about bamboo.

First of all, the bamboo was planted by a swordsman who came from Hourai a long time ago. And no one used the bamboo to craft items or make products. They didn’t eat the bamboo shoots as well. What a waste…

But I didn’t want to stand out, so I didn’t disclose any information or cook any bamboo related dish. But I had a little idea when it came to cooking. Let’s check it tomorrow.

It’s a little early, but let’s go to bed now. I had to get up early to pick up bamboo shoots and then go to take requests. How busy!


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