Chapter 125 – W-What Are You Doing, You Scumbag! Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2987 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1114 words

There’s a depiction of sexual assault in this chapter. Please be warned.

When I was walking happily while collecting herbs, I felt somewhat dizzy… Is it because of my lack of exercise? For the time being, let’s drink the fatigue recovery potion.

… But the symptom got worse after a while. I couldn’t stop getting dizzy. I felt sick and my head was dull. My legs eventually became weak, and I finally fell on the spot.

What is this? What’s going on?

… I couldn’t think straight. I tried my best to use [Detection] despite my aching head, but there was no reaction from Norn within the range… I didn’t understand, but I could sense something was wrong.

I wondered what to do, but I couldn’t gather my mind… What happened?

Then I lost all my strength and finally fell down on my face.

I could move around, but I didn’t think I could stand up… I knew that the situation was bad, but I couldn’t think of any countermeasures. This is bad. This is really bad.

Amid my panic, several men appeared.

“Oh, she’s ‘ere. The poison is working properly, huh.”
“She ain’t react to it immediately, I thought we gotta defective product.”
“I know, eh… Why’s she so surprised?”
“Hahn? Prolly got a [Detection] skill n’ such.”
“Ahh, ‘s so.”

I was so surprised that I couldn’t make a voice. No, even if I screamed, my voice wouldn’t come out properly in my current state.

But there’s no use worrying over that now. These men suddenly appeared even though my [Detection] caught nothing. What does that mean? Why? I was confused, and the men were saying something with a sneaky smile.

“Should we explain it to her?”
“What’s the point? It’s troublesome. Let’s just kidnap her quickly.”
“We can’t do that, can we? Look, she doesn’t understand anything.”
“You just want to make fun of her, right?”
“So you get it? I want to scare her… Well, you heard that, kiddo. Are you surprised when we suddenly appear? I’ll tell you why you didn’t notice us. Kiddo, you have [Detection] skill, right? And you’re surprised that we are here even though it didn’t detect us, right?”
“Ah, uu…”

I couldn’t make a voice. I couldn’t move my legs and fingertips anymore. Even though my head remained dizzy, I could hear the men’s voices clearly.

“You made a mistake, kiddo. [Detection] is a beginner’s skill. There are many ways to hide from it. If you rely too much on that, you’ll end up like this, ya know? You learned something, right? Be careful from now on, ‘kay?”
“Hey, hey. I don’t know what you are thinking, but what the hell are you talking about now?”
“Stupid, I’m saying it on purpose! Look, she’s shivering. That’s cute, ain’t it? Right, I’ll tell you this too. Kiddo, you can’t think straight, right? That’s poison. It has been in the air for a while after you entered the forest. You can’t move your limbs well, right? That’s also poison. And you can’t use magic since the poison also interrupts your magic manipulation. You can’t resist. Give up already.”

… Poison? Can’t use magic? Can’t do anything? W-what…? What should I do? Wha…

… Ah, Norn. I have Norn. They would definitely come. I managed to raise my head to look around.

When the man noticed my movement, he continued with a grin.

“Oh. By the way, it’s useless to expect a wolf to come here. It’s easy to fool a wolf or a dog. We have a poison to fool their nose. By the way, I also used the poison that made them unable to move like you, kiddo. They won’t help you. How come you don’t realize that in this situation?”

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… That’s…

“Hey, hey. She doesn’t move anymore. You’re threatening her too much, y’know?”
“Hehehe, this is good. Now, look at her face distorted in despair… Wow, this is…”

One guy reached out and stripped my hood, exposing my face. No, stop. My limbs didn’t move properly and I couldn’t resist.

“Hey, wha… Whoa whoa whoa! This girl is too beautiful!”
“Ah? What are you guys saying? No matter how beautiful she is, she’s still a brat. You got hard on her?”
“Ohh, she gets a pass from me. Mine will easily erect if she’s that beautiful.”

I heard an unpleasant conversation. Their line of sight was disgusting. No, don’t look at me. No, no, no!

“Anyway, isn’t she still a brat? We got the right person, didn’t we? This makes no sense.”
“Who cares ’bout that! The order is just to bring this girl, so do as they say. It’s not our fault if we got the wrong person!”
“… Yeah, you’re right. Hey, what are you doing?”
“Ah? Isn’t that clear?”

One man kicked me with his leg and rolled me on my back.

“The dog’s poison is still working, right? Then we can have some fun here.”
“Hey, hey. That doesn’t mean we have a lot of time. Huh? You too!?”
“This guy is fast, so we can switch quickly, right? Can we go for one round?”
“Tsk, can’t be helped…”
“You said that, but you’re clearly excited.”
“Well, this girl’s face makes me *****… Isn’t she too erotic?”
“Ah, I know, right?… Come on, let’s do it quickly. We can get back to work once we’re refreshed.”

… The men held my limbs and tried to pin me. No, no no no no no no, no!

“That’s useless. It’ll be better if you give up quickly, you know?”

Then the man who pressed against me tried to strip off my clothes, reaching out to my collar… No! Stop! No!!!

“… No, no… No…”

My tongue didn’t move well.

“Give up.”

Ahhhhhhhhhh! No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!

It’s impossible.

When I was about to give up, the wind blew and the man’s neck was cut off. His head disappeared. I heard a landing sound from a distance, then the headless corpse that was pressing against me was kicked and blown away. Blood spewed from the cross-section of the neck.

“Are you okay!?”

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…Who? It sounds familiar… Vector?

“Ren, are you okay!?”

And I heard a voice from the direction of the landing sound. Arisa?

“Ari… sa?”
“Yes, I’m Arisa! Lily, you’re slow! Hurry‌!”

… There’s also Lily? Someone was hugging me… This is Lily?

“Are you okay!? Did they do anything terrible to you!? … Ah, good. We made it in time…!”
“Leave this to me, I’ll chase them!”
“Wait! I’ll go too!”

I could feel the sign of two people running in a hurry…

… Am I saved?


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