Chapter 125 – W-What Are You Doing, You Scumbag! Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2818 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1183 words

It’s Ren, who finally reached [Blacksmithing] skill LV10.

That being said, there were still other high-ranking blacksmithing skills.

My mana sword, attribute sword creation skill was LV9. I think I should be able to reach LV10 if I did my best, but my magic sword creation skill was still in LV7, so it would take a lot more time. My katana creation skill was also LV7. Holy sword creation was still LV0. In the first place, how should I make a holy sword? I was completely lost. I didn’t hate researching, but I was basically only groping my way.

But, hmm… At first, I thought I could force my way using [Creation Magic] again. But I felt like it’s impossible. I wonder why?

But now that I achieved my minimum goal, I could finally move on to the next action. That being said, I had no particular goal.

Well, I left the workshop for the time being. Continuing blacksmithing like this was too much for me… Honestly, I had gotten sick of it.

I was thinking of renting a suitable inn or house after leaving the workshop… That’s why I tried collecting information on inns that looked good. Since I had money, staying for a long time in an inn wouldn’t burden my wallet!… Uh, I cashed out my money in the Commercial Guild again last week; you know? My deposit had turned into something unthinkable…

Cart-related items had boosted in sales since last fall, including the blueprints I submitted last fall. So the amount of materials brought back by adventurers using carts had increased. Distribution, economy, and so on had improved dramatically.

As the number of whole orcs being taken back had increased, the amount of lard distribution was increasing, and the price of oil and soap was getting cheaper.

… My knowledge cheat had unexpectedly contributed to the economy. Maybe I made a mistake?

Well, that’s why the patent royalties had become ridiculous. I didn’t even have to work anymore… I should probably seclude myself deep in the forest somewhere soon.

My commercial rank was raised to Rank A, which was almost the highest rank, and I would receive a lot of preferential treatments when opening a store or purchasing items in large quantities. That being said, I wasn’t planning to open a store. I wasn’t good at serving customers.

And when I told Master that I would leave the workshop, he strongly opposed it.

Um, I was originally an adventurer, okay? I persuaded him in various ways and convinced him. He told me I could focus on blacksmithing work, but I couldn’t do it. Besides, I had a feeling that staying here any longer would result in me being forced to take blacksmithing requests.

One reason ‌I left the workshop was that the number of escorts Vector provided for me had decreased.

At first, there were around three to five escorts, with at least two or three when exchanging shifts. But after the winter show, the number gradually decreased. Now there was only one.

Did Master’s effort work? But the fact that he decreased the number of escorts means that my safety had been secured to some extent. I think leaving the workshop should be fine now.

Well, I made various preparations, and it’s finally the day to leave the workshop! I don’t like being gloomy, so I immediately left. Hahaha.

For the time being, I considered leaving the royal capital immediately, staying in the depths of a nearby forest for a while, and try various production skills other than blacksmithing. Then I also wanted to do my daily routine since it’s been a long while.

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After I’m done with that, I would return to the royal capital and look for a base while staying at an inn or something… And then I would go with the flow? Yeah, I still lived my life sloppily.

I had some things I wanted to make as a tentative goal, but I didn’t have enough skills to make them… But I wasn’t in a hurry. Let’s be patient.

I should say goodbye to Triela and the others before leaving the royal capital. That’s why I went to their house, but it’s empty.

Hmm. I guess they already left during this time, huh? What a shame.

My mood worsened, but I regained my mind and moved out of the royal capital as planned. And I met Sheryl and her sister when I left the gate. Oh, it’s been a while. Since we went in the same way, I followed her until we reached the forest. We talked about many things along the way.

I made a sling for Sheryl when I was still teaching her in the open-air class. Thanks to that, she was very grateful since she could secure meat and always have a full stomach.

Now that her income had increased, she was gradually preparing equipment.

In addition, Sheryl seemed to specialize in close combat with bare hands. She looked like a gentle beauty, yet she was so scary! So Melty was the one who used the sling… Good luck.

Hmm, then maybe I should join Sheryl’s party… Yeah, let’s put that option in my future plans.

Sheryl as the vanguard, Melty as a scout, and me as rearguard. It’s pretty well balanced, isn’t it? There were also Norn and Bell. Our annihilation power was pretty high.

Thinking about that, I looked at Norn who walked next to me. She was huge. Maybe the same or slightly larger than an adult tiger or lion? She was around 3m long… She was reliable, but it’s hard doing things together with her in a city.

Most people would get scared when I walked with Norn since she was too big… And she stood out a lot.

Her dignity had increased, and she couldn’t mask her atmosphere anymore. Most people would see her as Greater Wolf. And when they ‌appraised her, she would turn out to be a spirit beast, not demon beast. Would Fenrir continue to rise and become a god beast?

I reached the forest after walking with Sheryl and her sister leisurely! So I said goodbye here and proceed alone from now on. Well, Norn and Bell were with me, though.

Just like last time, I moved deep into the forest. I wasn’t in a hurry, so I collected the herbs I found along the way.

Norn and Bell went into a different direction from me. Rather, they went hunting just like when I secluded myself last time, with me still in the end of Norn’s [Detection] range.

The escort person immediately left after we entered the forest. I guess this means I was safe. Now that I could act alone with no problems, I had to thank Master!

It’s just spring, so there were a lot of herbs that grew during the winter. I should be able to make many things with these herbs… Right, I used a lot of intermediate potions during the subjugation of the Lord of Winter, right? Let’s replenish them when I have some free time.

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