Chapter 124 – I See, But It Doesn’t Concern Me Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2654 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1101 words

Master apologized for showing off the katana I gave to him as a bribe, but I already gave it to him, and I didn’t mind as long as he didn’t tell anyone I forged that katana.

That being said, I misunderstood Master, thinking that he ‌wanted to brag about the katana! It’s because I only heard a part of the story from Ed last night, but…! I’m really sorry!

Master was a metalsmith addict, okay? I could imagine him honestly getting proud of holding a rare weapon, you know? It can’t be helped that I misunderstood him.… No, I’m honestly apologetic. I’m really sorry.

In addition, he told others that the imaginary mysterious blacksmith left in New Year. The teacher Ed boasted about was also this mysterious blacksmith, so Ed was making sure not to call me ‘Teacher’ outside the workshop.

Well, I rarely went outside, so this doesn’t concern me that much. Ed also said he would try not to talk outside the workshop as much as possible. You really should be careful, ‘kay?

As a thank you for supervising Ed, Master introduced me to his disciple who lived in Labyrinth City. If I had any problems when I went there, I shouldn’t hesitate to rely on him. Thanks!

He returned the full ‌fee I had paid for using the smithy until now. Also, I could stay here as long as I like… I should pay for the steel I used, but I didn’t have to worry about the furnace cost. Really? Are you serious!?

Huh? Wait, I’m indebted to Master now, aren’t I…?

Anyway, a lot of my anxiety had been dispelled by Master and I finished supervising the apprentices, so I would like to seriously train my blacksmithing!

First, I checked my status. Seeing my [Blacksmithing] skill getting stuck in LV8 for a long time made me sick. And I vented that resentment by blacksmithing. I mean, I want to level it up already…

Oh? Wait, it’s LV9 now? Why?… Ah, maybe it’s because I guided Ed? Or maybe Ed, who received my guidance, got a good result? I feel like it’s something like that… But with this; I broke through another wall! All I had to do now was forge swords with all my might!

Ah, leaving that aside, I became twelve years old in February. Happy birthday to me.

I secretly ate curry and cake in my room. It’s delicious. The cake was a rare cheesecake. A sponge cake sounds ‌cheap, you know…?

Eh? Why didn’t I invite Triela and the others to celebrate it? But we never celebrated birthdays since we were in the orphanage.

… On the first day of every month, we gathered and celebrated the children whose birthday was in that month. Just that. It’s because we were poor.

After my lonely celebration, I measured my height. It grew one centimeter, and I finally reached 140 cm!

I had never been so happy… You understand, right? I could make platform shoes, but being tall sure was nice…

Eh? You didn’t understand a kid’s feelings? Should I kill you?

As I sulked, Triela and the others came and took me away. They told me they wanted to celebrate my birthday. For real?

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Um, well… it would be a lie to say that I wasn’t happy. I was thrilled. I got ahead of myself and made a cheesecake; you know! I felt a bit complicated when I celebrated my birthday and prepared my own cake, but that was that, this was this! It was still fun!

They didn’t give me any presents, but Arle and the girls gave me treats with their utmost effort… I cried a little. The meal also served as a thank you for all the things I had done since we reunited.

After the boys congratulated me, they became silent at the corner of the room. However, they could eat the treats and there was a cake, so everyone was smiling from beginning to end.

Ah, of course there’s no alcohol. We were minors. The boys drank too much back in the orphanage, so the girls banned them from drinking.

Cain and Boman looked dissatisfied, but Maricle obediently reflected. Ryuu also thought that liquor was dangerous. Ryuu’s growth was really extreme…

Also, I didn’t expect that Maricle also liked liquor… That’s great! It might be interesting to give him some liquor in the next few years. Let’s drink together! I don’t know about Cain and Boman. They could buy liquor themselves.

I continued my blacksmith training after my birthday. I had nothing to do, and I wanted to raise the level quickly and do something else. It would be nice if I could raise it to LV10 this winter, but I wasn’t confident if I could make it in time.

Speaking of which, I stayed in the forest last year, eh… What did I do back then? Hmm… If I remember right, I tried to make a sword, right? I was doing the same thing now. I didn’t grow at all…!

No, no. I was growing taller, and my ***** were getting bigger. This was an improvement. It’s okay, I shouldn’t get panicked yet.

What did I do after that? … Ah, I did my daily routine almost every day, huh? I didn’t have much to do, so I had a lot of free time… ‌I haven’t done my daily routine recently, huh?

Eh? It’s a daily routine, so I should do it every day? Rather, it’s strange that I hadn’t done it recently? Ah, yeah. You’re right.

Ah…… Yeah, let’s go far away again in the spring.

By that time, my blacksmith skill might have reached the maximum. It should be fine to leave the royal capital and go somewhere else, right? Maybe I should show up in Harula? It’s been a while since I last saw Lily and Arisa, and I also want to meet Yui and Shin.

Well, for that reason, I had to reach [Blacksmithing] skill LV10 first.

After that, I concentrated on forging swords more than ever, and by the time the snow melted in March, my blacksmithing skill level had finally reached 10.

At last, I’d reached it! I fulfilled my dream!

But I also mass-produced magic swords using the material swords I forged, so I gained ‌more experience after reaching the goal.

Anyway, I could finally do things other than forging swords… I’m already tired of doing this.

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For the time being, I guess I settled it all here, so let’s go out for a while and change my mood. Hohoho!


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