Chapter 119 – A Flag? There’s Nothing Like That! Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2610 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1141 words

Hello. I’m Ren, in the carriage on my way home.

How could I say this? Because I overslept, Triela and the others had to wait for me to take a bath and watch me eat alone. We departed in an awkward atmosphere…

Everyone’s gaze was hurting… I tried my best to ignore it.

In addition, the boys were waiting outside the forest because of various reasons.

The carriage travel on the way back was the same as when we came, with the guys in the coachman’s seat and the girls in the carriage. They didn’t have to walk on the snowy road, so it’s still better, right?

The guys got a hangover and became groggy. This was the situation I mentioned earlier. They had a headache, so they didn’t want to move.

Everyone wanted to let loose to celebrate the subjugation of the Lord of Winter and the sizable amount of subjugation reward, so they had a drinking party at the orphanage.

Cain and his gang got ahead of themselves. They drank alcohol and made a ruckus, but they got sick after drinking too much. Serves them right.

I loved alcohol, but I endured myself because I was an adult. They were really stupid. But I’m jealous.

Drinking was allowed from the age of adulthood, fifteen years old. But even if a minor drank it, it was not strictly regulated. The winter in this country was quite cold, so even children were allowed to drink a little so they could raise their body temperature. Even though it was actually counterproductive, though.

Perhaps because of such customs or bad habits, drinking alcohol during seasons other than winter was often overlooked during festivals.

That being said, drinking like a fool would be frowned upon by others, so this was a matter of personal sensibility.

But well, while I understood that they couldn’t resist in that circumstance, I wouldn’t go out of my way to take care of them since they did this to themselves.

Thanks to the various suspensions, my carriage was ‌comfortable to ride. Still, it shook occasionally on this rough road. And every time that happened, the boys groaned, raising a voice of agony. It was somewhat annoying.

… I’ll say this first. If they vomited and dirtied the carriage, I’ll kill them.

Triela and the girls didn’t drink at all, so they were looking at those idiots coldly. By the way, it was Bob who recommended Cain and the boys to drink alcohol. Bob, what are you doing…

I hope that this would make Cain and the boys learn that drinking too much was extremely stupid and would increase unnecessary expenses. Triela, good luck.

Rather, I was surprised that Maricle also drank with them. But then, I guess he would be thrilled that the Lord of Winter was successfully subdued…

In addition, everyone who drank was scolded by the orphanage’s director while they were having a hangover, and ended up in agony… Really, what were they doing…?

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During the lunch break, the boys seemed to have gotten better.

Triela and the girls were in charge of the meal on the way back, and I couldn’t interfere. I had overdone it on our way to the town, so they wanted to do things on their own to experience various things. Thanks to that, they scolded me when I tried to help.

They served soup and bread during the day. The soup should work well for a hangover. Good job, Arle.

During lunch break, several of the carriages following behind us finally caught up. However, they were then surprised that we were the ones ahead of them.

Ah, I understood why. Somewhat.

To go on a snowy road, there was a diamond-shaped device on the front of the carriage to push through the snow.

I attached this device to the long handle that connected to the horse, but I improved its performance, turning it into a magic tool.

With multiple attributes, the device could push through the snow quickly. In addition, it could also pave the ground and flatten it.

This made it easier for the horse to move forward, and the wheels of the carriage could be moved without being caught by mud or ruts. The carriage that followed us would have it easier too.

The carriages of the caravans in the first half switched the leading carriages every thirty minutes to one hour since it would burden the horse to push through the snow for a long time. By the way, let’s just say that my carriage always stayed in the middle during the first half.

Well, to be honest, I think they were surprised that children like us drove the leading carriage.

I didn’t want to cause trouble, so we should immediately move once we finished our meal.

Oh, by the way, we passed by some carriages from the royal capital to O’Neill. There was quite a lot of traffic.

There were knights and quite a few adventurers left in O’Neill, so transporting that amount of food wouldn’t be a foolish move.

After that, our journey went smoothly. We camped at a suitable campsite tonight. I didn’t really care since only unpleasant faces would welcome us if we entered a village.

Arle was in charge of cooking, and the boys went to collect firewood. After I made the furnace with earth magic, I had nothing else to do.

Oh, maybe I should build a simple stable with a roof to cover the horse.

I didn’t make this at the beginning, though. You see, my horses were golems. I didn’t have to put up big tents for them.

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But since we started going on the same route with the caravans, I had been making it every time. Seems like golem horses had never existed before… I used magic to build stables so we wouldn’t stand out, but we stood out for different reasons… Yes, we ended up standing out, huh.

I had nothing special to do, so I stared at the bonfire, dazed. Cain approached me for some reason.

“Hey, Ren. Can I talk to you for a while?”

I had nothing to say to you. He didn’t say any word on our way to O’Neill. What happened to him now?

“I’ll make this short. Can’t you hear me out?”

I didn’t have time to spend with you. You’re annoying, so could you disappear now? Triela and Maricle talked to me once I ignored him.

“Sorry, Ren. Can you listen to Cain for a moment?”
“I’ll stay with you, so can you listen to him? But I don’t ‌like this either.”

They asked me very apologetically. Well, since they begged me, I could give a bit of my time to this guy… Triela looked unwilling, so it should be Cain’s selfishness and self-righteousness. What a waste of time.


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