Chapter 118 – Hey, Just Do It Already!

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 4610 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2055 words

Hello, this is Ren. Currently, I was too frustrated that I wanted to bite a handkerchief.

I defeated the giant, but I ran away to avoid everyone’s attention. Then I took out my house in the previous spot and sulked in bed.

I should filch the magic stone… Damn it.

However, I collected all the corpses of the small fries I defeated, so I had a decent quality of magic stones, furs, meats, and many more. Let’s give up on the giant’s magic stone. I’ll put up with it. How disappointing.

When I was feeling down, it turns out Norn collected the corpse of White Fang, the middle boss!

Although the quality was ‌lower than that of Frost Giant, I got the whole first-grade material. What good news! I couldn’t stop myself from jumping for joy!… But I was immediately out of breath.

… I thought about this when I went to the battlefield yesterday, but I had to do something about this lack of physical strength and chronic lack of exercise. Or else it would be late once I needed it.

But I’ll do it once it gets warmer, okay? I couldn’t do any exercise outside in this cold weather! … It’s okay, I’ll definitely do something in early spring. Believe in me.

Anyway, it’s already one night after my first actual battle, and I was already bored of sulking on my bed. Let’s eat something! To celebrate it, I’ll make curry! Let’s fry tonkatsu to make katsu curry.

Norn and Bell, do you want to eat it too? You want a large serving? Got it, eat a lot, yeah? You can also ask for another serving!

I want to eat pudding for dessert… By the way, both of them were standard dishes in reincarnation stories, right?

Hmm, I didn’t want to make an uproar, so I should think about the timing if I want to eat it outside.

After the meal, I changed the location of my house. I did a lot of flashy things, so I did this just in case…

And then, time to reflect on what happened yesterday. One person reflection meeting. I’m not lonely! I’m doing things solo!

Uh, but since I was a tamer, I wasn’t exactly alone? Let’s not think too much about it, I’m getting sad…

First, let’s calm down and ‌look at the problematic part during yesterday’s battle. I had to steady my safety more.

In the first place, I could only attack at a long distance, and I was ‌useless at close combat. Going to the front line to get hit by such a large monster would immediately kill me. Let’s think about how to defend myself.

That means, I should raise the level of [Barrier Magic]. As the level went up, not only the strength of the physical defense, but the ‌things that I could repel would increase. This was ‌important.

However, I felt like riding on Norn while having mobile combat was effective. Avoiding was important!

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After that, let’s increase my means of attack.

I couldn’t use offensive magic because I wasn’t suited for it, and heavy bombing with a magic sword’s [Final Strike]… was too overkill. In the first place, I would stand out too much.

Hmm… I know. Let’s increase the number of magic swords with [Weapon Skill].

I could substitute offensive magic with [Weapon Skill]. That being said, it would be difficult without the appropriate materials. I realized that when I was making ‘Blazer’. So first‌, I should collect the materials.

… It wouldn’t be too different from what I had done so far.

Since I originally wasn’t that good at fighting, so let’s not fight.

Yes, that’s pretty much it. In the first place, my skill composition was mostly producing items, and I could only do long-range attacks using my combat skills.

However, I couldn’t avoid that battle, so I had to make sure something like this wouldn’t happen again from now on. Yep.

In conclusion, I decided that I would raise [Barrier Magic] level for the time being. I didn’t think I would fight another giant anytime soon, but I really didn’t want to be crushed and die.

The next day.

I wanted to go back to the royal capital quickly, but I couldn’t do it unless I joined Triela’s team. The town’s situation hadn’t settled yet, so they probably wouldn’t come here in a couple of days. Should I do something to kill time?

For now, I could try to devise a magic sword design…

If I wanted high firepower, I had Burst Dagger with me, so let’s think of something else. If I wanted to have an effective means against a big opponent like that giant, then… I should stop their movement, right?

I surely broke its leg to make it easier to aim at its key point, the head. I was lucky that it couldn’t move after I crushed its leg.

Then, how to restrain it so ‌I could easily aim? Make it fall down… Tie it up and sew it on the ground? Hmm, entwining ivy or something like that over its body and restrain it on the ground? Ah… Which attribute would be the best if I wanted to do that?

If it was flexible, the monster might tear it off. If it was too solid, the monster might crush it with brute force. Hmm, it should multiply so it wouldn’t matter if the monster resisted… Then ice vines? Oh, that sounds interesting.

Now that I came up with an idea, let’s make the prototype!

I had White Fang’s magic stone with an ice attribute, so let’s use that for now. However, using everything was ‌wasteful, so I’ll just attach it to the handle of the sword. I used a suitable magic sword as the base and reduced the existing attribute on the sword. And I did the rest without thinking much about it.

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Yeah, it’s done. Even I knew that I was crazy fast. That being said, I already had the base sword, and I was lucky to have a reasonably high quality magic stone this time. Thanks to that, I managed to bestow [Weapon Skill] in one try.

The skill I bestowed this time was [Ice Bind], the ability to create ice ivy within a specified range and restrain the enemy. Even if the ivy was destroyed, it would keep regenerating, and the target could be locked on. It was easy to use since it didn’t use much MP. This might be handy when I had to escape from a battle.

Other than that, I tried to bestow other things such as ice attribute and durability enhancement at a slightly higher level than ‘Blazer’.

Oh, what should I do with its name? Hmm… Ivy restraint, bind, ice? Ivy, vine… Combined with the skill name, how about Ice Vine? I felt like there was a dish or a wine with that name… Hmm; I didn’t like it… Ice, cold, white? Hmm.

Let’s put the name on hold. It’s too troublesome and I could just leave it unsigned… But it would trouble me if someone asked about it… Hm? But just saying that it was unsigned should be fine, right?

The next day.

As I was fed up with my lack of naming sense as usual, Triela, Kuro, and Maricle came early in the morning.

They got lost again because I changed the location of my house. Naturally, I had Norn pick them up again.

“Ren… How deep are you hiding…”
“Ren, it’s hard to find your house.”

It couldn’t be helped! You can’t blame me, I’m not wrong!

“What’s happening in the town?”

From what Triela and the others told me, the town was still noisy. Just as I expected.

And most of the members of the subjugation team and knights would remain in the town until the end of the winter and work hard to exterminate the remaining demons.

The adventurers who took part in the defense battle got a share of the materials as a reward, even if they were low rank or under thirteen years old. The amount was ridiculous, so it delighted everyone who returned to the orphanage.

Everyone donated some money from that reward to the orphanage. How could I say this… um. When I told them, I would give them something as well later, they scolded me, telling me ‌I already did too much. If I gave more things, they would ‌become suspicious. Oh well.

And besides the information, Triela brought me a reward for the subjugation. But what she gave me was truly unexpected…

It was the magic stone of the giant I had defeated.

Eh, seriously?

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Turns out when they were walking around the town at noon yesterday, a tall handsome adventurer called them and asked them to give this to me.

When they asked‌, that handsome adventurer was Vector. He negotiated with the subjugation team and the knights to give this as my share and seized the magic stone.

Vector said he heard Triela and the girls brought me to the town, so he wanted them to give this to me… He also wanted them to convey, “Thanks for your help. I owe you one.” No, it’s scary, so just forget it. But I’ll take the magic stone.

Alright, let’s pretend I understood nothing the next time I met him. I’m sure he already knew it was me, but I shouldn’t admit it.

After talking about other things and having lunch, Trilra and the others returned to the town. We promised to meet up the day after tomorrow and return to the royal capital, so we’ll meet at that time.

Now then, what should I do if I meet Vector… The knights who took part in the subjugation would return to the royal capital around spring. Would he return with them? Or return early like me? No, no. He was one of the strongest in the subjugation team, so he would stay, right?

But I unexpectedly received the giant’s magic stone. How should I use it? Hmm, I gave up on this once, so let’s use it to improve the magic sword I mentioned earlier. Yeah, let’s do that.

It’s wasteful? It’s fine! I should use it all at once at times like this! Time to remodel the sword!

And it’s completed.

I also improved the spare into a two-handed large sword. This magic sword came with two [Weapon Skill]! What a bargain!

The new skill was [Ice Giant]. As the name suggested, it was a skill to create ice golems. Its MP consumption was high. That’s why I attached one of the same magic batteries as ‘Blazer’.

And maybe because I was using the giant’s magic stone, the sword also had [Giant Special Attack].

Hmm, the sword had turned into something crazy… But there’s no use thinking about it too much. I’ll use it with no reservation! I wouldn’t have it on my waist all the time, so it’s fine! No need to care about the details!

Oh, by the way, the name troubled me, right? Hmm, well… Giant, Ice Giant… Frost Giant? The country where the Norse mythological frost giant lived was “Jötunheimr”, yeah? “Jötun” means “frost giant”…

Then, the sword that created frost giants and ice ivy… “Jozühnwein1”?

Even though this was a powerful magic sword, I gave it a terrible name…

That night, I went into despair at my naming sense as usual, then I sulked on the bed again. I wanted to come up with a more decent name…

Hmm, maybe it’s not good because I tried to make it complex? How about making it more simple? … I felt like it would still end up becoming overly complicated, though.

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… I couldn’t trust my naming sense the most.

The next day, I felt tired being depressed, so I worked hard all day to distract myself. Triela and the team promised not to come until tomorrow noon, and today I was free for the entire day! It’s been a while since I could work to my heart’s content! Hahaha!

The next day, I got tired because I worked too hard, and I fell asleep until Triela and the others came. I went to get ready in a panic, but there’s no need to talk about that‌.


  1. Lilith: I have to wonder with these novels, how is it that the MC knows these different names like it’s nothing?

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