Chapter 109 – Eh? You Already Expected This? Shut Up! Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2801 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1302 words

After forging a sword for Vector, I spent my days as usual, purchasing a sizeable amount of steel through master and forged numerous material swords for a few weeks.

A large-scale subjugation request for the Master of Winter was issued shortly after the beginning of November. The conditions for the participants had been decided, but I already knew I wouldn’t qualify for it from the beginning. Honestly, I didn’t really care about the details, so let’s skip it.

However, I became increasingly uneasy when that kind of information circulated.

Would the sword I forge be able to defeat that monster? But then, it’s not like Vector was fighting alone. He was with many other adventures and Knights’ Order, so they should be able to manage it somehow, but… What if they couldn’t defeat it? What was their plan for the town residents’ evacuation?

I collected various information only to find out that O’Neill residents didn’t really have any evacuation plans. Some people voluntarily evacuated to other towns to live with their relatives and acquaintances, but the administration didn’t take any measures.

Even if the evacuation recommendation was issued after the subjugation failed, wasn’t it too unreasonable to make the orphans run in the middle of winter? Not to mention, with how the Master of Winter influenced the weather and caused heavy snow? What are they thinking?

However, I realized that most people didn’t have anyone to rely on, and they also had their daily lives. It would be difficult to move to another place while spending money to prepare for winter.

Considering all the things I said, I guess the way they responded to this problem wasn’t wrong. It’s appropriate? The orphans didn’t have any place to escape…

Ahhh, what should I do…

After gathering enough information, I ended up getting more and more worried. I couldn’t even do my blacksmith training for a few days because of that. Then, Triela and the girl members came to visit me.

“Ren, let’s go with us!”

Huh? What do you mean? I don’t understand.

Once I heard the story‌, Triela and the others heard about the subjugation of the Master of Winter, so they went back once to see the situation of the orphanage. And if the subjugation was unsuccessful, they would escape with everyone.

I see, I could do that!

The ones who wanted to invite me were Rico, Arle, and Kuro. And the ones who opposed were Triela, Maricle, Ryuu, and Cain. As always, Boman didn’t have any opinion.

The reason they opposed was, of course, to prevent me from being exposed to the investor merchant. According to Triela, everyone in the orphanage wouldn’t reveal anything about me. Even so, there were possibilities that the townspeople might spot me and make rumors.

Sounds like I was ‌popular… I didn’t notice that at all.

Even if I hide my face, I would look suspicious since I came with Triela’s team. The children in the town might talk to their parents about me.

That merchant also had a small branch in O’Neill, so the staff there might know about me from the townspeople’s small talk… Hmm, they were right.

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But after I heard that they went to help them evacuate in an emergency‌, I had decided that I would go. I was so worried that I couldn’t do anything else, plus I couldn’t just send them away. It’ll be fine as long as I don’t enter the town.

That’s why I went with them.

“Are you sure? They might find you out, Ren.”
“It’s fine, Triela. I have my plans too.”

There was a deep forest some distance away from O’Neill town, so I could place my house there and camp there. That’s no longer camping? Hey, I’m going to sleep outside the city, so it’s still camping, right? That being said, I wouldn’t tell Triela about my plan now.

Since Triela’s preparations were almost finished, they left the royal capital the next day. Master and the people in the workshop made a sour face, but they didn’t oppose me when I told them I was worried about the city where I grew up and the safety of my former teacher.

After preparing a lot of things, all of us gathered in front of the west gate. Then we started our journey on foot for a while.

Triela and her team told me they deposited the key with the landlord for the time being. They also paid the rent in advance and asked them to maintain the house. They brought their food with them and left the firewood and daily necessities. Other than that, they brought only the minimum amount of winter clothes and camp equipment such as blankets and fur. That’s why the boys carried large luggage.

It was now the middle of November, and the snow had fallen. To be honest, walking on foot from here to there was normally like asking to die.

However, materials such as foodstuffs were now being transported to O’Neill, so the snow on the road was flat, making the journey better than usual. But some places were still messed up and muddy, so I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this.

Well, I wouldn’t walk on that kind of road. I had no physical strength. Even now, I was riding on Norn.

That’s why I searched if there was a forest some distance from the road after an hour’s walk from the royal capital. Yup, I planned to put out my carriage.

“Ren, are you looking for something?”

When I stopped to look around, Arle called me out.

“I’m wondering if there’s a forest with an obscure view.”
“… Ah, you want to go to the toilet? I guess it’s cold.”

… You’re wrong! That’s not it!

Even if I lightly denied it, she didn’t believe me. I gave up trying to persuade her. But ‌all the other girls said that they would like to take a toilet break, so everyone found a suitable forest.

“How troublesome. Just do your business around there.”
“Boman, you’re an idiot! You shouldn’t say something like that now! You’re ‌hopeless!”
“Ryuu ridiculed me… How painful. It’s cold, and I want to sleep.”

Boman… he was still useless. And it impressed me that Ryuu said such a gentlemanly thing. But I think it would have been better for him to keep his voice down so ‌we couldn’t hear him.

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After around fifteen minutes, we finally found a nice forest. All the girls went to the shadow of the bushes… and the boys waited for us on the highway. Seems like they also wanted to go to the toilet too, but they prioritized the girls. Boys could endure it better than girls, right? Hang in there!

While the girls other than me finished their business in order, I took out my carriage from my [Storage]. By the way, I made various improvements to enhance the performance when I was in the workshop.

And when I took it out, everyone was surprised.

“W-what is this!?”
“A carriage.”
“Where does this carriage come from… wait, is that a horse!?”
“It’s a golem. Everyone, are you done? It’s cold, so quickly get on.”
“Wait, wait, wait!?”

It’s a pain to explain, so I tried to push them in and return to the highway immediately, but their rejection was so intense that I had no choice but to sit on the coachman’s seat alone… And the boys who saw the carriage had the same reaction as Triela and the girls. I’m tired of that reaction, so let’s just move now?

Since making an explanation was too troublesome, I hurried them to just get inside already. In the end, I somehow made them ride the carriage.

By the way, only girls were in the carriage. The boys could walk! 1


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