Chapter 108 Part 2 – The First Forging Request

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2950 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1319 words

Although it depended on the strength of the skill, using [Flame Dragon] once would make the sword’s mana almost empty. The fuel efficiency was low, as it took more than a month to recover. If the user activated it by consuming their MP, they might faint on the spot.

It’s good if Vector could defeat it in one shot. But if he couldn’t, he would most certainly die. That’s why I tried a little gimmick.

I attached two cylindrical objects around the size of a 350ml can around the sword guard’s backside. This was like a magic battery. By consuming the MP contained in this battery, the user could activate the skill.

One battery could activate the skill once. In other words, two batteries, MP of the sword, and MP of the user make it possible to fire the skill up to four times. I wanted to believe that Vector could defeat the monster by using the skill four times.

By the way, it took more than a month to fill up the MP in the battery, so I didn’t recommend overusing it. In the first place, the firepower was pretty crazy. Please choose the situations when using it.

Battery spare? No, this was a magic stone material from my pocket… I used two Cockatrice magic stones to make one battery, so I didn’t make any more than this. I had many other things I wanted to make after all…

Ah, a heavenly being used the word “battery” and “charge” when they explained the battery concept in the past, so those words were commonly used in this world.

By the way, I just added [Barrier Magic] to the shield. After checking the weapon skill of the sword with [Analysis], I found out that the firepower was so strong that it would cause various problems, so I attached it for self-defense.

To kill that dragon, Vector would have to crawl under its belly, stab it with the sword, and burn its body with [Flame Dragon]. But then, the user of the sword might get fried together because their distance was too close. In the first place, [Flame Dragon] was for medium and long-distance attacks… I couldn’t adjust it well no matter how much I tried. Therefore, the shield was a measure against self-destruction. I could just add the fire attribute to the shield to void it, but I prioritize my client’s wish. And shields with non-attributes have versatility.

However, because this shield was used for such a stupid operation, I called this ‘Reckless’ shield. Even I think it’s completely ironic.

The cloak was a bonus. I thought it would be easier to move by hiding his items.

…Hear me out. I’m also restraining myself after all of this, okay? I didn’t just add all attributes to the weapon and shield, and I could go up to LV8. I could also add other skills than attributes up to LV6. I’m suppressing myself a lot.

By the way, I learned [Magic Effect Amplification] and [Magic Power Compression] after trying out various things this time. To explain it briefly, both of the skills improved the power of the magic. Hmm… Both of my MGC and MP had increased considerably. I feel like I’m growing further from humanity…

Leaving that aside, let’s hand it to him immediately and finish my duty. After I decided so, I acted immediately! I contacted Master and had him call Vector.

“I heard that you had completed it, but is it true? With the specifications I asked for, aren’t you a bit too fast?”

“Umm… I did my best?”

Oh no, I forgot that my production speed was too fast! However, it took me six days to practice and two days to make, a total of eight days to make everything. I remember that I only need a day to make the sword. But I definitely couldn’t tell him that. Alright, I tilted my head and showed him my usual innocent face! I don’t know anything! I’m just a child!

“Is that so? …Um, since you worked hard… I guess it’s possible? …Er, can you show me the sword?”

Yes, yes. Don’t worry about the details.

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“Yes. Here you go.”

Upon receiving the sword, Vector immediately pulled it from the sheath and began to look at the blade. Then the more he looked at it, the more startled he became.

“I… I’ve never seen such an amazing sword like this… This fits my hand so perfectly… Did you really make this?”
“Yes. It’s pretty difficult, but I managed to finish it. And this is the shield.”

Then I gave him the shield. He also widened his eyes in surprise at the sight of it.

“I’ll give this cloak as a bonus. Regarding each ability…”

I disclosed the performance so he could make use of it. I made various adjustments to match the tactics I’d heard, so I also explained that. I didn’t want to lie here. I told him everything without hiding anything. He was so surprised with the magic sword’s MP battery that his eyes popped out as expected.

“You told me that the subjugation is around the beginning of December, so I made it quickly to make sure you can have a longer period to learn how to use it. I want you to try using the [Weapon Skill], and the magic power of the battery will take more than a month to recharge.”

“That’s great, but… But it’s amazing that I can use such a powerful skill multiple times… I see, it’s a magic tool that fills magic power. It’s not that strange now that I think of it… But I don’t expect you to make it into something practical…”

I’m incredibly pleased to hear your compliment. But well…

“Are these okay for the products you requested?”
“Yes, it exceeds my imagination. It’s so wonderful that I have to revise my strategy in a lot of places!”
“Then, as you promised…”
“I know, I’ll deal with that. I think you’re bothered with Neil, but don’t worry about him. I’ll talk with my other colleagues too.”

Ahh, he understood my point. That helps.

And actually, there have been some slightly suspicious people around the workshop these days. When I checked their identity secretly with [Analysis], they were actually scouts of Vector’s royal escort. It’s thanks to Norn that I happened to notice it, so it seemed like they were many excellent people. The skills they possessed were also great. But since he arranged guards around my surroundings even if I hadn’t completed the sword, it should be alright to trust him, right? No, but, hmm… I should make some preparations to escape too.

“By the way, why don’t you give this sword a name? If possible, I’d love it if you can.”

Ehhh? I’m not confident in making a name! Do it yourself, can’t you!? Ahhh, what should I do? Oh, since this is a burning sword… Um, errr… Fire, flames… “Fire”? “Flame”? “Blaze”? Ah… This is a coined word, but…

“Then, let’s go with [Blazer]…”

Not a sports jacket! But ‘blaze + r’!

“Blazer… Sounds good.”

Great, he gave me a satisfied handsome smile! But I’m not happy at all! It doesn’t matter to me at all!

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Instead, the embarrassing name reminded me of my ‘chuunibyou’ black history in the past…! My heart hurts! Someone, help me!

A few days later, a massive pillar of fire appeared on the plain near the capital. Ah, Vector tried the weapon skill.

A few more days later, the Adventurer’s Guild was full of rumors about Vector’s sword. By the way, they believed that he made a contract with Master Arnold, who luckily got a powerful magic sword from the dungeon.

They deceived the public about the sword’s performance too. Great. After all, it’ll be too troublesome if I get exposed.

I hope my life can stay peaceful like this… Haa.


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