Chapter 108 Part 1 – The First Forging Request

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2950 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1304 words

Okaaay, we’re skipping to the next day~ Let’s forge the sword immediately~ Wah, what a pain.

Huh? No, no, I’ll do it properly. The lives of everyone in the orphanage were at stake here. Plus, this was my first forging request where I could receive money. I didn’t want to do it, though.

…Ah, there’s no use in complaining. Let’s do it at once. However, working on it with no preparations would be asking for a problem, right? Let’s raise my skill level first.

I should gain experience by turning the 320 material swords that I made and accumulated from around the time I started the open-air classroom at once.

Let’s gradually change the potion in my one hand to magic swords. Drink potion when my MP ran out! Gulp! Hoo!

…Yup, it took me three days to complete, but thanks to that, my magic sword creation, bestowal skills, and other attribute magic skills had all been upgraded. Alright, this should be enough for preparation.

Now then, I’m going to try out a unique deadly technique, which would be the characteristic of the magic sword I made this time.

I had decided on the shape and the ‌skill composition of the sword for the time being. Since I knew the opponent, I would adjust to a specific structure to bring out the effectiveness.

Ugh, I was thinking of secretly taking part in the subjugation to support them; you know? Maybe I could ride Norn and snipe the monster from a great distance. However, I would need to use a high-level fire attribute sword to defeat it, right? And I couldn’t think of any way to retrieve the swords later on.

Since there was no way to hide the evidence and the risk of getting found out was too high, it wouldn’t make sense for me to go. Could I collect it with my [Storage]? The recoverable distance was up to around 50m in a visible state. It was impossible to recover the swords if I shot it from an extremely long distance.

My [Storage] could go up to around 200m for equipment and belongings, but in this case, it would be impossible if I couldn’t see it. Therefore, long-range support attacks were impossible.

In the first place, the Knights’ Order would participate in this subjugation, so they would get angry if someone like me wandered around there. Even if I did things while hiding my skills, there should be scouts with the Knights’ Order. They would find me out.

It’s also impossible for me to take part directly. First, I had no decent melee combat ability. I was still rank E, and I was restricted by age limit to take subjugation requests.

For the reasons above, I couldn’t do anything, be it directly or indirectly. In that case, I had no choice but to strengthen the requested product.

So after adding various attributes and strengthening the weapon even further, the only thing left was to attach a particular skill for the weapon.

The special skill bestowed to a specific weapon was called [Weapon Skill]. This skill allowed the user to use special abilities and special moves unique to the weapon. The skills were usually powerful, occasionally attached to a legendary holy sword or a famous magic sword. Even if the weapon’s performance was not good, it might have a useful [Weapon Skill].

This was the first time I bestowed such a skill, so first, I forced it through using [Creation Magic]. If I could somehow grasp the feeling, it should be possible to use it along with [Magic Sword Creation]. …It would be nice if it worked.

Since the opponent this time had an ice attribute, I wanted a skill that makes a fire pillar from the blade. That’s why I immediately made a prototype with a random sword… Hmm, it’s done. I did it, but the firepower was weak.

From there, I continued experimenting while trying out different things.

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Hmm… I unexpectedly couldn’t bestow a skill with high offensive firepower. Maybe my skill level was insufficient…?

I tried a lot of things repeatedly. But with my current skill level, it would be unreasonable to attach one single fire attribute to all of my material swords… Then, I had no choice but to go with various characteristics. Hmm, I’ll try playing with the skill composition a little…

Well, I think it’s safe to imagine that compounding the fire attribute with the wind attribute and using it to boost firepower should work… I shouldn’t only go with a single attribute. Let’s go with fire attribute level 6 and wind attribute level 3. As a bonus, I’ll also put light attribute level 1… And now the [Weapon skill]? No, I’m also controlling myself, okay? I could attach attributes up to level 8 directly, you know?

However, I still had some anxiety even after going this far, so let’s go with [Attack Enhancement]. The material was Adamantite, making the weapon heavy, so I’ll also add [Weight Reduction]. Plus [Durability Enhancement]. These three were all in level 3… No, let’s make the [Durability Enhancement] level 5. It’s scary if the sword broke during battle.

For the skill composition to the sword, let’s go with something like this. Next was the shield structure… Hmm.

I didn’t overthink about it and went with [Non-attribute LV5], [Defense Enhancement LV3], [Durability Enhancement LV5], and [Weight Reduction LV3].

Hmmm, I wanted to stop controlling myself… I wanted to make everything to my current limit level… No, remember to watch myself. I shouldn’t stop taking care of myself.

Well, I had decided on the composition, and I finished practicing bestowing skills. Next was practicing how to handle the new material.

I received extra as the payment in advance, so I used it to practice.

For the time being, I start with a one-handed sword… Ah, this definitely feels strange. Like this is unusually hard? How can I say this… Regardless, let’s work hard until I get used to it.

When I finished melting it down, I struck it again and again. Along the way, I added the rest of the materials and made a b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ sword, a two-handed sword, a spear tip, and an ax to practice a lot of things.

Hmm, I got used to the hardness. I feel like this is easier to handle once I get used to it.

Now that I had learned about how to handle adamantite, I finally started forging the sword. It took me three days just to practice, so let’s wrap it up now. Here I go!

Anyway, here was the result.

“Unnamed Magic Sword”
Made of Adamantite; Supreme Sword1; Magic Sword
[Fire Attribute LV6], [Wind Attribute LV3], [Light Attribute LV1], [Attack Enhancement LV3], [Durability Enhancement LV5], [Weight Reduction LV3], [Weapon Skill: Flame Dragon].

Made of Adamantite; Magic Shield
[Non-attribute LV5], [Barrier Magic LV3], [Defense Enhancement LV5], [Durability Enhancement LV5], [Weight Reduction LV3].

“Hidden Cloak”
[Hiding LV3], [Camouflage LV3], [Disguise LV3].

Hmm… I tried to control myself, but I couldn’t deny that the result was a bit of an overkill. However, I would still be anxious if I didn’t do this much. By the way, it took me two days to create everything.

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I didn’t name the sword because I couldn’t think of a good name. I mean, I didn’t have any confidence in my naming sense since my previous life…

I didn’t know if the sword itself was lucky or not, but I accidentally made a powerful sword.

I named the weapon skill since the tornado boosted the firepower. It was initially a range attack skill, but the user could stab the sword into the opponent and burn its body from the inside!

By the way, activating [Weapon Skill] would use the mana in the sword, or the HP or MP of the user.


  1. About this… There is no actual classification given for this sword, just a title like description. The given are 剛剣 which literally just TL to “Hard Sword”

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