Chapter 96 Part 1 – Mister Trouble, The Way Home is Over There

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1519 words

“I’ll ask you again, Ricardo… why are you here?”

A fight between the two men began to unfold right in front of me! … Just what on earth do you want me to do? All I wanted to do was continue the class. Please fight somewhere else.

“Gim, I’ll continue the lesson, so please take your seat.”
“Huh? No, Teacher… Are you starting the class in this situation? We haven’t resolved this matter yet, right? Teacher, you’re also involved here, you know?”

I wasn’t involved anymore, though? I said most of what I wanted to say, and that guy ended up saying something that sounded like he was threatening me. For me, the conversation ended at that point. What’s left depends on the attitude of the other party.

Then, another person suddenly appeared and started arguing with the rude guy, so this had nothing to do with me, okay?

“What should I do with these people? They suddenly appeared and started quarreling, didn’t they?”
“No, no. Teacher, that reaction is too strange!”

Even if you said that…

“…Ricardo, this young lady is the rumored saint?”
“That’s… yes, you’re correct.”

Wrong! When did I become a saint! I want them to stop this annoying rumor!

“She looks furious… What did you do?”
“Gilmouth, I’ll explain!”
“Oh, Gim. Sorry, but please do that.”
“P-please wait a moment! That’s, I…!”
“No, you’ll just twist the story around to make it sound like you were the one who was right.”
“…Are you saying that I’m lying?”
“Yeah. You’ve made false testimony before. But Gim wouldn’t do that. Looking at how both of you have acted up to now, I know that Gim can at least be trusted.”
“Thanks, Gilmouth. You see…”

Hmm, they started talking as they pleased. I want to continue the lesson, though… Judging from the flow of their conversation, the old man who just appeared seemed to be the guild master. I was kind of angry with the person who proclaimed himself as part of the guild staff, but since I started the fight, you could say that had something to do with me. But I don’t think I can explain it well. After all, I didn’t know the man’s circumstances. Since Gim said that he could explain it, it would save me the trouble. Let’s rely on him for this matter.

Then, Gim explained in detail about the behavior and attitude of the rude self-proclaimed guild staff person. As soon as Gilmouth understood the story, his face turned sullen. He glared at the man.

“Ricardo, I told you that I would manage this matter, right? Why did you do things as you like?”
“That’s… There’s no need for you, Master, to take part in this small matter…”
“…I said that this is a delicate matter that will affect the guild’s future. Since we’re the one asking for help, we can’t afford to make any mistakes here.”
“But… she’s a child. Master doesn’t need to…”
“It doesn’t matter what her age is. We’re asking for her help, so of course we have to be polite! You can’t even understand that!?”
“From what I heard, you have been acting quite rude to her, right? Being oppressive and overbearing… You even used the guild’s name as you liked and threatened her.”
“It’s that child who’s being rude…!”
“She didn’t say anything wrong! You’re the one who’s in the wrong here! Just what the hell were you thinking!?

Ah, how can I say this… Were these guys treating like I wasn’t here…? No, they’re focusing on how the self-proclaimed guild staff person was acting impertinent or something like that. Couldn’t they do this kind of thing elsewhere… I also have a schedule, okay?

“Um, can I say something?”
“Ohh, Miss. We’re very sorry. What is it?”
“If you’re going to quarrel, can you do it in another place? I want to continue the lesson, so please take your play elsewhere.”

Yeah, I was getting paid to watch them studying. Please don’t disturb us.

“Play!? Watch your mouth brat!”
“Ricardo! You’re the one who should watch your mouth!”

Ohh, he got angry. But I’m also angry, okay?

“I’m sorry, Miss. We have disturbed you… We’ll take this somewhere else, so please pardon us.”
“No, as long as you don’t disturb us, I don’t really care.”
“Yeah, then we’ll take our leave… Gim, I’m sorry but come with us. Ricardo, follow me!”
“Sorry, Teacher. I’m going for a while.”
“Yes. I’m sorry for the trouble.”

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Hmm, this probably meant that I should feel indebted to Gim…? Well, since he had to deal with that kind of person, I guess it’s fine. I also could trust him.

Anyway, the problematic people were now discussing it at a distance. By the way, there were around three people with Gilmouth. They looked like his escorts. And two of them were cautious against… what’s his name again? Ricardo? One was standing watch to make sure he wouldn’t run away. But even if he did run away, I’m sure Norn would take care of him.

Well, whatever. I resumed the lesson. This was the second half, so they were learning calculation now. Haa… this had become quite troublesome.

Then the class was over. The people from the guild told me that they wanted to have some of my time to discuss something with me, so I had to accept it. With this situation, I didn’t cook today. All of the students didn’t like it, but it’s not my fault. Please say that to the guild people.

After I told them something like that, everyone protested with the man who seemed to be the Guild Master. Is this my fault?

“I’m sorry, we can postpone our talk. I’d like them to have their meal first.”

Ehhh, I don’t mind, though? We don’t have the materials either.

“Teacher, I’ll bring the materials immediately, so wait a moment!”

Oh, ah… Gim rushed out without giving me time to stop him. He was really fast. I had the idea that dwarves would be slow, but what’s with that? Maybe it was because of his skills?

Then, he brought the usual orc without taking more than five minutes. He could get some chicken meat, right… but he would have to capture several of them. Compared to that, the cost to amount ratio of orc was way too good. Hmm.

By the way, the number of orcs increased from the beginning of autumn. Autumn seemed to be their breeding season. But they would also increase in early spring. And goblins continued to increase all year round.

I strayed from the subject.

Anyway, Gim, even if you brought the orc you hunted all of a sudden, it took time to drain the blood. Every time he did that, I had to wait to start cooking… It’s best to hunt orc during the break, but Gim wouldn’t be able to rest if he did that…

It can’t be helped, so every time I waited for the blood to be drained, I would prepare the stove and some other things. Let’s finish this quickly and listen to their story so I can go home.

Everything was tiresome today, so I made pork steak for everyone. I minced and sautéed the garlic, grilled the meat, and seasoned it with soy sauce. To bring out the flavor, I added a small amount of pepper with the garlic. It’s a bit spicy.

Then I grilled it. Everyone ate very quickly, so I had no choice but to grill the meat. Thanks to that, I had to put off my meal. What a sad life…

Drawn to the delicious smell, the guild people were looking at us eagerly. What? Do you want it? Too bad. These were for these hungry children.

After I finished being a meat-grilling machine, ate my meal, and cleaned up, it was finally time to talk.

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Well, I already heard most of it…

The guild indeed wanted to improve the quality of the adventurers. In fact, disputes between adventurers regularly happened which caused many newcomers to die. Even the ones with promising futures. Novice adventurers who were young children couldn’t earn money because they couldn’t distinguish the herbs. They often died of hunger.

That’s why the guild wanted to improve the situation by opening a beginner’s course including simple combat training and a regular course to teach literacy and calculations. The guilds of the big countries in the central continent did that kind of training as well…

The guilds in this country couldn’t afford to do that due to the lack of human resources. They also didn’t know how to do it. You might think that they could just ask the branch of another country’s guild, but that would put them in debt to that country and lower their position diplomatically. They would be in a position where they had to listen to that guild branch executives.

It would be the same if they contacted the Guild Headquarters in the Commercial Alliance. Even if they could at least lower their head, they had to consider the aftermath.


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