Chapter 95 – A Trouble After a Long While?

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2480 words

The fifth class.

Previously, we had class one day earlier since I went on an expedition, so this time I delayed it one day so that I could match the intervals between each class. I wouldn’t have to deal with this if everyone in the workshop didn’t oppose me… hmph.

Eh? I didn’t have to worry about that and just do the lesson yesterday? But then my training time would decrease. That’s no good, I should prioritize myself until the end. I wasn’t some kind of saint after all.

Leaving that aside, I was teaching them right now, but for some reason… the number of my students increased. How did this happen?

Well, Maricle bought his benefactor here… It seemed like his benefactor had taught him how to make the wooden shield he had.

His name was Gim. An avant-garde warrior who was a dwarf and used an axe. Actually, he was the person who asked me about the carry cart before.

Dwarf… Axe user… Gim… Cursed island? Ugh! Anything more than this would be no good!

Gim was a considerably veteran adventurer, but it seemed like he couldn’t read, write, or calculate properly because he couldn’t find the time to do so. He found out that the novice he had helped before was currently getting taught by the tactful-looking kid who he talked to before.

Using this chance, he bowed to Maricle, saying that this must be fate. It’s amazing how he could bow his head properly when asking someone’s help even if he had a higher status than me… Since Maricle also bowed to me, I couldn’t help but teach him. But to be honest, this was too troublesome.

For the time being, I gave him the same conditions as Sheryl to make sure there wouldn’t be any trouble.

By the way, it’s not only Gim that joined us, but his three party members as well. They made a total of four people.

I accepted them since this was Maricle’s request, but I didn’t want to increase my students any more than this. I made sure to emphasize that to everyone. Even if they knelt and begged, I wouldn’t take any more students.

“…Teacher, is my answer correct?”
“Which one? …Yes, it’s fine. It’s correct. Well done.”
“T-teacher… I’m embarrassed.”

I patted Gim’s head and praised him. My principle was to support my students using praises. Even if he was an old man, that wouldn’t change, okay? This class was full of good kids and I wouldn’t bully them! Excluding the three idiots.

Eh? I’m bullying them? This is discrimination? No, this is a distinction.


“Hey, Ren. Is this okay?”
“…Right, I think it’s right, isn’t it?”

Cain was annoying. Don’t look at me with such a wistful look.

Ah… I regretted that I accidentally showed my face to Ryuu… Since that, his hot gaze had been very disgusting.

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Probably thinking that my attitude towards him had softened seeing that I responded to Ryuu properly, Cain had been trying to get closer to me. Even so, he was extremely annoying. Before using that brain, start to think more reasonably! He probably misunderstood something for his own convenience again, but things don’t work that well in the real world.

However, I personally didn’t want to get involved with him, so leaving him alone like this would make it easier to cut off my ties with him as it is. Well, I don’t care about Cain from the beginning anyway.

So, after the class was over, it’s time to withdraw today, but… for some reason, I had to cook again.

After hearing that I would cook after they prepared the ingredients and paid me, he went to the forest and caught some orcs. It didn’t even take five minutes. As expected from a C-rank veteran. But he could only read the request form to some extent… He became worried since he knew the importance of being able to read and write, but that’s because most adventurers lacked education. It couldn’t be helped, I guess…

But why was he so eager to hunt orcs? Eh? Did Maricle compliment my handmade cooking? Ahh, I see…

It’s a hassle to think too much about this… Let’s just give up and eat. But what should I do about this orc meat… grill them? Everyone had bread. But considering the color and nutritional balance, I wanted to add some vegetables. Even so, it would take a long time to pick wild grass and so on… In the midst of my worry, Gim took out some dried vegetables. It looks like cabbages? I could also use this, so I decided to boil it. Using ginger and seasonings, I’m planning to make ginger grilled pork. Once it was sandwiched between the pieces of bread, it would look like a ginger grilled pork sandwich.

Hmm… Let’s call it pork ginger? Or orc ginger because it’s orc meat? …? Huh? It doesn’t sound off? Hmmm???

Nah, it doesn’t matter. Let’s make it quick. I chopped the boiled vegetables, grilled the meat, and finished preparing the ingredients. Then I sliced everyone’s bread thinly. Since the bread was fairly large, I could cut it into six pieces per bread by slicing it thinly, and each person could eat three pieces. There’s a lot of bread, so let’s make a lot of it!

Sandwiching the meat and vegetables, I made ginger grilled sandwich~

“What is this? It’s the first time I eat something this delicious!?”
“Orc meat is actually this delicious…!?”
“Chomp chomp chomp chomp!”
“Soy sauce… The recipe used soy sauce…”

Well, it’s good that they looked like they liked it a lot. But soon, it turned into a battlefield-like disaster.

It seems like I’m going to teach and cook here, rinse and repeat… I should probably limit grilling meats to 2-3 times, right? Well, whatever. Let’s eat my own share. Chomp chomp. Ahh, I want bread. Let’s bake it next time.

After we finished eating, I collected the fee. I was going to go home after this, but everyone else seemed like they were going to collect some herbs.

Gim collected a lot of orc meat, but he had to share it with his children. He also told me that his children had to eat properly! What a good person… Different from me who is a hypocrite! He’s a cool adult!

Anyway, Gim was close to a veteran adventurer when he was a novice, so he wanted to do the same thing with beginners. He’s really a cool adult. I can’t follow his steps.

After that, Gim started to provide ingredients every day at noon. But only eating orc meat limited the recipe and seasonings I could use, and I wasn’t able to make many dishes. I could make anything, though… But whatever. I could just make something appropriate.

Well, I had been teaching them like that several times, but a strange person approached us during the break time of our 8th lesson. Yeah, I knew that trouble was coming.

“Are you the rumored saint that teaches adventurers reading and writing?”

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What? What’s that? Who’s a saint?

“No, I’m not.”

Anyway, who is this guy?

“You’re not? But you are teaching reading, writing, and calculation here, right?”
“I do teach them reading and writing, but… in the first place, who are you?”
“Sorry for my rudeness. I’m the staff of the adventurer guild. I heard that there are some free classes here for adventurers who can’t read and write. By the way, how often do you teach here?”
“Haa, you’re from the guild… I watched their study once every three days.”
“Once every three days… I see. So two days in between are free, right? Then I’ll bring some people in the two days between, so can you teach them how to read and write?”

Ha? Why should I do that?

“I refuse.”
“…I heard that you teach reading and writing with no charge, and even offer them food here, though?”
“I teach reading and writing, but it’s not free. For the food, they pay me for that and also prepare the ingredients. I just cook.”
“But I heard you are a saint who does things as a charity for free… No, I understand. Then I’ll make the people who I brought to pay the tuition fee, so please.”
“I refuse.”

With how he said that, he wanted to make me teach people free of charge?

“Only paying tuition is not enough? You’re too greedy to be called a saint… But sure, I will pay you from the guild separately.”
“I don’t need it.”

I don’t remember calling myself a saint, okay? What’s with the whole “saint” thing in the first place? I’m not such a good guy, and I don’t have the spiritual mind to volunteer doing service work.

“In the first place, why do I have to do that?”
“Haa… It can’t be helped, so I’ll explain.
The guild is concerned with the low quality of the adventurers. It’s common for troubles to happen since they can’t read, write, or calculate. Even if they have no learning, as long as they get some education, they will act a little better, right? This will reduce the bad reputation of the adventurers.
There are many other merits, but… I’m sure you won’t understand even if I explain it to you. We want to provide basic education for all adventurers. However, the current guild lacked manpower in order to achieve that… Then I heard rumors about you, so I would like to ask you to do that.”

…He’s completely looking down on me since he thinks I’m a kid, right? Rather, what’s with this guy? Why does he think his position is higher than me? Did he come for a fight?

“So I’m teaching them for the guild?”
“Yes. You will get rewards, so you don’t have any problems with this, right?”

No, I have a lot of problems. I didn’t agree at all. In the first place, why am I supposed to do it even though it’s mainly for the guild? There’s no merit for me. What does he mean?

“I see, so it’s like that… I understand.”
“Then you accept my proposal, right?”
“I refuse.”
“…May I ask for the reason?”
“There’s no single reason for me to accept that. I don’t get any benefit from this, and I don’t have any time to teach people.”
“Hmm… But you teach them once every three days, right? Then you should have two free days, right?”
“No. I have plans.”

That’s right. I won’t have time for blacksmithing.

“Then you can teach the people I brought with them.”
“I refuse. I’m not that skilled to be able to teach so many people at once.”

To say it simply, it’s troublesome. Also, I don’t want to do it because you annoy me. To be honest, I can do it since I have [Multitask].

“…This is a problem for the adventurers as a whole. It’s not when you can decide things selfishly.”
“If it’s really a problem, then the guild should be able to do something, right? You told me that I’m selfish, but why should I do that in the first place, even though I’m just an adventurer? You’re obviously just pushing your responsibility off onto someone else. Isn’t that the guild’s negligence?”
“Be careful of what you’re saying. You better not make me too angry.”
“I’m not saying anything wrong, though?”
“…Do you understand what it means to start a fight with the guild? Do you know what actions we will take to deal with this matter?”

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What now? I don’t get him.

Speaking of which, some people like this exist from time to time, right? A guy that starts to talk things and starts to pressure other people strangely while looking down at them, but then they start to subtly alter the topics and points to make the opponent look bad. He’s kind of a scammer, isn’t he?

“You’re threatening me? I don’t have any intention to start a fight, and I’m saying something normal. In the first place, even the guild can’t force a low ranking adventurer to do things they want.”
“…I see. I will report all of your remarks to the Guild Master. You will be punished accordingly, but it’s too late to apologize later.”
“…You can do as you wish?”

I really don’t get him. So he’s really a scammer? I suppose it’s going to be convenient for me to let him report on me… Maybe they will revoke my adventurer qualification? Ah, I’m so annoyed, and on the contrary, I don’t care anymore… Okay, let’s stop dealing with people decently. For me, I don’t care about this guy anymore.
I’m also registered in the commercial guild now, so I won’t be troubled when identifying myself now even if I’m not an adventurer. It’s fine for him to do as he likes.

I mean, what did this person come here for? Did he come to start a fight? There were various benefits to teaching adventurers to read, write, and calculate, and I know that they want to educate everyone, but why did he come to order me and condemn me? Isn’t he stupid? So he’s going to punish me? Whatever.

“Oi, wait a minute.”

Oh my, Gim?

“Who are you?”
“I’m Gim, a C-rank adventurer.”
“C-rank, huh? So?”
“I’ve been listening to you for a while, but what you’re saying is weird, isn’t it? Why does Teacher have to take care of those other guys? There’s nothing wrong with what she said, right?”
“Haa… This is why people with no learning are so insufferable… This is for the benefit of all adventurers. A child can’t be selfish for this matter.”
“It’s more strange since this is all of the adventurer’s problem. That’s what the guild should do. As Teacher has said, you can’t force one adventurer to do this.”
“So you talk to me like this, eh… Fine, my effort is in vain. Just remember your words today.”
“Hey, wait. Don’t end the conversation as you like. You said that you’re going to report this to Gilmouth, right? I’ll be there as well.”
“Haa? Why do you have to be there? You don’t have the right to do that.”
“No, I will be present whether I have the right or not. Your reasoning just now is obviously strange. I have to make sure that such a strange man won’t spout lies to Gilmouth.”
“Don’t kid with me! What right do you…”
“Oi, what are you doing there!”

Ah, another person appeared again. Trouble keeps coming one after another… Who is it this time?

“Guild Master… Why are you here?”
“That’s my line. Ricardo, why are you here?”
“No, that’s… umm…”

Ah, what the hell is this? I can’t continue the lesson this way, okay?


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