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Chapter 93 – A Relaxing Me-Time After a Long While

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2576 words

Uhh, daily routine, daily routine. I’m Ren, who currently wants to do my daily routine and (the rest is omitted)…

That’s why, I came to the depths of the forest, but… Looking at my surroundings using [Detection] skill, there were surprisingly some people here.

Since I came this far last time, the number of people was unexpected. But after concentrating a bit more, I could also sense many orcs…? Autumn was nearing, so it should be their breeding season, I think? That’s why so many people entered the forest to reduce the orcs.

If so, then I had to go deeper. But it was already past noon, so I had to hurry or else the sun would set. Hmm?

I glanced at Norn and Bell who were running side by side. Speaking of which, they had grown bigger now… I felt like I could even ride them now.

…It should be okay if I ride Norn, right?

“Hey, Norn… Can you let me ride you?”

…Eh, what’s with that ‘Eh’ response? She even had a complicated face. I couldn’t? Please! …She reluctantly put her body lower. So it’s okay for me to ride her, right? I’ll ride you, okay?

Now then, I tried riding on Norn. Wah, such a great fur! I really want to cuddle her… Eh? I should hold you tighter? Won’t your fur get pulled off? It’s okay? Then like this? Tighter? Well then, I’ll hug you tighter!

Norn slowly rose up… Hey, too high! She’s higher than I expected! I rode a horse in my previous life before, but I felt like Norn was higher than a horse!? Don’t run so suddenly!! Fast, too fast!! Hey, slow down a little more!? I’m scared!

…Huh? We have arrived? I was too afraid of the speed that I clung to her without looking at the scenery around us at all… I thought I would wet my pants… It’s okay, I didn’t pee. But for the time being, I cleaned myself with [Washing]. No, I’m just doing it on a whim.

Looking around, we were in a swamp? Pond? No, the water was clearer than I expected, so a spring? Small birds were drinking the water, so I felt like I could drink this… At first glance, the water didn’t seem like it was flowing from anywhere?

Well then, er… I couldn’t sense anyone even after using [Detection]. There were a lot of monsters here, but it should be okay once I applied monster repellent. Maybe I should set up a barrier just in case? I spread the barrier around the area of this fountain and sprinkled it with monster repellent. Oh, the monsters around here were escaping… It’s a little interesting.

Since I had spread the barrier and my safety measures had been completed, Norn and Bell went hunting. However, they could use [Detection] to confirm that I was doing well. Amazing.

I looked around again. Hmm, it looked like they were a pretty large amount of herbs growing in this area. For the time being, I used [Storage] to collect around 70% of them to make sure I wouldn’t eradicate it.

There’s nothing bad in collecting this kind of thing as much as I can. And since I could put it in [Storage], it wouldn’t hurt to have it around. [Storage] sure was convenient.

While collecting herbs and observing the surroundings of the spring, I found a strange weed growing on the waterside. This is… rushes1? After using [Appraisal] to check it, it turned out I wasn’t wrong! Ohhh, I finally found it! I could make tatami mats with this! Woohoo! I collected it immediately and used [Creation Magic]!

…But before that, where should I make a Japanese-style room in my house? Looking at the floor plan, maybe I should make it in the room where I originally planned to make a study? It was connected to my bedroom by a door… Ah, but that room was narrow. I should rebuild it first.

That’s why I took out my house.

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For reconstructing it… First, I enlarged the stone wall which I used as the base of the house. I didn’t want to make it too big, so it’s around 1.5 times larger vertically.

Then, I expanded the living room and the kitchen on the first floor. I also set up an oven in the kitchen. In the living room, I put in a magic tool with the function of air conditioning, even if it looked like a fireplace. At first, it’s a real one, but it became more like a dining kitchen.

For the bathroom, I enlarged the bathtub, washroom, and dressing room. I also installed magic tools that worked as a shower and a water heater. As I increased the size of the toilet a bit, I increased the number of toilets, making a total of two. In addition, I also installed a “magic” flush toilet. It pumped the water from the ground, though.

There was still some room since I expanded the whole floor, so I renovated the small room I originally planned for the warehouse together with the extra space into two guest rooms. Turns out I still had some space, so I made three.

At the end of the kitchen, I made a stairway to the basement, turning the entire basement into a storage room. I also wanted to make a blacksmith workshop in the basement, but it’s not necessary to put all the equipment together, so I decided to create the blacksmith workshop in a cabin separately in the future. The garden also had become larger, so maybe I should make it there? Ah, but I didn’t want it to burn my house, so I should make the cabin separately so I could carry it around.

Since the floor plan on the first floor became wider, the second floor naturally became wider as well. I used the extra space to expand the small room I originally planned for study and remodeled it into a Japanese-style room. I also made another toilet in the second room. I wouldn’t use it, though.

I also installed an air-conditioner in the Japanese-style room and my bedroom and tried to heat the floor of the entire house. I hate the cold. After that… well, I think that’s all.

The second floor was basically my personal space, so I didn’t create a guest room. When it comes to it, I could put my current second floor to the third floor and add another second floor? However, I had no plans to let people stay here for now. I’m not lonely, I’m just doing things solo.

Once I finished preparing the increased number of guest rooms and laying the tatami mats in the renovated Japanese-style room, it was already evening. Let’s make the blacksmith workshop cabin tomorrow. It’s already late.

That being said, I didn’t really have anything to do in this awkward amount of time. It’s a bit too early to cook dinner.

…No, I could just eat my dinner early. After thinking about how the amount of time I had would increase after dinner, the idea didn’t sound bad. Rather, it’s good.

That’s why I ate a little earlier than usual and went to my bedroom! Electricity self-generation!!

Here comes the crimson king! Skip to the morning! For the details… I’m not telling!

The morning sun was too dazzling. So I slept until noon. Zzz.

After I woke up, I took a bath. Now, I was eating my brunch. My hair was unkempt. What should I do after eating this? By the way, what happened to Norn and Bell? Ah, they were curled up in the garden. There were spurts of blood on their body, what a shocking sight… Let’s use [Washing] on them later.

When I was looking around the property, I found a huge beehive. Will I discover some Honey? And so I spread out some insect repellants to disperse the working bees and collect the honey with [Storage]. Just as I have expected when looking thoroughly, I also found some Royal Jelly. Even though I’m saying it to myself, it sounded like the act of a Demon!

There were catfishes in the spring, but no eels. I wanted to eat broiled eels… But since there was lotus growing there, I could eat lotus root. I wanted to eat Chikuzenni2.

After that, when I explored the surrounding area, I found konnyaku potatoes3 and some other root vegetables. With these ingredients, I could eat konnyaku. Then I could improve the breed of the vegetables using [Creation Magic]… Fufufu.

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I also wanted bamboo. I wanted to eat bamboo shoots.

Once hanging around for a while, I went home and tried to build the blacksmith workshop cabin. For the shape of the furnace, I made it with reference to the one in the workshop and completed it immediately!

I did a lot of things, but… I still had a lot of time left.

Ahh, what should I do? By the way, I got a lot of ingredients, but there were many dishes that I haven’t cooked yet. So let’s try to prepare various dishes. Should I make consommé… But it would take time. I’ll just make it later. I finished making some dishes at the end. I had [Storage], so I could always eat it fresh. Why didn’t I make everything to the end, you say? Well, once I got the ingredients that I didn’t have right now, the dishes might become more delicious. For that reason, there were quite a few ingredients I preserved.

Besides cooking, I also made various sweets.

I made malt sugar from barley and then made starch syrup and candies. I tried making various flavors using fruit juice. Other than that were pretzels and crackers. The pretzel didn’t look like a round ring, but a stick. I focused on how to make it easy to eat4. There were also jelly, pudding, and baked sweets.

Yesterday, I installed an oven in the kitchen. Maybe I should make a sponge cake? But it would take a lot of time, so let’s make it later on.

Cookies were common in this world, so it should be okay for me to let Triela and the others eat them. Rice crackers and arare5… might be no good? Well, I made them all for my own, so it should be okay for me to eat it secretly, right? Ahh, making ice cream also sounds interesting, but… I’ll pass for now.

Then, after that… Ah, I’m finally alone for the first time in a long time, and I’m currently deep in the forest. So let’s make that.

Yes, curry!

So I mixed spices and made some flavored curry powder. …Hmm, it’s probably like this? Then, I made curry roux using curry powder. For now… medium spicy should be good enough? Personally, I like meat, so let’s go with chicken curry.

With that, I finished making a curry inside a stockpot! Let’s immediately try it! …Ah, Norn? Eh? Do you want to eat this? Sure. I’m okay with that, but… Can you eat this? I put onions inside, and I feel like it will be bad for her health, but… Since she said that she wants to eat it, I’ll prepare Norn and Bell’s share. After that, I dig in6.

Hmm, it’s curry… Delicious. It had been a long time since I ate curry, so I took another serving. My stomach is bulging.

But I don’t think I should easily let people in this world eat curry. I never heard people talking about this dish before, and it would destroy the food culture. Ramen is also no good.

…I could always make ramen if I wanted to eat it, though. Even so, I haven’t made it yet since it took time to prepare the soup.

While thinking about such things as I ate the curry, the stockpot was emptied by Norn and Bell! How unexpected.

How come… Eh? Do you want to eat more? No, eating too much is not good for you, plus… the scent is bad. The living creatures around us would definitely grow berserk. But since Norn rarely acted selfishly like this, it’s okay to indulge her sometimes, right?

After deciding so, I made another curry in three stock pots so we can eat it later. Chicken, pork, and beef curry.

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No, we’re not eating it now! Next time! Later!

…Seems like Norn and Bell really liked the curry. Cute… But thanks to them, the stock of my spices had decreased, so let’s do some massive shopping later on. Then I will prepare more curry! I just got a lot of money after all! Since they always helped me, I could at least do this much for them.

While I was preparing the new curry, I became too full. It’s a bit early, but I decided to seclude myself in my room for the day. Hehehe, I won’t let you sleep today, okay…? Ah, but I had to wake up early tomorrow, so I’ll go to bed at the appropriate time.

Insert extreme lewding here7

…Good morning, this is Ren. I discovered various things last night. Filled with intellectual curiosity, I greeted the truly fresh morning.

Ahh… I’m refreshed. I never expected that I could use that part as well… I see now.8

Eh? I’m a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲? But I’m still new in this thing, okay? I’m not a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ or a pervert.

Let’s return to the main subject.

Norn and Bell went hunting last night, and they had caught a lot of ingredients. Adding up the amount they caught the day before yesterday… Yeah, I wouldn’t have to worry about meat for a while. They caught a lot of orcs, various bird-type monsters, and two cockatrices. There were also some eggs and some rare cow-type monsters. And snakes? Since snake tasted a lot like bird… should I fry them?

Then could I eat lizardman? Eh? That’s what Norn and Bell ate? And the skin could be used for armor? …Norn sure knows well about this. Then what’s this big, black creature? Ah, it’s a lizard warrior? Hee… But then, even if they were lizardmen, there were more than a dozen humanoid corpses. The image was a bit too gory.

I regained my mind and kept them in [Storage]. Let’s hide everything, okay? …I suddenly thought of this, but as long as someone had a storage skill, they could easily commit a complete crime, right…?

By the way, one couldn’t shoplift and steal using storage skill. It would be impossible to keep something without having the ownership. There were various other conditions too, but I didn’t know much about it. It seemed like God properly did something to prevent people from going on a shoplifting frenzy.

Also, storing living creatures was basically impossible. But there were also some exceptions…?

Now that I have received the meat from Norn, let’s get ready to go home soon. That being said, I just had to store my house.

…But should I use Norn super express again to return back? I’m a bit traumatized, though… Eh? You can adjust the speed a bit? Really? But just a little? Can you adjust in moderation? …I won’t make it in time if I don’t hurry? …You’re right.

…Well then, please.

No, wait wait wait wait, you’re too fast fast fast fast fast fast faaaaaaaaasssstttttt!!!

‘Ren has acquired the [Riding] skill!’9 10


  4. Lilith: Stick like pretzels that are easy to eat. Totally doesn’t make you think of other things
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  9. Silva: I’m impressed she has the riding skill but no wolf language skill yet
    Lilith: Universal communication available to those with the lewd skill
  10. Robinxen: This chapter had so many notes. Kill me now. Also I edited this chapter with no context and oh boy.
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