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Chapter 92 – Teacher Ren’s Extracurricular Class

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1935 words

Munyaa! It’s Ren.

By the way, I’m currently teaching Triela and the other kids for the third time. Eh? What about the second time? It ended without any problems! Like the first time, Cain was stuttering and Ryuu was irritating!

Really… Well, Ryuu was really giving it his all once the class started, but he acted up before and after class, and also during the break…

Cain was, well… he always looked like he wanted to say something. I wasn’t sure of what he was trying to say, but just say it already! I even waited for him, okay! I showed clemency to him, so don’t stutter so much! Is he a chicken!?

…Whatever. Anyway, today was the third time I taught them. We were in the second half of the third class, in the midst of studying calculation.

I started teaching them calculation from the second half of the second class. Even I got tired of teaching them the same thing repeatedly. So from now on, I would teach them reading and writing in the first half and calculation in the second half.

What about the break time between the lesson, you ask? I didn’t do anything. I only let them rest. Juice? Of course, I wouldn’t give it to them. The juice in the first class was a special service. Ryuu, shut up! The reason I didn’t give it anymore was because of your behavior! Understand that already…! This became a bit troublesome. I had to seriously reflect on this later on.

With that, the second half of the class was over. But everyone’s ability in the calculation was quite delicate… They could still count one digit and two digits, but they started to have a hard time around three digits. If they already struggled with addition and subtraction, then what about multiplication and division… Ah, but Rico could solve the questions really quickly, and Triela was also quite good. Hmm. It would work out, I guess? Anyway, wasn’t Rico a bit too smart? Ah, maybe it’s because I taught Triela and Rico multiplicative division first. The progress of each person was different.

Ah, right. I made something for Arle and Kuro. I wanted to give the item to them, so I rounded up the second half a little early.

“Arle, Kuro. Can you come with me for a while?”
“Hmm? What is it?”
“I’ll give this to you.”

Ta-dah! A slingshot! People also called this ‘slings’. Pull a stone like this, and it would fly! I tried making this for fun during my breaks in blacksmithing.

“…What is this? A String? It’s tied here and there…”
“Please take a look.”

I collected some stones of suitable size and aimed at a tree with a considerable distance from our position. Sproing, pssh! Bam!

Let’s do another shot. Pull it like this, and pew! Bam!

And a third shot to finish up. Pew, pew, pew! Bang!

Yup, all of the stones hit the same place. I hadn’t practiced a lot, but this must be thanks to my [Snipe] skill. Skill correction was amazing~

The power gradually increased with each throw, so the trunk of the tree was lightly gouged on my third shot. They should be able to understand how powerful this slingshot could be.

“…And that’s how you use it.”

Huh? No reaction? Ah, everyone looked shocked. Even Ryuu, who was complaining to Cain and Boman until a while ago, gaped as he stared at us. He already had a stupid face, but now that he made that kind of expression, he looked even more stupid.

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“Eh… What is that…”
“All of them hit the same place…? Did you aim that…?
“…The tree is gouged. If it hits my head, won’t it become dangerous?”

Hmm, Sheryl and Maricle were also surprised. My prank was successful?

Well, I looked around a bit and found a horned rabbit in the grassy place of the forest some distance away from us. It looked quite big.

Aiming for it, I shot once. The stone flew with a wind sound, and hit the rabbit with a nasty sound. Seems like I killed him in one shot? Ah, Bell, could you bring that here?

“It’s like this.”

Before, Triela told me that Arle wanted to use a bow and arrow, but that’s going to be hard since arrows were a consumable item. After giving that matter a little thought, I came up with this idea.

Using this, they could easily practice and replenish the ammunition by picking up some random stones. Unlike the bow, they could use this with one hand. Once they learned [Snipe] skill, their practice wouldn’t go into waste even if they converted to bow and arrow in the future. Plus, they shouldn’t look down on its power. If they could shoot the horned rabbit properly, they could defeat it easily just like what I did just now.

After I explained that to them, everyone became awfully excited.

“Ehhh!? What’s with that power!? Eh, you’re giving this to me!?”
“Ren, amazing!”
“A mere stone can kill a horned rabbit…!?”
“Wow! Hey, dwarf. Make one for me too!”

No way, you fool. Learn how to speak already.

Also, I made this for Arle and Kuro. I already gave Triela a sword and leather armor, plus I gave a cloak to Rico. I even taught them magic. That’s why I wanted to give them something as well.

Sheryl looked really shocked, but… Well, even if I’m going to mass-produce this, I would do it one day, okay? It’s troublesome, and I’m prioritizing my blacksmith training right now.

I hung the slingshot on Arle and Kuro’s waist. With this, it looked like a decorative string, right?

“If you hang it this way, it won’t stand out and it won’t get in your way.”
“Ohh! Amazing! Ren, thanks!”

Ohh, a hug from Arle! Good, praise me more!
Both of them immediately started practicing shooting the stones, ignoring their meals. Everyone else watched excitedly. They couldn’t hit anything at all, but they had to work hard for that!

Ah, what should I do with this rabbit? it’s too small to share with everyone. Hmm? Ah, Norn was secretly catching some rabbits. She handed me ten rabbits at once.

…Hey, you weren’t guarding the surroundings? Eh? You watched Bell catching these rabbits while guarding? You’re pretty dexterous, aren’t you? What? You could catch even more if you’re on your own? Ah, right. I understand… Eh? You already drained the blood from the meat1? Ah, okay. Thank you very much.

Hmm, well. Since I’m going to cook anyway, let’s give everyone skewers of horned rabbit meat. I’ll make the same herb-flavored grilled meat as before. That’s why, Maricle. Please dismantle the rabbits.

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“Are you okay with sharing this?”
“It’s troublesome to think about every little thing. Let’s just eat together with everyone.”

Sometimes, even I had some moments when I didn’t want to think about anything and just wanted to escape…

“Ah? I don’t really understand, but okay. Thanks.”

I’ll keep the fur, though. I’m only offering the meat, okay? Ah, should I make soup stock as well? I called Arle while making a simple solar cooker. I should teach her a simple recipe.

“Is it okay for me to learn this recipe?”
“It’s not that hard. Once you cook it, you can make something similar on your own.”

They didn’t have to buy the ingredients as well. All of the seasonings were herbs or spices that naturally grew in the forest. I also used wild grasses and wild vegetables I picked out around here. Basically, the ingredient cost was free. Even I hunted the meat on my own.

I used fire magic for the stove fire. It’s a hassle to pick up firewood, so I’m using this as a substitute for now.

I put the ingredients of this soup in the meat that had been dismantled first, then skewered it. I gave the task of grilling the meat to the three girls other than Arle. They had done this before, so they should know how to do it.

Maricle continued to dismantle the rabbits. The other boys were waiting as they drooled. What a useless bunch, learn from Sheryl who was setting up the dishes!

After a while, I finished cooking it! Since this was the meat of ten rabbits, each person should eat one rabbit. This should make them full, right? As for the tableware, I used the wooden plates in my [Storage] since I had a lot of them stocked. I had prepared in case something like this would happen! …I’m mostly doing things solo, though.

“It’s delicious…!”
“What is this? This skewer is more delicious than what Arle makes!”
“Chomp, chomp, chomp!”
“Melty, make sure you eat until you’re full!”
“Ren, this is really delicious! I like this!”

Yes, yes. Eat a lot, okay? By the way, they ate the bread they bought on their own before coming here. After soaking it in the soup, it would soften and become delicious. Only eating meat and soup would ruin their stomach, grain is important!

And of course, the three idiots kept asking for second servings and tried to eat everything. But I stopped them.

Sheryl looked like she really wanted more, so I decided to give the remaining skewers to her as a souvenir. She wanted to let her sister eat a lot, right? I know that feeling.

All of the soup was completely gone. After all, the three fools ate a lot. Cain said something like, “Ren’s handmade cooking…!”, how disgusting.

“You let me study with them and gave me such a souvenir… How should I thank you?”
“Don’t worry. I’m just doing it on a whim.”
“No, I never knew that the wild grass you used in that dish is edible… Thank you so much for teaching me so many other things other than reading and writing!”

Ah, sure. You didn’t have to worry too much, really. So please let me touch your ears and tail! I want to stroke those fluffy things!

I was thinking about such a wicked thing, but I used [Concealment] to keep a straight face!

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Since we already finished eating, it’s time to disband. By the way, I properly erased the desk and teacher’s desk we used for studying and eating every time, okay?

Triela and the others would collect herbs and hunt rabbits after this. The three fools were motivated since they wanted to eat a lot of meat at night.

Sheryl and her sister were going to return to the town and study in the reference room. She told me that it would be dangerous to enter the forest with the smell of my souvenir, the grilled meat. She might attract a goblin or dangerous beasts.

And I was going to the depths of the forest. I already told the master that I would leave for a while. This time, I planned to go to a more remote place than the spot for collecting herbs I went with Lily before.

You’re asking me what am I going to do? Well, there’s something I want to do. You understand, right? You don’t?

…It’s my daily routine2. I called it a daily routine, but I hadn’t done it for more than two months! My plan was to put out my house in the forest, stay there for two nights, and come back to teach them the day after tomorrow!

Well, I could endure not doing it, but… A lot of things happened these days, so I wanted to relieve some stress…


  1. Lilith: How does a wolf do this?
    Silva: I’m actually more concerned about how Ren is able to speak wolf
  2. Lilith: Welcome back illegal onee-chan.
    Silva: *rub hands together
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