Chapter 71 – Second Day

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1922 words

 The second day of blacksmith training.

 The day started early at the Arnold workshop. Ah, Arnold is the name of the master of the place. It was easy to remember since the workshop’s name was the same. Which was a good thing.

 But that aside.

 When I woke up in the morning and finished dressing, I left the room and locked it. Then I headed towards the dining hall. The rental contract covered the food expenses, so I decided to take them up on the offer.

 I could just cook myself, but as expected secluding myself on the first day is a bit that, right? Besides, I’m also curious about the menu options for meals in such a large household. Well, that was actually the main reason.

 When I arrived at the dining hall, it looked like the food was still being prepared. The landlady and the maid appeared to be quite busy. Since I’m free, should I help?

“Good morning, I’ll help you.”
“Good morning! Sorry about that, but thanks for the help.”

 Good, it doesn’t look like they’re against it. What a relief.

 It feels like I forced myself in and I know I’m also being given quite a bit of preferential treatment, so it’s not unreasonable for them to think badly about me. It might look like I’m just trying to butter up to them, but still there’s nothing bad about acting nice.

 Besides, I can’t be kicked out since I rented a smithy. Let’s aim for production cheats!

 I looked over the other two as I helped prepare the meals.

 The landlady appeared to be in her mid-thirties? She looked a lot younger than the master, she also gave off the feeling of an energetic mother. She was moving briskly about with quite the energy, so she fitted quite nicely with the image of a large household.

 The maid looked like she was in her late-teens? Well, my judgement for ages wasn’t the best, so it wasn’t really that reliable……

 Apparently, the maid lived around the area.

 Breakfast was a mountain of bread, grilled orc meat, a pile of salad, and vegetable soup. Meat right in the morning……and a mountain of bread. I get that this was a field that relied on stamina, but still isn’t this quite heavy in the morning?

“That’s a lot to eat right in the morning.”
“That’s because the state of the body is the most important! If you’re tired, you won’t be able to do anything!”
“That is true.”

 But couldn’t it also be too fulfilling and make you unable to move as well?

“But you’re quite handy, we finished earlier that usual!”
“I’m an adventurer and I cook for myself.”
“I see! An adventurer! But is it alright with you being so small?”

 After preparing the meals, the master appeared and chatted for a while until the other craftsmen arrived.

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“Oh, lass, you’re up early.”
“It’s Ren. Good morning.”
“I see, so it’s Ren. Good morning.”

 Hm? They don’t remember my name? I introduced myself before, right?
 The other craftsmen also gathered around.

 There was the master, a chief blacksmith, three blacksmiths who were skillful enough to be allowed to work independently, three blacksmiths who were skillful enough to act as assistants, two apprentices who were just allowed to start with the hammer, two shopkeepers, and two leatherworkers who made sheaths and sword belts. A total of 16 people, including the landlady and the maid. These were the people who worked at this workshop.

 The meal started after some more brief introductions. But it was a bit scary due to the rush. Well, it was fine since I couldn’t eat that much, but everyone sure had a great appetite right off in the morning. But please stop looking over at me. It’s making me restless.

“Somehow, today’s food tastes better than yesterday’s?”
“Oh, I was thinking the same thing.”
“This child here helped us out today! She’s really handy, and she also helped out with the seasoning. She’s quite amazing!”

 Please stop propping me up so much, all the stares are making me restless. I gave a slight bow and forced a laugh. I think the ability of brushing through things would be considered a positive of Japanese people.

 When the meal was over, everyone headed off to work.

 I was thinking of helping out the landlady and the maid with the cleaning, but the landlady told me I should head out to the smithy, so I decided to do that instead.

 I was told that I didn’t have to be hesitant since I paid for it. That was true, but since it’s still the first day, isn’t it a bit?

 But since I was told to, I guess I’ll begin earning experience right from the morning?

 I unlocked the rented smithy using the key and went inside, then I locked the door, started the fire in the furnace and began.

 While waiting for the temperature of the furnace to rise, I took out a sword I forged yesterday and started adding the finishing touches. Sharpen the blade, make the sheath, and place it inside.

 Yep, this is a sword.

 The finished product was a standard sword, this one was a short sword, but it was still a bit too long for me to use. When I make a sword for myself, I would need to shorten the blade a bit more. Although, I don’t think I would be using it that much. Incidentally, a long sword was actually a sword with a long blade that was meant to be used on horseback. But I wasn’t planning on testing that.

 That aside, it seems the temperature of the furnace had risen while I was working, so I started forging a sword.


 I was currently taking a break in the courtyard. I had been forging swords all morning, so I naturally became tired of it.

 There were numerous trees in the courtyard, and there was also a bench for resting within the vicinity. In the corner of the courtyard, there was even a well where water could be drawn for cooling swords or for cooking.

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 Just now, a craftsman had been drawing water from there. He had looked over at me with a strange look, but he hadn’t called out to me. Well, not that I care about being talked to…..

 Norn and Bell were taking a nap in the shade of the trees. Hm, it’s quiet.

 As I was mulling things over while drinking water with ice I created using magic, the master and several blacksmiths walked over to me.

“Oh, lass. Taking a break?”
“It’s Ren. I’m taking a break.”
“Right, it was Ren. Ah, that’s right. You’ve been forging since yesterday, so I guess you should be about finished with your first piece soon?”
“I’ve forged a few blades so far. But only one of them has been completed up to the sheath.”

“……That’s pretty fast.”
“Hey wait, you only just started working yesterday and today, don’t lie!”
“Hey, Ed. Stop it.”
“But big bro!”
“The other party is a customer. Keep that in mind.”
“Hah……this stupid son of mine……sorry about that, lass. Do you mind showing me the finished sword?”
“I don’t mind. Here.”

 I gave the finished sword to the master. I didn’t take it out from Storage. I wanted to test it out so I had brought it outside with me.

 ……Well, it was nice that it could hang off my waist, but I was depressed that my arms were too short to draw the sword. As expected, if I made one for myself, I would need to make the blade shorter.

“This is really good…….”
“……She forged it yesterday and finished it this morning. That’s quite something.”
“This… can’t be true…..”

 It would be troublesome to be accused of lying. Or rather, it would be troublesome if I’m asked to show them how I forged. Since I use magic.

 But these two are brothers? The master also called him a stupid son, so he’s the master’s son? The younger brother was really glaring at me, so I would like him to stop. The older brother looked as if he was interested in me, his looks appeared to be more observant?

“I heard you hammering away non-stop earlier, but how much did you make so far?”
“Um, only the blade, but two.”

 I think I make about one every two hours? But the blades aren’t completely finished yet. I need to practice more.

“Huh? Two?”
“No, no, that’s way too quick.”
“You’re lying! That’s impossible!”

 Even if you say that~ Rather, I guess it would take more time without magic.

“I have them in the process of cooling at the smithy, do you want to see them?

 To be honest, it was annoying to be accused of lying.

“……I see, please show me. Hey, you lot, we’re going!

 As such, a lot of people ended up going to the smithy I was using. I unlocked the door and went inside, then walked over to a rack used for cooling.

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“Oh…..these look good too…..”
“…..This is amazing.”
“Lies…..this can’t be true……”
“Do you understand now with this? If you have the time to complain, you should practice with your hammer a little more instead, fool.”

 It would be nice if they gave up and accepted the truth, wouldn’t it?

 The craftsmen were all looking at the swords on the racks, but it was about time for lunch so shouldn’t we be heading to the dining room? I was getting hungry.

 After lunch, everyone took a break until it was time to work in the afternoon. Some people were resting in the dining hall, while others were taking a nap in the courtyard. I was currently with two other people, and was talking with one of them, a young female leatherworker called Delia. This person really liked talking. Additionally, the other person was a sturdy-looking old man. I haven’t seen him talking before so he was likely the silent type.

“Wow, Ren is amazing! To be able to forge like that at such a young age. What kind of training have you done?”
“Um, it’s a secret?”
“Ahaha, I see, that makes sense!”

 Incidentally, Delia was the one who spoke to me last night. Furthermore, the apprentice boy who was staring at me was now looking at me differently and with eyes of respect. Yep, I just can’t calm down, please stop!

“By the way, when you were resting in the courtyard earlier, it looked like there was something inside the cup you were drinking from, what was that?”
“It was ice. I can use ice magic.”
“ “ Ice magic!? ” ”

 Huh? The other people were also reacting?

“Wait, you can use ice magic!?”
“How much can you use!?”
“Can you still use it!?”
“Um, please calm down.”

 It was unexpected that the landlady also reacted. Speaking of which, isn’t ice attribute magic considered a rare skill?

 After that, I ended up making enough ice to fill an entire tub. Well, it was July starting from today. Additionally, this year was also unusually hot, and it had been quite hot since last month… it’s not like I didn’t understand. But with this sort of atmosphere, why do I have the feeling that I will still be making ice even after tomorrow?

“I’ll pay you, so please do it again tomorrow! Okay? Okay!?”

 Seriously. Well, it’s fine since I’m getting paid.


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