Chapter 70 – Blacksmith Training Start

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1686 words

 The next day, I left the house with Lily and Arisa around noon, I was going by carriage and I thought the two were seeing me off, but……

“We will go with Ren.”
“If we’re going by carriage, we can just ride it back to the second division later, right~?
“No, there’s no need to go out of your way to drop me off.”
“No good! For Ren to be walking all alone, that’s definitely a no!”
“Norn and Bell will also be with me.”
“That’s still not enough!”

 No, you’re just being really overprotective. Since it didn’t look like a refusal was possible, I gave up and we headed to the blacksmith’s workshop together.

“Well then, we’ll be going in now, are you ready?”
“Don’t do anything weird, okay~? Be prudent, okay~?”
“I’m fine, so let’s just go in already~”

 After exchanging such words, I was finally able to enter the workshop. As expected, I shouldn’t have let them come along! I’m not a child! Or no, I’m only physically 11 years old!

“Ah, you’re finally here! I was worried whether you would make it!”

 Ehh, like I said I’m not a child…….rather, you’re the workshop’s master, so please don’t wait on me.

“Um, have you been perhaps waiting since this morning?”
“I have been waiting since this morning! Rather, let’s head to the back already!”

 I was taken again upon arrival. Is it perhaps going to be like this the entire day?

 We went along a passageway towards the back. There were a number of rooms along the way, and I was given an explanation of what each room was for. A room for leatherwork for making sheaths or sword belts, a room for sharpening blades, a smithy exclusive to the master smith, several smithies used by other craftsmen, and some spare smithies. It seems that I would be renting one of these spare smithies. And the fire was already lit too. Too quick! I won’t have enough fuel left…….

 There was also storage for steel, storage for finished products, storage for coke fuels, and such……well, essentially a lot of rooms.

 After passing by various rooms, we reached a courtyard, and across it was a building that appeared to be the main building. Apparently, there was an employee dormitory connected to the building. Additionally, the bath was also in the main building.

 It seems that the first floor of the main building was a dining room, and when we were guided there, there were several people already inside. I was introduced to everyone who was currently here, but I’ll skip over that part for now. Incidentally, I had my hood down during introductions, so the reactions were like usual.

 After the introductions, I was guided to the room I would use. It was a room in the middle of the hallway on the second floor of the dormitory.

 I was given the key and I went inside, the room appeared to be about 6 tatami mats-wide. There was a bed and closet provided, but I would be replacing the bed later. I couldn’t sleep on a hard mattress. Since I have Storage I guess I won’t be using the closet? Norn and Bell apparently had to sleep in the courtyard. It seems we wouldn’t be able to sleep together. How mean.

 I changed into a pair of pants and easy-to-move clothes inside the room, then headed back to the shop building across the courtyard. I was guided to the smithy I would be renting.

“This is the smithy you will be renting. The fuel coke is already loaded inside. If you run out, you can speak to the people who are free. I’ll waive the cost of steel materials.”
“……Um, why go so far?”

 Incidentally, the master smith was the one who guided me here. To be frank, it was quite humbling when someone in that position did that. Even if I was liked, it still seemed a bit too much.

“Gahaha! Actually, I briefly checked the ingot I got yesterday, but I didn’t know how to make it! The world is definitely big!”

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 It seems it was natural to treat me who knew of smelting methods even he didn’t know like this. Yep, I don’t really understand the world of craftsmen.

“Here’s the key. Lock the door when you’re forging or doing something. There might be some idiots with prying eyes.”

 Appreciate the hospitality~

 Additionally, even if the door was closed, there was proper ventilation, so there wouldn’t be any issues with suffocating due to lack of oxygen. Yep, that’s good.

 After explaining several other things, the master smith left the room.

 Well then, let’s try making something right away.

 I took out a set of blacksmith tools from Storage and began preparations. I made these myself after observing while I was in the capital.

 Incidentally, I was troubled since I didn’t know what I needed, so I had made it using Creation Magic under the loose specifications of “a set of blacksmith tools”. Needless to say, I was a bit light-headed after consuming too much MP. I probably wouldn’t have been able to pull it off if Lily hadn’t taught me all the various magic lessons and skills. I seriously love you, Lily!

 However, the blacksmith tools were naturally heavy. It was quite impossible to lift with my status alone.

 But that was where Power Increase came in. Since I also learned Mana Circulation, my consumption level has decreased sharply and I’m able to continuously use it. As such, I was able to swing around the heavy hammer.

 Incidentally, I didn’t know the procedure for blacksmithing, but when I dropped the ingot into the furnace something strange happened. I somehow immediately knew what to do. Is this a skill correction? Different world fantasies sure are amazing. Sorry to all the modern craftsmen!

 However, it was very convenient for me, so I decided to forge a sword for now.

 And three hours later.

“Hm, I guess it’s something like this?”

 I finished making a sword. I had used Creation Magic for certain critical steps, thus shortening the time, the speed was naturally abnormal from a regular standpoint.

 To be able to create a sword in three hours, that’s definitely abnormal but……Creation Magic allowed me to skip several processes in regards to cooling. I still had to strike it several times to gain experience, but there were still areas that were unclear to me.

 But I suppose I will just observe for now and do my utmost to strike it as fast as I can?

 Anyways, I feel like the experience points for my Blacksmithing skill has increased, so it’s probably best to continue forging…….

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 As I was thinking about various things, I looked over the finished blade. The blade wasn’t sharpened and the hilt wasn’t done yet, but from what I could gather from Appraisal, it seems to be of the highest quality? Well, I could always just melt it down and reforge it.

 But there was still plenty of steel left, so there wasn’t a need to melt and reforge it. I took out a new piece of steel and started forging the next sword.


 Hmm, it looks pretty good.

 I forged several more swords after that. Everything was of the highest quality.

 Since my Blacksmithing skill was only LV 3, I shouldn’t be able to make a sword of the highest quality, but because I was also using Creation Magic, I became capable of making it.

 But making something good will also give me more skill experience, so it’s a great help for leveling up~ When I checked my status, my Blacksmithing level had gone up by one and was now LV 4. Celestials sure are cheats.

 However, considering the level of the other skills that I have been leveling so far, the experience required will increase greatly starting from here……so I will need to train a lot more…….let’s work hard.

 That said, it’s too late today, so let’s stop here. It’s around 7 o’clock at night now? Speaking of which, I didn’t even eat lunch. I did properly hydrate myself though.

 But I’m very sweaty… underwear is showing through my clothes. I was quite erotic.

 For now, I cleaned up the work area and stored all the swords I made inside Storage. Afterward, I took out a bath towel, and hung it over my shoulders to cover my chest. Then I locked up and left the smithy.

 When I returned back to the main building, I was taken to the bathroom by the landlady. Apparently, I was a bad influence on the young male craftsmen and other apprentices. Bad influence! Me, a bad influence!

 I was defeated and ended up taking a bath. Later, I changed clothes and went back to the dining room. The others seemed to have finished their meals and gone back to their own rooms or went back to work. The only ones left were the landlady, a female leatherworker, and a young male apprentice.

 As I was eating dinner while talking to the female leatherworker, the apprentice kept staring at me. What? Why are you staring at me so much?

 When I looked back and gave a slight bow, his face turned red and he turned away. What’s with him?

“So she’s the kid huh, I’m not even allowed to forge a sword yet. She’s younger than me, yet she’s occupying an entire smithy by herself. I was angry at first and thought some mistake was made, but she’s a customer and rented the smithy, huh. Still she’s just a kid, this makes no sense.”

 Hah, I see. So there’s some weird resentment going on. I didn’t want to get involved with his brooding.

“Don’t worry about it, he’s just shy since you looked back, right? Don’t mind it.”
“Is that so.”
“Yep? Rather, your chest is big, isn’t it? How did they get so big at your age?”

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 Right, I would like to know too. I much rather be taller. Really.


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