Chapter 46 – The Ogres Are Troublesome Even After Their Deaths

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1141 words

 But since I knew that going to the dining hall for breakfast would definitely be troublesome, I decided not to go. I went right to sleep yesterday, but I still gave some thought to countermeasures.
 As such, I was eating breakfast in my room. There weren’t any problems since I had stuff inside of Storage. Although it was a bit wasteful since the lodging expense included food. But I guess it couldn’t be helped.

 I avoided the morning hours and escaped from the inn. Of course, together with Norn and Bell.
 First off, I had to settle the matters regarding the ogres from yesterday, so I still had to go to the guild.

 Thus I went to the Adventurer’s Guild. I needed to discuss the matters with the guild master.
 For now, I went to the counter, but……? It felt like there were more people than usual.

“Hey, you.”

 I was called out when I lined up. A rather dandy looking male adventurer and his companions?
 Hmm, it feels like I’ve seen them somewhere before…….? Ah, they’re the ones who were laughing at me yesterday on the way back to town.

“Hey, did you hear me!”
“Um, what is it?”

 Somehow I had a bad feeling…..

“That wolf……I knew it, so you were the one who did those things yesterday?”
“So yesterday’s ogres were defeated by you!?”

 What should I do? Guild master, what are you doing? You didn’t fulfill your promise at all. Should I just pretend not to know anything for now?
 Norn was the one who beheaded the ogre lord, so it technically wasn’t me who defeated it, right? Let’s go with that.

“Hey, stop lying! At tim-”
“What are you doing!”

 The guild master has appeared~ Hurry up and do something~

“I’m asking what you are doing.”

“……I wanted to ask her about yesterday.”
“You signed an agreement, you are not supposed to ask questions about what happened. You will be breaking the agreement if you ask about it. Do you know what happens if you break the agreement?
Should I contact those in the fief capital and royal capital? Do you know what that means?”

“Then this conversation ends here. Do not ask any more questions.”
“Also, don’t go around saying anything extra, understand?”
If anything comes up, you’ll be facing the consequences, did I make myself clear?”

 Ohh, it seems he was doing better than I thought. Perhaps the current adventurer was just an idiot.

“Hey, lass. It looks like the idiot caused you some trouble.”
“No, it was nothing.”
“Right here isn’t appropriate, come with me.”

 And so I was taken to the back office. We sat down on the sofa with the table between us and the guild master gave several sighs.

“……I’m sorry. No matter how much I hammer down on them, there will always be an idiot.”
“I sort of understand.”
“Rest assured, this might sound a bit unconvincing, but it was only his group that was causing trouble. They’re a party from the fief capital……..
And regarding Neil, I’ll punish him if he does anything careless.”

 Anything regarding Neil was his own problem, so I didn’t really care.

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“Well, those who operate here should basically be alright. I gave them a light warning, but even without that they wouldn’t be doing anything to mess with you.”
“Did you do something?”
“……Lass, do you know how many of them were helped by what you did?”
“Lass, do you know how much herbs you bring in every time? Do you know how many potions can be made from them? And who do you think will be the ones mainly using them?”

“Um, adventurers?”
“That’s right, adventurers. In other words, in a roundabout way you’re helping them through that.”
“Um, is that really so?”
“Yeah. So the people from here won’t say anything.”

 So it was like that, I wasn’t aware.

“Now then, you came here to get the money, right? I’ve already prepared it. Here you go.”

 When I received the leather bag, it was heavy. How much was in it?

“The total is 500 gold coins.”
“It would be more, but……
Since a subjugation party was formed for the job, we also have to distribute it to the people who participated……and so it ended up being reduced, sorry.

“Eh? No, wait, this is reduced?”
“Originally, an ogre lord alone would be worth at least 2000. And there were also 10 ogres besides that? So this is less than even half that amount.”

 To be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled to hear that. But I wasn’t supposed to participate in subjugations in the first place. So when I considered that, I should be grateful for what I got.

“Well, to begin with, I’m not even allowed to participate in subjugations, so I don’t really mind. I’m grateful that I even received some.”
“……I really don’t understand you, lass. But if you’re saying that you don’t mind, that helps me.”
“Don’t worry about it……ah, that’s right.”
“Hm? What’s wrong?”

 I handed over the letter from the village in the south to explain the situation. If I didn’t handle this matter properly, it may become a problem later on.

“Mad bull……so you want to sell it?”
“Well, actually……I want to eat it.”
“Ahh…..I understand, I understand how you feel.”
“No, it’s fine. Then what about the other materials?
“Due to various reasons, that’s also a bit……”
“……That’s unfortunate.”

 After that, I finished up the discussions and was free, so I decided to get some lunch.
 As I was exiting from the office with the guild master, I saw some familiar faces. Lily and Salena.

“Hmm? Lily? What are you doing here?”
“Ah, Ren! Um, since it was lunchtime, I thought I would eat with my older sister, so I came here to invite her.”
“I see.”

 It would probably still be troublesome to return to the inn right now……perhaps I could try inviting both of them to join me?

“In that case, would you two like to join me? I could provide the food.”
“Is that alright!? Definitely! Please do!”

 She instantly took the bait. Of course it’s alright! Lily’s blushing face is just too cute!

“I’m happy that you’re inviting me too, but are you sure it’s alright?”
“Yes, it’s alright.”

 Salena’s blushing face was also really alluring, so I would actually be quite disappointed if she didn’t join us.
 Ah, right.

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“Um, then would the guild master also like to join us?”
“Oh? Me!? Is that okay?”
“Yes, of course.”

 The guild master had a tired expression since a while ago, so I felt a bit sorry for him……so something of this level for all the work he was doing was quite cheap.


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