Chapter 14 – Uninvited Guests

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1561 words

 A few days have passed since I helped the girl in the forest. I was outside hunting for food today. Of course, I was also with Norn and Bell. It was only a few days until November, so it wouldn’t be strange if it started snowing soon.

 Soon, I would no longer be able to go out looking for supplies and food, it seems like hunting and gathering were about to reach their limits. I think my food stockpile might make it in time, or at least I hope it will. Even so, it’s great that I’m able to keep the food supplies fresh. All thanks to the almighty Storage.

 But winter… Winter. I guess I have no choice but to withdraw for the winter. It will be difficult with nothing entertaining to do. Entertainment… my daily routine? No, no, definitely not. As expected, doing that throughout the entire winter would be impossible! Stay strong me! I’m not some monkey! I am just your average, healthy person! Super healthy!

 That aside, I think that girl said it took about half a day to get from the village to here. It seems I went deeper into the forest than I thought. Apparently, the village was built inside of the forest, and it seems you would need to travel for about another half a day to get out of the forest.

 If this means I might run into more people from now, it could become troublesome. Should I move my base? Perhaps further upstream? But if it’s along the river, I still might run into people even with the greater distance.

 I finished hunting a bear today with various thoughts lingering in my mind. I was quite pleased with the big catch. Furthermore, I also found numerous rare herbs. There were some types of herbs that could only be found during the winter, so it might be possible to collect them when winter arrives.

 I headed back home in a good mood and humming a slight tune due to the better than expected harvest, but there were unexpected guests when I arrived. The girl from the other day and two adults. A male and female. Are they her parents? They’re kind of young. Siblings? I hurriedly pulled on my hood.

“Ah, it’s big sis witch!”

 I said I’m not a witch! She sure has bad hearing!

“……Hey, is that little thing?”
“Yep, that’s right! Big sis witch!”

 Like I said….
 Yikes, the siblings have really suspicious looks on their faces. I’m not a witch. I’m just a normal girl. I am normal. And I’m not little!

“Are you a witch.”
“……I’m not a witch. I already told her that.”
“Is that right? But she said she got medicine from a witch.”
“I gave her the medicine, but I’m not a witch.”
“……Is that so.”

 The male was talking to me. He was much taller than me. He looked around 16 to 17 years old. In this world, one would be considered an adult at the age of 15, so he would be an adult. He would be able to drink. How enviable.

 The female next to him was staring at me. She looked about the same age as the male. Naturally, she’s also taller than me. But it’s fine, I’m still growing. My breast have already grown this big after all!

“You live in a place like this?”
“Well, yes.”
“You live alone?”
“What is with this place… to begin with, what is a house like this doing in a place like this?”
“Um, you’ve been asking quite a lot of questions, do I have to answer them all?”
“Oh, no, that is… don’t have to.”


 Somehow it ended up as an interrogation, he seems to be a bit interested in me. But it was still irritating. It’s my freedom to live wherever I want. I was willing to pay taxes if I was told to. But that’s only to the territory lords or whoever holds the rights for such things. As such, there wasn’t any need to comply with all his interrogative behavior right now. Everyone has their own reasons. Initially, since the little girl was here I was planning on inviting them inside, but I’ve changed my mind. I feel bad for the child, but for now just talking outside would have to suffice. I placed a hand on my chest, feeling glad that I had locked the door before leaving. From how things look, they might have tried going in without permission.

“Neil! What’s with your attitude! Did you forget about why we came here?”
“Oh, my bad. But it’s just that she’s living alone in a place like this.”
“Everyone has their own reasons! Hurry up and apologize!”
“Oh, uh……that, sorry.”
“……It’s alright.”

 Good, at least the female has some common sense. But still, why are they here? I have a feeling this might be troublesome…..I want to escape.

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“Uh, well, I’m Neil..and I’m her, Coco’s older brother.”
“Huh? I’m talking about Coco. Didn’t you help her? She was attacked by goblins.”
“……Ah, yes.”

 So she’s called Coco. Right, I forgot to ask for her name last time.

“So that child, her name is Coco.”
“You didn’t know? She told me you let her stay overnight.”
“I forgot to ask for her name.”
“O-Oh, okay.”

 Uwah, he had a very complicated expression his face. But even if you look at me like that, I can’t help that I forgot. I haven’t talked to anyone for nearly a year. I pulled my hood further down as I thought about that.

“Uh, anyways…..we came today because, well, we wanted to say thanks. The medicine you gave us cured my mother of her illness. It was very effective. Everyone had already given up. That’s why, uh, for saving her. Thanks.”
“Is that so……that’s great then.”

 So it was effective. That’s good. It was possible that it might have been another disease similar to the flu. This was a different world. So it wouldn’t be strange if it was a disease that didn’t exist on Earth.

 But looks like it worked, so that really was good news.

“So, uh, that…….medicine! That medicine, that is, do you have anymore of it? There are several others in the village who are seriously sick so…….could you, uh, save them too, please!”

 Uwah, I knew it would be something troublesome!

“Um, please! He’s saying other people, but his lover is also sick. Ah, I am his older sister, Collie! Nice to meet you! My younger brother’s lover, that child is also sick……that’s why, please! Can you share some of that medicine with us?”

“That is, unfortunately, I don’t have anymore of that medicine left. It takes a lot of work to make that medicine……so, your lover, right? Even if I were to prepare one, I wouldn’t be able to make it immediately. Also, even if I did prepare medicine for that person, I would be troubled if she were to tell other people about it later on.”

 Right, it would be difficult to help. The three of them had come carrying nothing but some light baggage. So in order words, they wanted it for free. Even if I was Japanese in my previous life, I wasn’t that kind-hearted. I’m just a hypocrite. A person who only works when he feels like it.

 To begin with, that medicine costs 100MP to make. I could only make one each day. And for today, I only had about half of my MP left after hunting and gathering. So even if I were to agree to help, they would have to wait until tomorrow. In that case, where were they planning to sleep? What about food? Were they planning on relying on me? I didn’t have any obligation to do any of that. Therefore, I refuse. It’s impossible. I would like to refrain. As such, I didn’t tell them how long it would take to make the medicine.

 Furthermore, I didn’t have a good impression of him. I had made the medicine for the girl called Coco and not for him. So there’s no reason to make it for him.

“Don’t say that! Please!”

 I shook my head.

“There’s the issue with time, but I also don’t have enough materials. It’s impossible to give it to you immediately today, or tomorrow either.”
“What do you need for the materials!? If you have it, can you make it!?”

 I thought he would give up, but it seems he hasn’t given up yet. It’s gradually becoming more and more troublesome. I couldn’t go inside my house unless I unlock it. But they would try to come inside if I unlock it. I wish they would just leave already.

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“What’s with you! I’m already asking you like this already!”

 Neil tried to grab me. Ah, but if he did that.


 Norn came forth from behind me and threatened Neil. Thank you, Norn.

“Like I said earlier, I can’t do anything about it no matter how much you plead with me. Please return home.”

 The three people finally left after being threatened by Norn. Coco was looking sadly over at me, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

 Today, I went to bed early without doing my daily routine.1


  1. Silva: You should honestly just move away after that ordeal, just keep your entire house in the Storage and move away! ASAP!

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