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[Vol 1] Chapter 7

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“Gerald-chan! Food’s ready!”

I was absorbed in the book when Mother called out to me from outside. Closing the grimoire, I headed to the living room.

“Heed my command, open the way!”

As I spun my magic, the door opened without me touching it.

I felt like I was someone special. It was a great feeling.

Satisfied, I entered the living room where I found my parents sitting at the table, eyes popping out. I’m not surprised; the door did open by itself.

Though, technically, I opened it with magic.

“Gerald, just then…”

“It’s a spell that opens doors.”

I proudly puffed out my chest.

“…isn’t it faster to open it by hand?”

Father’s words were coloured with disapproval.

“I understand you’re happy that you’re learning magic, but make sure not to be overly reliant on it.”

“I know. By the way, isn’t it a bit dark in here?”

It’s still bright outside, but the blinds had been lowered, blocking out the sun.

“Oh, really? I don’t think it’s particularly-”

“O light, banish the darkness with your radiance!”

Interrupting Father, a sphere of light manifested near the ceiling of the living room. The dim room was filled with its dazzling light.

I tried to consciously sense for æther but…it was hopeless. I couldn’t sense it at all. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t going to be that easy.

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During my contemplation, I heard crying coming from the crib. Looking over, it appeared that the sudden brightness woke Sierra up. She protested against her rude awakening with teary eyes.

“Oh dear. There, there, Sierra-chan.”

Mother hurried over to pick Sierra up and looked at me accusingly.

“She was having a nice nap! Now she’s upset!” she said with a pout.

“Oh, s-sorry, I’ll get rid of it. Within darkness, conceal the light!”

I hastily chanted the incantation and extinguished the light. The room returned to its previous brightness. With everything back to normal, Sierra buried her face into Mother and started breathing softly.

“You shouldn’t have disturbed her nap. She was sleeping so peacefully.”


I didn’t think she would be woken up so easily.

“But I wanted to practise my magic and…”

“Still, it isn’t good to disturb Sierra-chan’s sleep, is it? Right, Russell?”

“Listen to your mother. Whether it’s words or magic, there is a time and place for them.”

I was scolded by Mother and Father. There was nothing to refute and I apologetically hung my head.

“I’ll try not to use magic from now on…”

“Did either of us say not to use magic?” said Mother.

“Huh? But…”

“As long as you keep in mind the time and place, you can use magic all you want.”


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“Yes. For now, since the soup’s cooled down, how about heating it with magic?”

Reminded by Father’s words, I noticed that the soup had gone cold during our conversation. Mother also noticed and said, rather deliberately,

“It would be so nice if someone could reheat the soup.”

I nodded firmly.

“Leave it to me! Let me see, that’s right…”

If it’s just to reheat some soup, fire magic is probably the best choice. In that case, I only know one appropriate spell. I wielded the power of the magic language, still trying to sense any æther.

“With the flames of purgatory, burn to nothingness!”

Blazing flames rushed forth, striking the soup with a great woosh. The intense flame heated the soup. As for the result…



“Gerald…what is this supposed to be?”

Father peered inside his bowl. All he found was a pitch black substance stuck to the bottom.

“That would be the soup I reheated with magic.”

“I see, soup you say?

“Yes, soup.”

“I see…I see…”

Father picked up his spoon and reluctantly scraped at the charcoal left at the bottom of the bowl.

“So…what you’re saying is, that this here is soup?”

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He looked at me, his eyes full of disappointment. I had no response. Nothing but charcoal remained. No other traces of the ruined soup could be found.

“Sorry… It seems like in my attempt to heat up the soup, I burnt it to cinders.”

“Is that so…”

Father gloomily returned his gaze to the remains at the bottom of his bowl. Feeling sorry for him, I offered my share of the soup.

“Ahh, err, sorry…”

“No, it’s fine, Gerald, but…I’d appreciate it if you could be more careful from now on.”

“Yeah, I’ll be careful… I’ll be careful, Father.”

Father and I were disheartened. This is ridiculous… all I wanted to do was practise magic. I never intended to incinerate Father’s food.

While I was busy being depressed, Mother sighed,

“Hmm, it seems it’ll be a while before Gerald-chan can help out with his magic,”

as she put Sierra back to sleep in her crib.


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