[Vol 1] Chapter 5

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“Hmm? What’s wrong, Gerald?”

“Mother, Father…you’re not afraid?”

Anyone could tell that I was uneasy. My parents expressions, which had been filled with laughter, immediately became concerned.

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“Scared? Of what?”

I lowered my eyes in response.

As soon as I first used magic, I ran shouting to my parents like a child. After calming down, however, I doubted the wisdom of my actions. It may not have been the best idea to let them know I could use magic.

No ordinary commoner could use magic; they wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn how. In fact, only a fraction of the upper class could.

If a commoner were to be thrown into the world of the rich and powerful, they would probably be rejected due to their inferior social standing. In the same way, as a magician, commoners might distance themselves from them. Mother and Father might also be frightened of the power I possess.

In that case…I wonder if I’ll be treated as if I was a cancerous tumor…just like I was in my past life… I was filled with anxiety and despair. Yet, Mother, who may have seen through my feelings, gently called out to me.

“Hey, Gerald-chan. Listen.”


“To me, magic is a terrifying and dangerous thing.”

…she’s probably going to say that she’s afraid. She’ll probably tell me, with her sweet loving voice, that she’s afraid of me.

My hands balled into fists.


“Even so, we wouldn’t be afraid of Gerald-chan.”

“Your mother’s right.”

Father raised his voice in agreement.


“You’re not…afraid? I would be. If there was a person who was much stronger than me, I wouldn’t want to be near them.”

“Yes, I think I would too.”

“Then, why?”

My voice wavered. Mother tenderly smiled and said,

“Because Gerald-chan is our child.”

“Ack, didn’t I say not to add chan?”

“Gerald-chan, if you’re going to hide your embarrassment, at least give us the satisfaction of blushing.”

“Father too?!”

Mother and Father burst into giggles.

“And, what do you want to do, Gerald?”


“So, are you interested in magic? Do you want to be a magician? Most importantly, do you want to master many different spells?”


I want to, obviously.

I loved books in my past life. I loved the stories they told. Manga. Light novels. Games. They were always by my side. I often fantasized about the many worlds they depicted.

It’s impossible for me not to jump in joy using magic.

It’s impossible for me not to aspire to be magician.

“Definitely. I want to learn more magic. I want to be able to cast hundreds lots of spells.”

“Is that so…”

Father narrowed his eyes and started patting my head.


“I thought you would say that. As expected of our son.”


I was perplexed. As Father continued to energetically ruffle my hair, my head was knocked about making me a little dizzy. Before long, Father stopped and said,

“Gerald. I’m giving this grimoire to you,”

and held out the grimoire he still had in his hands.

“…is that ok?”

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“I believe that books exist for the reader. So, I suppose this grimoire exists for you. Don’t you think?”

Father faced me with a smile. It made me feel all warm and fluffy. I can proudly say that my parents are the best parents in the world.

Father gave me his recognition and Mother easily accepted me, who had unexpectedly become a magician. Without a doubt, despite my magic, I felt that my parents were far more amazing than me.


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