Chapter XX4 – Well, Anyone Would Be Curious

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2405 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1079 words
Editor(s): Fire

Fwib, fwib, fwib…
Fwob, fwob, fwob…


Twitch, twitch…
Flop…… Fwing!



Wuhyow!? Eh!? Wait, what!?」
Ah. I grabbed it.」

While we were weeding the garden, Natsuki’s butt came right before me. I got somewhat curious about her tail, so I looked at it for a while but since it was moving in quite amusing ways, before I realized it, I already grabbed it.

Jeez. It’s pretty sensitive, so stop it okay?」
「Sorry, my bad. But see, I just can’t help getting curious. I don’t have one after all.」

Saying so, my eyes are still locked on Natsuki’s tail.
Hmm, I wonder how it feels to touch it? While I can imagine how it might be, there’s no saying if it actually feels that way.

Fwib, fwib, fwib…

Natsuki already went back to focusing on weeding again.

…… I swipe my fingers against her tail.

Nhaaaa!? Wai-, Ruti! I told you, it’s really sensitive! I’m going to get angry, you know!?」

This isn’t particularly the first time I’ve touched it. However, it’s the first time I’ve touched her tail like this, in a teasing way.

…… Interesting.1

As I started to feel mischievous now, a certain thing entered my vision. Bristlegrass.
It’s just a regular weed that has some hair on its head but this is…..2

I quickly plucked the bristlegrass and approached Natsuki, who’s sulkily started weeding again.

Brush, brush, brush.


Ah, she collapsed.

Hyuu…… My, knees……」

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Somewhat teary-eyed, she’s twitching all over the place.


「!? Ruti? Wait, stop, that face…… W-what are you planning to do!?」

She’s trying to stand up but I guess she’s feeling weak right now, since it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere.

From Natsuki’s reaction…… I’m sure that the face I’m making is just awfully incredible right now. But I can’t help it. It’s Natsuki’s fault for being this cute.

With these thoughts in my mind, I once again approach her with bristlegrass in both hands.

「No! Wait! Stop! Stoppp!」



Going limp after a loud shriek, more tears flow down her eyes. Yet, looking closely, her reaction was clearly not out of distress but of obvious pleasure.

「J-jeezz, I just said stop, didn’t I—. It even came out a bittt…… so meannn……」

She said so while sniffling quite a bit.
I already know that it’s sensitive, but this is just……


Some sort of switch flipped inside me.
And before I noticed it, my tongue was already creeping along Natsuki’s tail.

「!? Stopppp!

I kissed it, licked it teasingly, and at times, gently stroked the base of her tail joint.
When we’re having fun, I usually just stop at caressing it but this time, I tear into it with all I have.

「-! —!!」

Natsuki is doing her best to keep her voice down, the way she’s trembling as she holds her moans back is awfully adorable.

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Ahmnh…… Mhm…… Fufu, you don’t need to hold back, let your voice out.
Well, if it’s too loud, the neighbors might notice and see us though.」
「-! Ruti…… You’re, so, mean-……!!」

I suppose she’s so worked up with holding back that she hasn’t noticed it yet.
The truth is, this spot is conveniently covered with a shadow and can’t be seen from the outside.
There’s absolutely no way I’d allow any other people to see Natsuki’s unbecoming state.

Taking advantage of someone’s distress to further fan her shame, quite cruel of me if I say so myself.
Just when did I become such a bad girl, I wonder.

Even while thinking so, I still continue my assault.
And since I noticed that the base of the tail joint seems particularly sensitive, I focus more on teasing that part.

「Ah-! No! Stop, any more and I-!」

Natsuki raised her voice. She was so persistent on keeping quiet too, perhaps it’s just that sensitive of a spot.
Seeing her reaction, I became so delighted that I unintentionally squeezed the tail joint and—


Ah, she came. She’s quivering so much.

「To think that Natsuki’s tail was this sensitive…… What a discovery…… Oh?」

As I mumbled so from the satisfaction of pleasuring my beloved, I suddenly noticed a particular scent.

「This…… Natsuki, did you…… again……?」

I remember this scent. Right, it was after the party, the scent of……

N-…… Nooo…… Don’t smell ittt……」

Even as her body is still trembling from the lingering climax, she muttered so with a small voice.

And though I was just completely satisfied a moment ago, impure thoughts started rising in my mind once again.

「Oh~? Look, isn’t this quite the disaster? This isn’t just pee, isn’t it? And all I did was touch your tail…… Were you always such a naughty, perverted girl, Natsuki?」

I whispered directly into Natsuki’s ear as I brushed my finger against her crotch.

「T-that’s! It’s because you-…… Nhu!? Waitttt!」

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Calming down a bit, she managed to raise her voice for a moment but after strongly rubbing against her most sensitive spot, she let out a shriek and came once more.

「Se~e? You really are a naughty girl. My finger’s all sticky now.」

I intentionally brought my finger right in front of her eyes and made a loud noise as I then sucked on that finger.
Natsuki’s face is already burning bright red. I’m sure that it’s the mix of pleasure and embarrassment boiling in her.
Seeing Natsuki’s state, I heated up even further and—


「……………… Ha-! I went too far.」

The sky is already stained red by the setting sun.
Right before me, Natsuki lies there trembling. The white of her eyes are showing and she’s soaking wet with saliva, tears, and various other liquids.3

Oof…… She’s definitely going to get mad at me later……」

While I imagine that she won’t just be angry but is going to take revenge when she wakes up as well, I’m somewhat excited about what she’s going to do.

「This is a~ll your fault for being so cute, Natsuki. Fufu.」

Now then, I should take Natsuki to the bath.
In the end, the weeding was delayed until tomorrow. Still, this should be fine every once in a while.


  1. Lyly: Sips hot coffee
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  2. Lyly: Uh-oh
    Fire: Oh no… This won’t be good
  3. Lyly: Natsuki’s really, really sub material
    Fire: Where has the wholesomeness gone to?

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