Chapter 48.5 – You Should Do Your Business as Soon as Possible

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3758 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1172 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Okay, now that I’ve carried everyone to the bedroom, I guess I’ll clean up a bit before going to bed. Okay? Ruti?」

In the end, even while I carried the three unconscious drunks, Ruti still hung on to my neck. She didn’t want to let go, so I had no choice but to leave her there. Her feet were dragging on the floor but she didn’t care about it at all.

「Come on, pull yourself together. Anyway, I’ll be going to bedroom after I put away the dishes, okay?」
Nmu~ I kno~w……」

Good. It looks like she’s still more or less awake. It’ll be great if she went to the bedroom on her own now but…… Against my expectations, she’s still clinging on. It’s not like she’s really heavy and I know it can’t be helped since she’s drunk and all…… but still.

「Geez, I understand since it was a really good drink but you drank a bit too much, you know?」

Though it’s not really that tough to move around with her, I guess I ended up blurting that out since her feet are still dragging as I was putting away the dishes.

Muu~ Come o~n. Isn’t it fine every once in a while? Since you’re saying that, then…… Ei!」

Just when I felt a bit relieved from hearing her tone seemingly go back to normal, she suddenly sucked on my nape.

「Wait! Stop! The others are staying over tonight, so…… Nmn!」
「It’s fin~e. We haven’t been doing it recently, you know? And besides, since you’re moaning like that, you’re slightly looking forward to it too aren’t you, Natsuki?」

Saying so, Ruti brushes her tongue along my nape.

「Mn! Geez! You know that I’m weak there, right!? Sto-…… Hya!」
「I kno~w. And other spots too, like here…… 」

She intentionally whispered close to my ear then went straight to licking my earlobe.


Quivering under a wave of pleasure, I instantly fell to my knees.
I somehow fell to the floor without dropping the dishes and endured the pleasure but since my hands are occupied, I can’t stop her.

「Also, here too, right?」

Saying that, Ruti took advantage of how I’m crouching right now and reached her hand into my skirt.

「Stop! Don’t do that! I’ll end up dropping the dishes!」
「Then why don’t you put them down? The floor should be a good enough place. Come on, hurry! If you don’t hurry up, they’re going to fa~ll.」

Saying so, Ruti’s hand didn’t show any signs of stopping.
I don’t know if it’s because she’s drunk but unlike the usual, she’s stirring me up real hard from over my shorts.

Hiiu! Rough! You’re too rough! If you do it that rough, I’m…… Ahh!」

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I quickly put the dishes on the floor and was about to run, but it was already too late.


I held it in for a while since I planned to go to the toilet after putting away the dishes but that was a mistake.

Oh……? Natsuki, did you……?」
Noo…… Uuugh…… Ruti, you idiottt……」

I couldn’t stop tearing up from embarrassment. I haven’t even wet myself ever since I was little and yet…… I heard that it’s hard for a woman’s body to hold it in, but I never imagined that just getting stimulated like that would make me leak out this easily.

「I’m sorry……. This is my fault, okay? Stand up for a bit. I’ll wipe it off.」

I guess even Ruti sobered up after what just happened, she turned back to normal and awkwardly took out a handkerchief.

「Come, can you raise your skirt a bit? Also, can you take off your boots and stuff?」

It’s embarrassing but I obediently did as Ruti asked. My shorts and spats are naturally soaking wet and I was absolutely drenched from my thighs to my feet.

I quietly let Ruti wipe me dry for a while and as I was feeling a bit down thinking, Ahh, we’ll need to get the carpet cleaned before tomorrow morning…… I noticed that Ruti is acting slightly weird.

「? Ruti? Umm, hey…… Nmn…… You don’t need to wipe there that much, you know?」

After wiping my legs, Ruti started to wipe me down there but she’s awfully thorough about it.

「…… Sorry, Natsuki. As I thought, I really can’t hold back anymore. 」

Saying so, she immediately brought her face close and started licking my most sensitive spot.

「Hya!? Wait!? It’s dirty, so stop it!?」
Mn…… It’s yours you know? There’s no way it would be dirty. To prove it, see? It has a nice Natsuki scent.」
Eh!? Aa! Wai-! Auu!?」

I quickly tried to move away but Ruti immediately grabbed my hips and thighs to restrain me and continued on caressing me.

Nmm! Won’t you stop it already!? Are you listening, Ruti!?」

Honestly, I can just forcibly pull her away. Still, I somewhat wanted to avoid doing that to my most beloved person and, ummm…… the fact that it does actually feel good was enough to cloud my judgment

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Nm…… Anm…… Hahmm…… You taste so good……」

She said those words and intentionally made sounds as she licked and sucked me to further fan up my shame. Ruti always does this. While I get embarrassed, she gleefully attacks me nonstop.

Fuu…… ah……………… eh?」

Embarrassingly, I gradually got more excited, letting Ruti do me as she liked when suddenly, Ruti stopped. Finding it weird, I looked down and there I saw Ruti with a wide grin on her cheeks……

Fufu, well aren’t you excited now, Natsuki?」

At that moment, even I noticed my own cheeks getting instantly red, boiling like a hot kettle.

「Geez! Geez……! Ruti, you tease!」
「I can’t help it, you’re so much more adorable than you usually are, Natsuki. You were just crying with shame from wetting yourself earlier, weren’t yo~u?」

Ruti further incites my feelings of embarrassment. Thanks to that, my finally dry eyes are starting to tear up once more.

「Oh my, are you about to cry again? But you shouldn’t make that face. It’s making me want to tease you even more, you know?」

Saying so, she goes back to touching me, but this time she only barely brushes my sensitive spot, edging me.

「Nooo……! Ruti, please……!」
「Hm~m? Please what? I won’t know if you don’t tell me what you want me to do, you know?」

While dancing her finger between the line of touching me and not, she said those cruel words to me.

eH? Uu……. Please……mo……re…」
「Wha~t? I can’t hear you if you don’t speak louder, Natsuki?」

I somehow managed to squeeze my words out but with a grin still on her face, she played dumb and made me say it again. She absolutely heard it for sure……

auu…… P-please…… tease my…… little bean…… more……!」
「Alright, well said. Now, to reward our hardworking girl.」
Hyauu! Nhaa!」

Immediately as she said that, she violently sucked on my c̲l̲i̲t̲. At that instant, a thunderous flash of pleasure coursed through me and I ended up letting out a shriek.
Perhaps it was because she did it after edging me, it felt ridiculously good.

aA…… Hau……c̲u̲m̲m̲i̲n̲g̲!」

With a wave of pleasure running through my trembling body, I quickly o̲r̲g̲a̲s̲m̲e̲d̲.
At the same time…

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I can’t say if it’s because of the alcohol or because there were just some left but it leaked out once again. It’s less than before…… it’s less but that doesn’t change the fact that it happened again.

AaH! Aah! Ruti move away!」

Even while I was muddled with pleasure, shame, and guilt, I was able to tell Ruti to move away.
However, Ruti wasn’t moving anywhere.


On the contrary, she began gulping. Don’t tell me…… she’s drinking it?

「Hey!? That’s dirty, spit it out!」
「……Pwah! Even if you tell me that, I’m already done drinking, you know? Besides, I already told you earlier, it can’t be dirty.」

With a bewitching smile, she licked her lips as she said so. Unable to bear it anymore, I covered my face with the edge of the skirt I was still holding on.

Then after that, just when I was about to escape into the bedroom, Ruti took me to the bath under the pretext of cleaning my body and she toyed with me until she was satisfied…… Uuu…… This is the first time she cornered me this much.

In the end, I couldn’t clean up that day, so I did my best to wake up before the sun went up the next morning to clean the living room. Really, in more ways than one, I barely had any time to spare…… Still, I used a high-pressure water Breath to clean off the dirt and filth in time, but will the carpet be fine? I’m a bit worried.

「Good morning…… ughpp.」
「Morning…… Uuoo, my headdd……」
「Good mornin~g.」

The three staying over just woke up.
Two of them sound like they’re dying but Chris surprisingly seems fine. I’m pretty sure that she drank a lot too but…… Maybe she’s actually strong with alcohol?
With that in mind, I shifted my gaze to Chris and noticing that, Chris looked for a moment then suddenly turned bright red.

「? Chris, is something wrong?」
「N-no, it’s nothing?1

Hm~m? She doesn’t seem particularly unwell, I guess there’s no point worrying too much about it.

Still, yesterday was a disaster. Well, yeah, sure, it did feel good though…… Yeah.

「Morning. Is everyone doing fine-…… Doesn’t seem that way. Well, the café is closed for today, so rest up until you feel better, alright?」

Coming in a bit late, the culprit that caused yesterday’s disaster entered the room and greeted everyone.
And as she passed by me…

「I’m glad I saw a cute side of you yesterday, Natsuki.」

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She whispered those words to my ears. Being reminded of yesterday’s incident, my face instantly boils hot. Geez! Just when I thought that she would’ve been too drunk to remember it, she totally remembers!

She’s probably going to tease me about it for a while. With that in mind, we had some tea with everyone and spent our special holiday relaxing until the afternoon.


  1. Silva: She saw it, she definitely saw it
    Fire: She both saw it and heard it

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