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Chapter 27 – Double Work

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2568 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1340 words
Editor(s): Fire

After Nera-san took our measurements, she immediately went back home. She could have at least sat down for a while, I would’ve even poured her some tea……
Anyway, the date for the granting and orientation(introduction) will be on our next day off. Thanks to this, we won’t be a burden to everyone this time.
Huh? Wait, but this means we won’t be able to rest on our day off, right?1

「I won’t have any time to spend with Ruti, right?」(Natsuki)
「I won’t have any time to spend with Natsuki now.」(Ruti)
「Even if you two harmoniz~e, there’s nothing you can do about it, you kno~w?」(Chris)

Our precious date time! I knew that this can happen when we’re working two jobs, but I didn’t think this through at all, this is a bit depressing.

「Shall we have more after-work dates then?」(Ruti)
「Yeah, we’re only free at night after all.」(Natsuki)

But there aren’t that many shops open at night, you know? And most of them are pubs and stuff.
Ohh, but it might be nice to buy some alcohol and drink them back in our room. But maybe it’s better to drink in a pub with some nice ambiance after all…… I’ll ask Ruti about this later.

「Natsuki-chan, what’s wrong? You seem less energetic than usual, you know?」(Old man)

An elderly regular suddenly told me while I was taking his order. It looks like my feelings of not being able to get a proper day off was written all over my face.

「Ah, well, Ruti and I decided to join something called the Order of Mages, but because of something we need to do there, we won’t have any days off this week and stuff.」(Natsuki)
「I see. By the way, what’s this Order of Mages thing?2(Old man)

This old man… he should be someone born and raised here if I remember correctly, but it seems like even he doesn’t know about the order.
This lack of recognition, isn’t this a bit dangerous? And the fact that Ryzna-san knows, although only just a little bit, about this really unpopular Order of Mages, what the heck is he……

「Hmm, to put it simply, they’re like the Order of Knights but only with magic instead of swords and spears, I guess?」(Natsuki)
「Oh, then this means that they’re on the same status as the Order of Knights, right? That’s amazing. Congratulations.」(Old man)

I wasn’t really curious about it so I didn’t know, but it looks like the Order of Knights is really admired by the general public.

「Thanks. So with that being said, if we’re not in the café as frequently in the future, it should be because we’re doing something at the Order of Mages that time.」(Natsuki)
「Hmm, that’s unfortunate…… I should tell the others as well.3」(Old man)
「Are you acquainted with the other regulars?」(Natsuki)

All of our regulars come at random times, so I didn’t really think that they knew each other, though.

「Oh, you don’t know about it? There are fan clubs for each employee here. So, of course the members would know each other.」(Old man)

Wait, what, I’ve never even heard anything about that. Ah, don’t tell me, is the reason for those really kind gazes the other day when I expected a complaint because everybody’s in a fan club?4

「I didn’t even know those existed. Who’s the chairman?」(Natsuki)
「So you actually didn’t know about it. The chairman is Ryzna-san, you know? 」(Old man)

I instantly turned my head to the counter. Ryzna-san’s eyes met with mine for a moment, but maybe sensing something, he immediately avoided my gaze. Is he an esper?5

「Geez, I can’t believe him…… by the way gramps, whose fan are you?」(Natsuki)

Although I said all that, I couldn’t help but ask. Well, that’s, I’m really curious, as a girl and all, yeah?

「I’m all for Natsuki-chan. There are some members that switch from Natsuki-chan to Ruti-chan too, though.」(Old man)

Hearing that, I instantly felt happier. Still, you can’t really blame the people who switched over to the Ruti faction. Ruti’s cute after all!

「Fufu, thanks, gramps. Well, I’m going back to work.」(Natsuki)

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As a service, I winked as I waved him goodbye.
Fwah!? Bloodlust from all over the cafe!?6 It looks like doing this kind of thoughtless action is a bit dangerous. I’ll be careful next time.

「Natsuki? We have something to talk about later, alright?7」(Ruti)
「Ah, yes!」(Natsuki)

Ruti-san, your smile is scary. Yup, I need to be really careful.

「Haa, today would’ve been our day off though~.」(Natsuki)

And just like that, it’s already the scheduled day. Usually, we would be on a date by now but…… Grrrr.

「You’ve been saying that since forever…… Come on.」(Ruti)

With an “It can’t be helped” kind of tone, Ruti shows me her arm. I latch on to it without any second thought.

「I want to stay like this the whole day~.」(Natsuki)
「Don’t be unreasonable. I’m holding myself back too, you know?」(Ruti)

Ughhh. Well, we don’t have a choice. Still, I feel like our roles have been reversed lately. Hmm, well who cares about the minor stuff. Nuzzle, nuzzle.8

At the meeting place, the noble district’s gate, Nera-san is already waiting for us. But for some reason, she has a weird look on her face.

「Sorry to keep you waiting. Is there a problem?」(Natsuki)
「Ah, it’s nothing…… Just, considering the male mages of the order, I feel a bit bad.9」(Nera)

It looks like Nera-san noticed something after seeing us being so intimate10 with each other. But, feel a bit bad?

「Now then, shall we depart? We need you two to change at the headquarters first.」(Nera)
「By change, do you mean the uniform? But Nera-san, you don’t seem to be wearing a uniform?」(Natsuki)
「Since we had your share rushed first, our uniforms hasn’t been made yet.」(Nera)

Ohh, I don’t know why but sorry about that. I tried asking her about it while we were moving and it seems like the rush is because, instead of preparing a ceremonial dress just for the peerage ceremony, it’ll be easier for us if we wore a uniform, and this ceremony can act as the unveiling of the new uniforms as well. He’s surprisingly thoughtful, that leader.

As we reached the castle, we were immediately guided to a room inside the headquarters so that we can change.

「Ohh, isn’t it actually cute?」(Natsuki)
「You’re right. Also, it’s much better than I expected.」(Ruti)

Since the uniform thing came out of nowhere, we honestly didn’t expect too much from it appearance-wise, but this looks surprisingly good.11 The uniform’s overall tone is black, the bottom is a culotte skirt but the top is the orthodox cutter shirt with a necktie and jacket.

Also, we have a hat. A tiny one that you fasten with a hairpin. The way it’s just sitting on my head is really cute. But the boots are the usual closed-toe ones, so I can’t use my toenail when in full uniform, huh. Well, I actually haven’t been using them lately, so yeah.

Ughh, but since it looks so nice, I feel like I’d be scared to get it dirty during work though.

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For now, we’re fully prepared for the peerage ceremony. Don’t get nervous, me.


  1. Lyly: Well obviously, lol
    Fire: Ain’t that obvious
  2. Lyly: Lol, sad org
  3. Lyly: Excuse me?
    Fire: Do they have some kind of group or something?
  4. Lyly: Idol Natsuki
    Fire: Ah, my guess was indeed correct
  5. Lyly: Instinct is important for a species’ survival, lol
  6. Lyly: Lol, faction infighting may be inbound
    Fire: Just from a wink lol
  7. Lyly: A talk or a talk
  8. Lyly: Really comfortable with being a girlfriend huh, Natsuki? (I want to have someone I can be that dependent on too…)
    Fire: Get out there and find yourself a girlfrie-… Oh wait, we can’t go out. Nevermind, just stay single~
  9. Lyly: Excuse me?
  10. Lyly: Aka, Flirting, right? Gotcha
  11. Lyly: More clothes~!

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