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Chapter 26 – Swift Response

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2227 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1125 words
Editor(s): Fire

Even with the flood of customers, we managed to survive until closing time. Well yeah, when we arrived, the dishes were piled up unto a mountain and there was a huge stack of orders, it was terrible. Still, I expected to hear some complaints from the customers, but there was none at all. On the contrary, it even felt like they were watching us with affection.

「Now then, why don’t we have a rest before we begin explaining.」(Ruti)

After saying so, Ruti pours a cup of tea. Everybody is already on their seats and out of their uniforms but we’re still pretty tired, so yeah, it might be best to have some tea for now.

「Phew, finally, it feels like a real break now.」(Firu)
「As expecte~d, it was really tough with just three of u~s.」(Chris)
「Sorry about that, we were suddenly summoned and all.」(Natsuki)
「If this happened when I only had you two, I could’ve used my authority with the request to refuse them, but I have Firu-chan and Chris-chan now, so I can’t. This time, we really had no choice.」(Ryzna)

So tired~ I’ll have a short rest for now…… Crap, I’m getting sleepy. Chris already has her eyes closed, even.

「Chris, wake up… Okay. Now then, we’ll roughly explain what happened.」(Natsuki)

We explained how we were being recruited by the Order of Mages. We refused but they were really stubborn, so I demanded for a lot to make them give up. But then they actually agreed to it, so we signed the contract. We explained all this while waking up Chris every once in a while.

It looks like Ryzna-san actually knows about the Order of Mages. But even so, he doesn’t know much about them except that they’re similar to the Order of Knights.

「I added the condition to only call for us when needed, so I don’t think they’re going to call for us that much; but we can’t refuse them when it happens, so I’m really sorry but we’re going to be absent or even leave during our shift like today.」(Natsuki)
「For now, the only events we are scheduled for is… the granting of the peerage and orientation, I suppose?」(Ruti)
「Oneesan, you’re going to be a noble~?」(Chris)
「Hmm, I believe we’re going to be given the lowest title for knights, so it’s likely going barely to make any difference at all.」(Ruti)
「Still, it makes me feel a bit like you two are going to be out of our reach.」(Firu)
「Eh~, don’t be like that, geez. We’re just going to do a different job sometimes, so it’s not like it’s going to change our whole life and all, you know?」(Natsuki)
「We don’t really know what times and how frequently they’re going to call for you, so it’s going to be somewhat complicated for me but…… Well, let’s see how it goes for now.
Now then, it’s going to be late soon and we’re going to be busy for tomorrow. Let’s go home for today.」

With Ryzna-san’s words, we left the shop. Today was really tiring, so I’m really not excited about tomorrow’s work……


With my body still tired, I sat up on the bed. As expected, I didn’t completely recover from the fatigue, huh.
Next to me, Ruti is probably still, ah… she’s drooling…… As I wiped the drool from her cheek, she sleepily muttered something and turned towards the other side. Ahh, geez, you’re so cute.
Hmmm, lately we’ve only used this one bed, so we should probably change to a single-bed room. That way, we’ll have more space too. Okay, let’s see if we can change rooms tonight.


While I was thinking about that, Ruti woke up as well.
And while she’s still half-asleep, she was about to hug me when she noticed her drool.

「Ah, wait, no…… Did you see it?」(Ruti)
「It was cute, you know?」(Natsuki)

My, she’s blushing. I really want to cuddle and go back to sleep but it’s almost time. It’s too bad, but we need to get ready now.

「Ah, REain, Firu, Morning!」(Natsuki)
「Hey, morning… Wait, what?」(Cain)
「Morning!」 (Firu)

As we arrived at the cafeteria for breakfast, we met up with Cain for the first time in a while.

「Real Easy Cain, in short, REain.」 (Natsuki)
「Why am I being called real easy all of a sudden?」 (Cain)
「Well, you can’t really change my mind, so you should give up. More importantly, we haven’t seen you in a while, why’s that?」 (Natsuki)
「Give up, you say…… Haah. Anyway, the reason you haven’t seen me in a while, yeah? Work, of course.」 (Cain)

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It seems like he got a loading cargo job early in the morning. Today was just his day off, he says.

「Is it good?」 (Natsuki)
「Well, it’s so-so, I guess. Doing hunting requests is really in my nature, so it’s a bit unsatisfying compared to that.」 (Cain)
「For me, my job right now might be in my nature. It gets really busy but other than that, I don’t have any complaints.」 (Firu)

Firu just nonchalantly said so. Too bad Cain, but it might be best that you give up on hunting requests.

「Well, since we’re already here, let’s go to the shop together, Firu.」 (Natsuki)
「If you’re free, come visit the cafe too, Cain!」 (Ruti)

After finishing up our meal, since it’s almost opening time, we left Cain and headed to the cafe.

「…… So, what are you doing in front of the café, Nera-san?」(Natsuki)

As we reached the café, Nera-san was standing still right in front of the shop’s entrance.

「The schedule for the granting and orientation; or rather, your introduction to the other members; has been confirmed, so I came to inform you about it.」(Nera)

We just signed it yesterday, isn’t this a bit too fast?
Anyway, after hearing the schedule, we need to adjust our cafe schedule with Ryzna-san.

「Also, would you mind if I have a little bit of your time? I’d like to take your measurements for the uniform.」(Nera)

Eh, we have a uniform? Nera-san doesn’t seem to be wearing one, though……
Noticing my gaze, Nera-san answered my doubts.

「Taking the opportunity of your recruitment to the order, the Order of Mages has decided to adopt the use of uniforms. As of yesterday, I was also suddenly measured as well.」 (Nera)

How did us joining turn into an opportunity for that? I don’t get it.

「In any case, why don’t we go inside? We can’t have any measurements taken outside, after all.」 (Natsuki)

We entered the order in the heat of the moment but, is this group really okay……


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