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Chapter 185 – Returning Home after the War – M1

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Author’s note:
This is from Mika’s point of view.

We left the bath and returned to our personal room.

“That was great.”
“Really, it felt so good,” Alim commented.

Surely, from my perspective, it had felt great.
…I unintentionally went a bit too far, when I played pranks on him, and also blurted out something strange, but it should be fine.

Still, Alim gazed terribly hard at me today, and I felt him shooting glances at me numerous times.
I wonder, is there something on my face…?

Suddenly, when I looked at the clock, it was already half past 10 in the evening.

We came home at half past 6… and we finished eating dinner at 7 pm. We’ve been in the bath for three and a half hours, haven’t we…?
It’s a wonder we didn’t get dizzy…

“Oh! It’s already this late… Let’s brush our teeth quickly.”

After Alim and I had brushed our teeth, we dove into the bed.

That’s right… when Alim created the house and introduced this room for the first time, I was quite shocked. I wouldn’t have expected him to say something like ‘let’s use a single bed together’. However… maybe it was since I was always embracing Alim tightly when we slept, and maybe because I had urged him on.

Besides, Alim almost never turned back into Ayumu, even in the house. I thought he was being considerate of me. Even he himself said, that he was happy.

Further, at times I doubted whether he really was a man, but I decided to assume, that his skill was simply too effective. It looked like he didn’t think very much about whether he had these homosexual tendencies1… or something, from the beginning.

Still… since we’re a couple, I think it wouldn’t be bad, if he turned into Ayumu a bit more often. Really, he was a late bloomer back then… even so, that is one of Ayumu’s good points!

Moreover, there was this one thing I said to Alim in the bath. I would have expected it to make him black out, if only for a moment. Not him.

Oh, but Alim kissed me of his own volition, I think? Though Karua saw us. For the sake of that late-blooming, half-baked boy, I’ll also hug him tightly today.

Ah, his tender caress. His good smell. When I hug him tightly, he usually hugs me back. This is fine.
Hm… huh? But… it feels like there’s something different today? Something’s out of place.

When I thought that, Alim whispered in my ear.

“In the end… I’ve decided… Sorry, I’ll turn back into Ayumu for a bit.”

Right after he said that, Alim turned into Ayumu… in other words, into a boy.
W-What the… My heart is beating so fast.

This was unusual. Since Ayumu liked to stay as Alim for some reason. The body that had been soft and smooth, just a moment ago, was no longer so.

His shoulder width too… It feels like he’s more muscular than at the time, when I thoroughly looked at him.

During the interval while I thought that, Ayumu turned on the faintly shining electric lamp above the bed. His face came close to mine. If he moved his head slightly, he might kiss me. Additionally, he also seemed taller than he had been previously as Ayumu. His face too; when I looked at it carefully, I felt like I could tell, that he was a boy and not a girl.

I wonder, has he grown up, after all?

Ayumu had gazed at me wordlessly for some time. He was clearly embarrassed to say something.

“A-Ayumu?” I tried calling out to him.

Thereafter, he embraced me with even more strength.

“W-What’s wrong… nh!?”

He kissed me.
A kiss from Ayumu… I wonder, is this the second time2?

But even when it had come from me, it usually ended after an instant. We immediately separated after 1-2 seconds.
That’s why… this time, it’s really long.

Since I was being kissed, I had closed my eyes for a moment, but now I tried to open them cautiously.
Ayumu’s eyes gazed firmly at me. Involuntarily, I avoided those eyes and then tried to meet them once again.

I mean… it’s so long, you know~… I wonder, how long will we stay like this? Oh, maybe until tomorrow morning?
However, I wouldn’t mind that… If it was Ayumu.

…Suddenly, he moved his arm and held his hand behind my head. Then, he pushed my head and my lips met Ayumu’s deeply, in a way that was more like pressing against them.

H-He really doesn’t seem to be his usual self… Why would he do this so suddenly?

After our lips had been locked for several seconds, he wrenched open my mouth with his tongue.

T-This can’t be…

I thought about asking Ayumu, what he was doing and tried to send a message, but it was no use. I could neither think clearly, nor was I able to write a proper message. While I was doing that, Ayumu’s tongue… went inside my mouth.

This… this is… a french kiss… right? It’s also called a tongue kiss.

I’d only seen this in movies and mangas. And currently, this was done by the one I loved. It was an exceptional event. I was happy. I wouldn’t have expected this to come from Ayumu.

Even though I was happy, it was much too sudden, so my body rejected it. I involuntarily closed my eyes. I didn’t dislike it. Despite that, I was trying to push Ayumu back with my hands to keep my composure for now.

If a french kiss is enough… to unsettle me this much… I can’t be critical about Ayumu, you know.

However, Ayumu was strong. He had such a dainty body, so it seemed incredible, that he could summon such power3.

Tear flowed from my eyes. Of course, this wasn’t because I didn’t like it.
I’m happy. I’m so happy… I’m crying…

Maybe it was, because he’d seen my tears…? Ayumu suddenly pulled his head and lips back. He released my body, which he had been embracing, and I could no longer feel his warmth.

“…I’m sorry. You didn’t like it, right? I won’t do it again. I’m really sorry,” he apologized, retreating to the edge of the bed, and curling up there, with his back turned to me.
“Ah… ah…, but…”

Even though I wanted to talk to him properly, maybe because of the shock just now, I couldn’t move my head. I couldn’t speak normally.

W-What should I do?
If I stay like this… that would be it and, from now on, Ayumu would no longer do something like this.

This is bad… He’ll probably leave me behind and go outside somewhere. Then, he won’t return for some time4.

I knew this since we’d been together for so long. Whenever it happened, Ayumu went that far. Truly.

I don’t want that, I absolutely don’t want that. He is important to me. He’s like a part of me. The one I love more than anything else5. I don’t want to be separated from him for even a moment.

I wonder, just why did I push him away? Even though I should’ve been incredibly happy.

If it’s like this, just like this…

As I thought that, I started to cry. If he saw this, Ayumu would get it wrong even worse. He’d probably think, that I hate him.

Ayumu, I beg you, don’t look at me.
Was what I thought, but then I saw Ayumu turn his head in my direction. Finally, he looked apologetically for a moment and left the bed.

“I’m sorry, Mika. For a while, I’ll…”

When I thought he had said it, Ayumu trudged away, trying to go somewhere.

TL notes:
We’re starting volume 8 with a Mika PoV chapter. It’s been one and a half volumes since we had one of those (that is ignoring the April fools’ chapter).

Again, proper communication in advance would (probably) have prevented this.

It’s interesting to see the difference between the two of them in this chapter and the prior one. When Alim tries something, he seems to assume the worst and jumps to conclusions without properly talking to Mika afterwards. When Mika tries something, she’ll do so even if she assumes or knows that it might unsettle Alim. She (likely correctly) assumes that she can talk it out afterwards.



  1. The original here is カマっ気, which is apparently a shortened version of オカマの気 (lit. “gay mind”), which describes someone who looks like a normal man but sometimes acts and speaks like a woman.
  2. She apparently forgot about the kiss in chapter 115.
  3. I guess she forgot about their insanely high stats (her strength (A) is actually higher than his).
  4. Exactly what he thought in chapter 184. Scary, just how well she knows him.
  5. This sentence was more like “The person I really, really, really, really, really, really like” in the original.
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