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Chapter 174 – Phase 2

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Why should I have to listen to a request from someone who’s my enemy?

“I don’t want to, you see. After all… if you demons hadn’t revived Samaeyl, none of this would’ve happened,” I told him, giving voice to my my complaints.
“That’s… true, but…”

I got up, stood on my tiptoes to made myself as tall as I possible could and tried to grab Mephistophales on his collar, but I got tripped up.1 

He’s still in smoke form… Additionally, he’s unexpectedly tall, isn’t he?

“I won’t forgive you, never!” I spat at him2, while bracing my legs to keep my body from tumbling over, due to the momentum that had nowhere to go.

I’d dropped the handkerchief he’d given me, when I tried to grab him. After glancing at it for a moment, Mephistophales picked it up and grumbled something in a tone of voice, that seemed to imply he wasn’t happy about how things had turned out.

“Well, of course it’s come to this…
“That’s right,” I muttered in reply.
“I thought if I gave you a handkerchief to put you in a better mood, it might turn out alright, but… There’s no other way. In that case… looks like I’ll need to use brute force, right? Forced Con-”

When I noticed Mephistophales was about to say it, I deployed the Zone. I chanted a Wind Ball and penetrated the center of the clown’s smoky abdomen.
In the end, wind beats smoke, doesn’t it?

Then I cancelled the Zone.

I might have brought Mika back to life during the Zone, but it looks somewhat like it’ll come to a fight, and I don’t want to put her in harm’s way, so let’s do that later.

“-tra… Ghah~…” Mephistophales crouched on the ground, clutching his stomach.

“Ugh… That didn’t turn out well, did it…?” He commented and took out Droprot and his typical scythe from seemingly out of nowhere.

Come to think of it, I guess I forgot to retrieve the Hero’s Sword and Droprot?

“Now… it’s showtime!”

With fluid dexterity and no hesitation, Mephistophales stabbed Droprot into his own abdomen.
What’s this guy doing? Is he committing seppuku3?

When I hesitated since I didn’t want to act poorly4, the purple-colored haze I’d seen when I sealed Samaeyl, went inside Mephistophales for some reason.

Seriously, what’s going on? I don’t get it. No matter how you look at it, Droprot is doing something, isn’t it? Just what kind of power does it hold?

…That’s right, it should be fine if I use the Zone and take a look at it. I never thought of appraising the very thing I’d created.

-Status → Best
-Quality → Highest
-Value → Legend
-Materials: Mythril, Orichalcum, Enchanted
-Type → Sealing sword

-Attack power +390
-This sword can break other swords.
-The following is optional on the occasion another sword is broken with this sword:
→ You can steal the abilities of that sword.
→ In case something was sealed by the broken sword, that being can be transferred into this sword.
-By stabbing something with this sword, the powers and abilities stolen or transferred to this sword can be shifted to that target.
–This sword currently holds the following abilities:
→ Wounds caused by this sword always heal within 3 seconds.
–This sword currently seals the following beings:
→ The demon god Samaeyl.

What the hell, that’s a cheat weapon. Did I create something like this?

…In other words, Mephistophales is currently transferring the powers of the demon god to himself… did I get that right?
Wah, seriously?

Also, according to what he said previously, that includes the so-called instant death ability, doesn’t it? Samaeyl’s power.
…I should probably destroy Droprot and bring down Mephistophales while I still can, shouldn’t I?

Wait, what if I intentionally let him absorb it and then get both of them at once… Yeah, that’d likely be better. At any rate, he won’t beat me. Still… you know, this kinda feels like the second form of a final boss, doesn’t it?

I released the Zone.

“Muah-ha-ha-ha!! I wonder, do you know the power of this sword~… since you created it…? In fact, after you sealed Samaeyl, I destroyed the Hero’s Sword with this blade, you see~… Do you know what this means?”

The purple-colored haze steadily streamed from the opening Droprot had been stabbed into. Then, finally, Samaeyl’s wings grew from Mephistophales’ back.

…huh, they looked like pretty angel wings, when they were on Miss Karuna’s5 back, but a clown who sprouts wings looks nothing but ominous, right? Definitely.

“Well then, it’s about time~… Muah-ha-ha… In videogame-terms, this would probably be called the second phase, right? Although, you probably don’t know what that means.”

Videogame…? Second phase? How does he know those expressions? Such concepts shouldn’t exist in Anazumu. Did he come from earth like me…?
If that’s the case, it would also explain why the demons arrived at the ridiculous time of 6:06:06 am.

While thoughts like that circulated in my head, Mephistophales looked like he’d finished absorbing the power.

“Kah-ha-ha… Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha! It’s in my hands! Absolute power! If I were to borrow the words of a certain someone… Despair in front of my power and die, hero! Right?”
Yeah, that one, too. This phrase is from Dragonar Story 2, you see.

TL notes:
As Alim previously suspected (in chapter 158), there’s someone on the demon’s side who originates from earth, and apparently it’s Mephistophales. Up until now, he continues playing Alim like a fiddle (though that’s probably more due to Alim using a wait-and-see approach and being really negligent).



  1. Not sure about this one, the original スカッてしまった is either an onomatopoeia that hasn’t made it to Jisho yet or some mixture of English and Japanese.
  2. In the original it said Samaeyl instead of Mephistophales here (and in the next sentence too), but it’s clearly supposed to be Mephistophales.
  3. I used Seppuku here for 切腹, since I assume the expression is well enough known.
  4. Not sure about this one. Maybe he hesitates because he doesn’t want to disturb this (assumed) ritual suicide?
  5. In the original, she’s called アロマ (aroma) this time. These name typos are getting ridiculous…
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