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Chapter 167 – The Hero of the Past

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

About Lucifeyr…

When Herrell Bensahar was still a child in the Mephilad Kingdom, he became the holder of the “Brave” title1… They raised him up as the hero and trained him well.

Usually, heroes were supposed to be immediately separated from their parents, and then live in the Mephilad castle for the rest of their life, but due to him being from a family of knights that had served the country since generations far past, he didn’t feel lonely at all, when he left his parents’ home. Moreover, he had learned sword arts from his father and grandfather, and magic from his mother. When he passed his 18th year in age, his power was equal to that of a normal SS-Ranker. This was largely thanks to “Brave”, but also due to his parents’ excellent teaching methods.

Further, he had a friend from when he was very young. It was Elle, the daughter of the Mephilad Kingdom’s sovereign at that time. Perhaps due to being but 1 year apart in age, those two were on quite good terms. Although, neither of them had any other friends…

With each passing year, they seemed to grow more conscious of each other, and, before they knew it, they had fallen in love. Additionally, with no one opposing it, the king and the others approved of it with open arms.

The two of them were happy. Moreover, at that time, thanks to the demon god not having been revived for 150 years, she probably wouldn’t return during that age, so the people made light of the demons.

It happened on a day, 3 months after Herrell’s 18th birthday, on Elle’s birthday, and, further, the day they planned to hold their marriage ceremony. On such an important day… the demons struck.

They attacked as the ceremony started, when the bride and groom made their entrance. In a mere moment, black clouds enveloped all of the Mephilad Kingdom, and from there, a horde of demons poured down like rain. Giving Herrell and the others no time to resist, the demons instantly carried off Elle.

In light of the demons’ actions in the past, this was very strange. Until that point, the demons had always sent just a select few, when they attacked the people from the Mephilad family. The reason for that was unknown, even now.

But at any rate, Elle had been abducted by the demons. Whenever demons kidnapped humans from Mephilad, it was to serve as the body for the demon god.2 As for the reason, why they became the demon god’s body… no, why they could become it in the first place… It was that the Mephilad royal family, since ancient times, had the unique power to “see the status screen of someone else”… which also gave them the innate characteristic to be able to receive the soul3 of a demon or magic beast. It was unknown, why the Mephilad family held this marvelous power.

On the same day Elle was abducted, Herrell set out to rescue her.

First, unless he had the Hero’s Sword, there was no way for him renew the demon god’s seal. Therefore, he embarked on a search for the sword. The demon god was actually a disembodied soul that was sealed in the Hero’s Sword. That soul would creep out of the sword, once the latter’s strength waned. Afterwards, it would invade the body of someone of the Mephilad lineage and gain a body. It would then take several months to usurp its consciousness.4 

Though, it seemed like that wasn’t the sole reason to target people from the Mephilad family.

Once the powers of the sword of the former hero waned, a new one would appear from seemingly out of nowhere. One theory was, that it was prepared by the gods.

It was somewhere in the Mephilad Kingdom. Herrell, the country’s soldiers and slave soldiers5 searched every nook and cranny of the kingdom. Since he had the “Brave” title, the hero was naturally guided towards the sword, but, at that time, it was of no use, since the sword seemed to be a far distance from Herrell, and he only had 2 weeks to get his hands on it.

When he finally found the Hero’s Sword, everyone had already resigned to the fact, that Elle had likely been killed as the sacrifice. All except for Herrell. Incidentally, it was unknown, if the personality of those possessed lived on for some time. As the hero, he also had the duty to find and seal Samaeyl, but Herrell primarily wanted to save Elle, so he spent the following weeks and months searching for the demon god.

Then, he finally defeated the demon’s 3 commanders and 2 leaders6, and located Samayel. She was in a place called the Hell Forest.

While finding her was a good thing, Samael was already possessing Elle’s body. Herrell was dreadfully dejected. Still, even if his foe appeared in the shape of the one he loved, he truly had to seal her. As for the reason, the demon god held a grudge against humans… and none but the hero had the means to do anything against her.

During his travels, Herrell gained experience points by slaying numerous demons and magic beasts, so he now possessed power equal to an SSS-Ranker. Still, the fight between Samaeyl and the hero went on for a whole day, when, finally, Herrell was able to seal the demon god, still in Elle’s form, by piercing her deeply into the abdomen with the Hero’s Sword. The demon god was sucked into the Hero’s Sword, and only a lifeless corpse remained.

By doing that, he was able to save the people of the Mephilad Kingdom. But he couldn’t save Elle… Herrell cried until he lost his voice. When he cried and cried, all night long, a man looking like a jester appeared, holding a sheet of paper.

“Hey… Don’t you want to bring the one you love back to life~…?”

TL notes:
Lots of new details about the hero, the Hero’s Sword and the demons. At this point it’s probably safe to say, they are a recurring problem. Since there should be 3 people at the same time with the title, I wonder if there’s demons/demon gods in other countries too, or if they have something else requiring a hero.



  1. The original uses スキル (“skill”) instead of 称号 (“title”) which I assume is a typo.
  2. So, was the king just talking crap when he said the demons never kidnapped people before? Or did he mean they never tried to conceal the kidnapping?
  3. That’s an interesting implication. Skills are often described as being “etched into the soul” in light novels, and the status appraisal skill is transferred to descendants. So, they need to be able to receive (at least part of) a soul.
  4. Sounds like using a well-preserved corpse would work much better for the demons. Probably just Mephistophales thinking outside the box.
  5. The original is 軍用奴隷 (“slaves for military use”).
  6. The original here is 幹部 (“management”, “leader”, “upper echelon”) and 大幹部 (the same as 幹部 but with a “large” modifier). Up until now, only 幹部 was used for the demon’s leaders.
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