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Chapter 165 – Versus the Demon of Knowledge

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

West gate:

Parasuna was extremely perplexed, why the demon, she should be meeting for the first time, exposed the secrets she was keeping from the people around her.

“‘How… do you know that?’ …such a question is going through your head, isn’t it? As for why I knew you’re some demi human mongrel1… it was a guess based on the information I had.”
“…!” Parasuna was even more shocked, when he predicted her thoughts. Certainly, there was magic in this world to read someone’s mind. However, she hadn’t seen Beal use any magic of that kind on her.

“What… are you…”
“Me? I’m pretty sure I told you before. I’m the archdemon Beal. Let me just tell you in advance, little beast, that I’m not planning to talk to anyone here, except for you… None but you will be able to hear my voice.”
“That wasn’t what I meant…” Parasuna was about to reply, when, thanks to Alim, the barrier was restored and stretched around the whole perimeter once again.

“Have the barriers been repaired…? I’ll have to destroy them again,” Beal mumbled and was about to walk towards the barrier.

But he was prevented from doing so by a magic circle.

“…Of course you’d stop me, demi human sorceress.”
“Wasn’t that obvious?”
“That’s true, but… Opposing me with magic is meaningless!”

Beal added another magic circle that seemed to weave into the middle of Parasuna’s own, which caused it to wholly fracture.

“It can’t be…!”
“By applying the knowledge I’ve gathered… I can render magic circles ineffective. It’s simple…”

After he had destroyed the magic circle, Beal, contrary to Parasunal expectations, stopped walking.

“…Change of plans. I’ll kill you first, beast girl. Though I was able to easily destroy your magic circle, your magic power is off the charts. SSS-Rankers… of course, you can’t ignore them, can you?”
“If you want to beat me… go ahead and try!” Parasuna created an enormous magic circle with Beal at the center. “What about that? Do you think you can destroy one of this size?”
“This won’t be a problem, I can do this as often as I want!”

Beal shattered it from within, using the same method as before. Still, in the end, Parasuna’s magic power seemed to be higher.

“You’re powerful, aren’t you… You’re neither human nor demon, but a lowly beast… To think you’d handle magic that well…”
“…What, is it funny, that I’m good at magic?”
“No, that wasn’t what I meant. I was merely surprised… By the way, are you done attacking, mongrel? I’m next, then.”

With that, numerous magic circles emerged around Beal. There were 66 of them, they all contained highly powerful magic and they were tuned as to precisely target Parasuna.

“I wonder, will you be able to withstand this?”

When Beal pushed the staff he was holding onto the ground, the magic from all the circles was unleashed. Parasuna merely observed the spells, without trying to evade them.

Everyone immediately understood the reason. Well, the humans knew it from the start. It was only the demons and Beal, who learned about it for the first time. The spells that should have hit her, vanished without a trace.

“This is… interesting. Does magic have no effect on you?”
“That’s right, you see. Magic doesn’t work on me… So, unlike you, I don’t have to go through the trouble to destroy your magic, you see.

Different from their exchange of blows before, Parasuna now felt like she had the upper hand.

She had suspected that her enemy was still hiding something. Because of the knowledge, he had used against her, and the secrets he’d revealed. Now, however, Parasuna had a complete grasp of the situation after his last attack. Regarding magic, she was better than him.

“I see… To think magic would be ineffective on the both of us. After all, things beyond one’s knowledge are the most fascinating ones.”
“Both of us…? That’s where you’re wrong, you see.”

Parasuna opened her legs somewhat widely and held her staff horizontally in both hands. Then, her crimson eyes shone even redder. This was Parasuna’s pose to manifest her true power.

Once she took that posture, enormous magic power immediately overflew from her. Were she to use that magic power poorly, it’d surely cause a lot of damage to her surroundings.

“Now… I’ll create 1000 magic circles for supreme magic, right? Let’s see if you can destroy them all.”
“What did you just say?!”

In accordance with her proclamation, countless magic circles surrounded Beal. As a result of the circles being stacked on top of each other, it was almost impossible to see the demon.

“Come on, prepare yourself!”
“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Fascinating, this is quite fascinating! Until now, I had no idea about the Grand Sorceress of all Creation’s true power! 1000 of them is excessive! I truly miscalculated! However…”

Unseen by anyone, Beal grinned broadly, as if he was planning something.

“I can react to someone else’s magic power by blowing myself up. Those humans here… I shall destroy as many of them as there are magic circles. Well, fire off your magic! I’ll take all you lesser beings with me!” Beal shouted, while his body started to swell up.

Though they didn’t understand the situation in the middle of the magic circles, everyone sensed what Beal was about to do from the magic power overflowing from him.

Of course, Parasuna was also among them. She dispelled her magic circles.

“Good choice, but you probably won’t be able to move for a while after using this much magic power. My intelligence triumphed!”
“…No, you’re wrong, you see.”
“What? …What kind of pose is that?”

Unnoticed, Parasuna had thrown the staff, she’d been holding, to the side, put her hands on the ground, and then taken a posture2, as if she was about to start running at any moment.

“My magic… you see, it was just to intimidate you… This was my real aim. After all, you probably need magic to explode3, don’t you?”

Suddenly, in front of everyone’s eyes, Parasuna vanished. No, she didn’t vanish, those eyes simply couldn’t follow her. Her flying kick was too fast.

Parasuna flew at Beal, as if she was an arrow, and shot through his frog head. She demonstrated a leg strength unthinkable for a normal person.

“Ugh… gah… As expected… of a demi human… Even though I strengthened my body with magic… This leg strength… you must be… of the rabbit tribe… kah… Magnificent…”

Those were Beals final words.

Parasuna gently landed on the ground, as if the impact just now had been never happened.

“Well, a thousand magic circles of the highest magic are a piece of cake, but that was bothersome…”

A girl closed in on Parasuna.

“Erm… Miss Parasuna, I’m surprised you can use martial arts.”
“Well… a long time ago… I learned some.”
“Say, Miss Parasuna, after that kick just now, you see… your skirt flipped over and… for a moment, we could see them, you know?”
“Yes, they’re black.”

TL notes:
Pity, we never learned if there’s any discrimination against demi humans or why they’d be incompatible with magic, even though there’s a system that allows everyone to learn anything as long as they have the SKP and synthesis materials.



  1. Beal uses 貴様, which is a very rude variation of “you”. Generic translations are “you ba̲stard/bi̲tch”, but I figured Beal as the Demon of Knowledge would get a bit more creative in his insults.
  2. The 体制 (“system”, “structure”, “organization”) used in the original here is most likely a typo. Looking at other words with the same pronunciation, 体勢 (“posture”, “stance”) is the most fitting one from context.
  3. Not sure about this one. The literal translation is something like “I wonder if you explode with magic?”. I guess she means he can’t blow himself up if there’s no opponent providing the magic, but I might be wrong.
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