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Chapter 151 – The Day of the Proclamation – 3

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

“Alim, is Mika not here?”

Uruto was the first of them to speak.

“Mika is currently preparing for the war.”
“Right… So, she’ll participate too…”

The three SSS-Rankers all made very gloomy expressions.

Unlike the “Idol-Fanatic – Anazumu Version”-Commentator, and then the prince from some other country, they didn’t seem to be in the mood for jokes. It looked like they believed the war to be quite the serious matter.

“…In the end, I just don’t get it,” Uruto said.

He was here in his Lastman appearance, though he didn’t use that unnatural speech.

“Alim… I know you’re quite strong. Bacchus told me, how you heroically saved the princess, right? However, you’re still so… young. Is there… is there no other way but for you to be the hero?”

At Uruto’s question, that could be interpreted as a lament, I nodded instead of replying with words.


When he started to say that, he was stopped by Gilmars.

“Hey, hey, that’s as far as you go, Uru-… Lastman. Even if you say that, you know, it won’t help, will it?
“…tch… But…”

Gilmars calmed Uruto down by patting him on the shoulder.

“After all, Parasuna and I feel the same,” Gilmars continued. “We’d like nothing more than take Alim’s place as the hero, you know. However, it’s just… there’s no one but her who can do it. …Can you pull out the Hero’s Sword?”1 

He told Uruto his thoughts in an attempt to make him understand at which Uruto wordlessly shook his head in apparent frustration.

“No? In that case, it’d be better to do our jobs and annihilate the demons together, so we won’t be a burden for her.”
“Right… but…” Uruto dropped his shoulders and hung his head.

Naturally, even though Mr. Gilmars and Miss Parasuna are the ones to try to make him understand, they feel the same way as him.

From their perspective, I’m someone who still needs to be protected and they most likely don’t want me to fight the demon god.

“Rather than dwell on that, Lastman, haven’t you been entrusted with some messages?”
“…Oh… right… that’s true. Both Gabaina and Lahand asked me to relay a message to you, Alim… Please listen to them.”

Because of what Gilmars said, Uruto seemed to recall something and started to tell me their messages.

“Gabaina first… He said the following: ‘This morning, I was seriously shocked when I read the newspaper. You’re still very young, Alim, so I’m opposed to you fighting the demon god. I know, I’m weaker than you. Still, you’ll probably end up fighting, won’t you? In that case, all I can tell you are these mere words… Don’t die!'”

So, Gabaina was worried about me, too?
He’ll probably try to defeat as many demons as possible in the war. I hope he doesn’t do anything reckless.

“Lahand said: ‘I asked Mr. Uruto to tell you this message. Gabaina probably gave him one, too. Hey, Alim! You’ll become the hero, will you? …If that’s what you want, it’s fine. We couldn’t stop you if we tried. There’s only one thing you absolutely can’t forget… That lots of people are worried about you, right?'”

Mr. Lahand…
How should I put it, that’s just like him.

A great many people are worried about me, aren’t they…?
Or rather, this seems to be a trend.

Doesn’t this make it sound like I’ll definitely die in my fight with Samaeyl? Even though something like that is completely impossible, right? Even supposing I were to die, Mika would bring me back to life with an Amrita.2 Afterwards, I’m sure she’d cry and be really angry, but…

…Well, there’s no other way, you know.
Everyone probably judged from how I look, that I’ll be defeated in my battle with the demon god.

Until recently, Mika was the only one who knew about my true power, wasn’t she?3

To put it bluntly, my abilities are like cheats. That’s what I think, once again. It’d be better if they didn’t worry about me at all.

“That’s all. Everyone is worried about you, Alim. I ask you again, do you truly want to become the hero?”

Mr. Uruto seriously doesn’t want me fight Samaeyl, does he?
Still, there can only be one answer. I’ve already made my decision, haven’t I?

“Yes! I will do it. After listening to what everyone told me, there somehow seems to be the feeling as if I’m going to die, but… If I don’t do it, who’ll defeat the demon god? It’ll happen tomorrow already, you know?”

The three of them looked at each other.

“I haven’t said anything so far… But we all…” Parasuna started.
“I understand, thank you so much for worrying about me! Still… there is no need, you see,” I bluntly told her.

They probably won’t stop worrying just because I ask them to.


“…Hey~, in the end I believe her, Uruto.” Gilmars admitted. “You don’t look like you think she’s weak, either, you know.”
“Right… that’s true, you know, it’s like Gilmars says, isn’t it?” Parasuna agreed. “Do you remember how bold she acted when she met us for the first time?”

They looked at me.

When I met them for the first time? Oh, when I eavesdropped4 on them!

“Alim listened in on our conversation before she showed herself, you remember? She got the jump on all three of us at the same time. Do you really think such a girl would lose to the demon god?”

Uruto hesitantly shook his head.

He has already yielded a bit, hasn’t he?
One more push.

I took Uruto’s hand and started to talk to him.

“Once more, I’ll be fine! Mr. Uruto, I won’t lose! Absolutely!”

Uruto had no choice but to look at me and hang his head in resignation.

“Yes… it’s my loss. You’re strong, Alim. Still, don’t act recklessly. Please, promise me just this, will you?”
“I promise!”

I made a show of smiling brightly as I agreed.

Since I finished persuading Uruto, let’s go to where the king is.
There’s a lot I want to ask him.

TL notes:
In my opinion, all this “people worrying about Alim” since chapter 142 has really overstayed its welcome. I feel like a talk with the SSS-Rankers, arguably the most powerful fighters in the kingdom, would have been a prime opportunity to discuss tactics and make some last-minute changes. Instead, we got… this.



  1. I guess that confirms even the Battle Master can’t use the Hero’s Sword.
  2. Did they ever test if that resurrection even works or if there are some side-effects?
  3. Well, Tuhl (and most likely the king) knew about it, too, since after the tournament.
  4. Back in chapter 62. The original here is 盗聴 (“wiretap” or “bug”) which seems a weird choice for “eavesdropping”.
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