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Chapter 124 – Mika and Karua – 2

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

We were in the dining hall of the castle.
Mika and Karua looked like they had become good friends, which should make the king happy too.

Well~. That’s great. But isn’t it about time, that you stop squishing my cheeks, you know? Never mind, as long as they don’t look at the king with reproachful eyes, it should be fine.

Dinner was steak cooked from dragon meat! After that, parfait for dessert! Of course, everything was handmade by me.

Parfait didn’t exist in this world and I absolutely wanted Karua to eat it. Mika and I also loved parfait a lot. We ate it very rarely when we had the money.
Just between us, I always asked for the cheapest one…

When I created the parfait, I felt something like artisan’s spirit from the chefs who frantically took notes. However, when they saw the meat of the Golden Rose Queen Dragon, they were fascinated. As if a priceless jewel was in front of their eyes.

Because they were way too interested, I had to share a small part of the meat with them, against my better judgement. At first, the head chef refused resolutely, but I placed it down and pretty much foisted it onto the castle kitchen.

The king entered the dining hall a bit late. Then, the meals were brought to our seats directly.

After the appetizers and soup had been brought in, the main course, Golden Rose Queen Dragon steak, finally arrived.

The king took a bite of the steak I had cooked and shared his impressions with me.

“Hrm, that’s insanely delicious; calling this the best meat I ate in my life wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Just what kind of meat is this? You know, Alim, this has to be of very high quality…”
“It’s from a Golden Rose Queen Dragon, your Majesty, a subspecies of the Rose King Dragon.”

That short answer caused everyone, except for Mika, to stop eating. It was only natural that the minister and the knight commander, who were eating with us, would react this way, but even the king was astonished. The subordinates of the minister and the knight commander were even more dumbfounded.

Their hands were trembling, but they understood it with a single glance. It seemed as if someone had given them an expensive vase and they then smashed it into pieces.

The king was the first to break the silence.

“You know, Alim, do you have any idea just how high-grade Rose King Dragon meat is?”

No, I don’t know it exactly. It tastes really delicious, so I just assumed it’s merely somewhat high quality, but that’s even worse than when I sold Child Dragon meat, right~?
I vaguely remember it being national treasure grade.

“Not… exactly,” I admitted.
“Hrm, one single slice of this steak could most likely buy you a small house, no? That’s from a subspecies, is it not? A dinner made from materials this good would be some kind of national treasure.”

He said it’s something this good. But because it’s this good, I brought it out, didn’t I? It’s meat fully fitting to be presented to a king, and that wasn’t even 10% of the amount I had.

Heh-heh, for now, I should use this occasion to improve my reputation here even more.
For the first time in a while, I’ll show them my angel smile…

“Yes, it’s good, your Majesty! That’s why I wanted to give it to Karua and all of you to eat!”
“Is that so? Heh… So, you decided to treat us to a meal, no?”

Following those words of the king, everyone apart from Mika joined him, rising from their seats and coming to us to express their gratitude. One person even broke into tears.

At a later time, there were rumors about some nonsense guild called the “Association of Alim Adorers”; the king said to be the one who rapidly increased their numbers.

After that, everyone enjoyed the meal, I had cooked, with relish.
Then, I waited for the best part; how would the reaction be, once the Parfait was brought out?

“Oh, did there exist a confectionary this exquisite in this world?” the king pondered. “It’s a delicacy, Alim.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Miss Alim,” the minister asked, “what might be the name of this dish?”
“It’s called ‘Parfait’. The castle’s chefs have already learned the recipe, so if you ask them, I think they should be able to make it.
“Oh ho…”

They’ll be pleased if you ask them. Well, it’s all good. That I’ll offer Miss Manet, the chairwoman of the Medial merchant association, a business proposal in the future, is another story.

After the dinner, the three of us went into the large bath.

Karua’s chest seems to have grown bigger, hasn’t it? Since we’re only between 12 and 13 years old, I’m not sure, but…

We got out of the bath and went to play in Karua’s room, where I found a Sugoroku board.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

As expected, we were able to do more with 3 people. The conversations also got livelier.

By now, do I actually prefer to live as a girl? No, I can’t do that. If I want to be Mika’s fiancé, that’s a no-go.

Once more, we had girl talk until we went to bed. I was really happy. When it was time to sleep, the three of us shared Karua’s bed.

I’m in the middle. Yay, a flower in each hand, it’s like a harem! Oh, but when I look at it from an outside perspective, I’m also a beautiful girl, right? Well, a man entering this place wouldn’t be forgiven.
That’s how it is.


Good morning.

I woke up early; Karua’s face was turned in my direction and she was close enough to hear her breathing in her sleep. If I moved my face a little, our lips might touch.
Mika too. She also had turned her face in my direction and was soundly asleep close to my ear. If I moved my face a little, I might accidentally kiss her.

As I was having these thoughts, the two of them seemed to wake up.

“Mh… I wish you a good morning. Alim, Mika.”
“Good morning~. Alim, Karua”
“Good morning, you both.”

That was good. I wasn’t male, but that was fine. If I were male, I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep yesterday.

“Come on,” Mika proclaimed, “let’s go eat breakfast!”
“Mh, let’s do that, Mika,” Karua affirmed.

We went to the dining hall, still in our pajamas. The breakfast had already been prepared.

“It so tasty~, right?”
“Eating delicious breakfast with friends like this…” Karua mused.

We ate our food happily.
Then, once we finished eating, we went to play again. Today I made full use of my Dark Matter. For example, I took out a lot of bear dolls, crafted from ice.

Come to think of it, it looks like Karua wears the accessory1 I’ve given her every day.
That makes me happy.

I also told her we’d moved house to a place near the castle. At that time, the minister was there, too, and he said, “You know, I’ll definitely come to visit you.”

Oh, come on, Miss Lilo and the others came to squish my cheeks? Stop that!

Lunch was Hamburg steak. The chefs also took notes on this.
The cooking repertoire of this world is rather small, isn’t it?

Dinner was pizza. The chefs, once again, took notes.
You know, they’re quite eager to learn.

Then we went to the bath. Of course, all three of us went in.

Finally, we went back home. This time, the one who saw us off didn’t accompany us.

Obviously. Because we’re able to handle it, right?2

Then, we changed into our pajamas, and I went to sleep with Mika.

Ah, these two days were great, right?



  1. The one from chapter 90.
  2. I guess he’s talking about parting with Karua?
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