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Chapter 121 – Moving

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

We arrived at a plot of land close to the castle. We didn’t have much luggage, which really saved us a lot of effort. The preparations merely took 0.15 seconds.

“Wow… such a big house…” Mika commented about the huge mansion that had been built there already.

According to Mr. Arkin, it wasn’t furnished, and it would be fine to just tear it down.

“Mika, we’ll destroy that mansion now. Ready the Howling Bow Emperor.”
“Huh? If I do something like that, won’t it scare people?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll use illusion magic.”
“Yeah… I understand… I’m a bit worried, but I’ll do it.”

Mika covered the full plot of land in a magic circle, and I used illusion magic to ensure the people close by wouldn’t notice anything. Mika was then able to invoke her magic without any issues.
Under the effects of the illusion magic, the mansion vanished successfully, leaking neither sound nor signs to the outside.

This plot of land would equal the size 5 normal houses would use, wouldn’t it?

“Well, since I’ll create a new house from dark matter next, could you please use illusion magic, Mika?”
“Got it.”

I imagined a huge, splendid mansion, and manufactured it with dark matter creation. Of course, I expanded the interior like a magic room.

Thanks to Mika’s illusion magic, the mansion stood without anyone outside noticing its creation. The interior was also visible on the Tozumaho.

Heh heh… It’s perfect!

“Ta-dah, that’s our love nest!”
“Y-you called it a… love nest! …That’s fine, I guess, but you really overdid it, Alim… That was over too quickly…”

Sure, that didn’t feel deeply moving.
Even so, Mika’s reaction to the words ‘love nest’ was cute.

“Also, the house is way too big, you know… It’s only for the two of us, isn’t it?”
“That’s true… but look, we might get more party members in the future, so… right?”
“But how will we clean it?”

Mika raised a concern, but that’s not something she needed to worry about with this house.

“It has an enchantment that ensures it’s always in the best possible condition, so both dust and rubbish will automatically disappear!”
“You always take things to the extreme, really,” Mika said, but she didn’t look all that unhappy.

Speaking about cleaning, that’s such a bother, isn’t it?

We took a look inside our new home.

The house was pretty much like I imagined. Mika also seemed to like it.

“Hey, isn’t almost everything here made with me in mind?”
“Indeed! That’s to be expected, isn’t it? A comfortable life for you, Mika, also means a comfortable life for me, when I’m a girl.
“Oh, I see. From an outside perspective, we seem like two girls… I’m happy, thank you.”

That’s it. For those very girls, Mika in particular, I designed it, so we could live comfortably.
Well, there’s also a multipurpose space underground I expanded almost to infinity, to be used as some kind of work room for me, but well…

How many toilets were in this house again? There’s also a bath with large and small bathrooms. The layout of the mansion isn’t overly complicated; private rooms for Mika and me, in addition to a room we’ll both use.
Anyway, wouldn’t this be an ultra-cutting-edge house on earth? It can generate solar power and it’s also fully electrified (powered by mana).

After Mika checked most of the rooms, we arrived at the room for both of us, and I waited for her reaction. I created this room so Mika and I could flirt and make out.

“Hey, what is this place used for?”
“It’s a shared room for us, you know?”
“So, what will we do, in here? Is it supposed to be the kitchen?”

Well, this question is only natural, isn’t it? I’ll have to give her a proper explanation, heh heh heh.

“We’ll be in here every day, you know. I connected the door to the entrance of this mansion with an enchantment. If you press the button on this side, you are sent to this room. If you press it one more time, it connects back to the entrance. In short, for the time being, we’ll only use this room. That way it looks like the house is much smaller…”1 

I said it, explanation done.

“I… I see… Too much space would be useless… but still, why is there only one bed?”
“Eh? We don’t need two, right? I made the bed quite big, so… can’t you sleep there… together with me?”

Risky, was this question too blunt?

Mika’s face turned completely red.

“You… you idiot… I-I won’t do something weird, you know!”
“Do… something weird? That’s not it. We’re both only 12 years old. If you hate it that much…”
“You know what, I’m fine with it…”

She OK’d it! Yahoo!
I just need to keep my self-control somehow.

Thus, our house was completed. Without delay, we made fried rice for lunch in the kitchen of the new home.

By the way, Mr. Uruto had been informed about where we would be moving. When Miss Parasuna came to visit earlier, she asked us to inform him about this place.2 
Even though it would have been fine to send them a message, wouldn’t it?

Incidentally, since we made the new mansion, hasn’t it gotten really noisy around here? I don’t need this kind of trouble.

I made full use of my magic and somehow managed it. Mostly illusion magic.
That’s because it’s my perfect dream (?)3 house!

Well then, for the rest of the day… should I create some divine grade weapons?



  1. This part is really confusing and I’m not sure if I understood it correctly. The way I see it is:
    -He created a huge mansion (at least as big as 5 normal houses)
    -Then he made it even bigger on the inside.
    -Then he made (among other rooms) one room that’s about as big as a normal house as a shared room for him and Mika.
    -For now, he plans to use only the shared room, so it doesn’t feel like they live in a mansion that’s way too big for two people?
    -The other rooms are for the time when they get additional party members?
  2. This doesn’t really make sense, since he hadn’t even decided to buy a plot when Parasuna came to visit, unless he told her, that they were planning to move at some point.
  3. The Kanji for “dream” 夢 can also mean “illusion”. This joke is lost in translation.
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