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Chapter 111 – Returning Home Together

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Mika and I rushed to the treasure chest.

“Mika, it’s fine, if you want to open it.”
“Eh, are you sure? Ayu-… Alim?”

Mika opened the golden treasure chest, that was engraved with a beautiful rose painting. From there, various things popped out. First, a large number of S- and SS-Rank magic cores and three skill cards. Then, tons of golden roses. Finally, a splendid staff, studded with golden roses.

I don’t need a magic staff…

For the time being, I tried to appraise everything.

“Golden Rose”
-Status → Best
-Quality → Highest
-Value → Treasure
-Materials: –
-Type → Rose

-A golden rose. Holds a marvelous amount of magic. If the rose is eaten, it will rejuvenate the user by around five years. It never withers. Can be used as material for arms, tools, or medicine.

“Golden Rose Staff – Goldie Rose”
-Status → Best
-Quality → Highest
-Value → Legend
-Materials: Golden Rose Queen Dragon bone, Golden Rose Queen Dragon rose scales, Forest Turtle large carapace tree, Golden Rose, Enchanted
-Type → Magic Staff

-Magic Power +268
-Legendary increase to the effects of Restoration Magic, Enhancement Magic, and Wood-Elemental Magic.
-Massively reduces the owner’s MP consumption.
-Difficult to destroy.
-Constantly maintains the best condition.

I see, now I get, why Mr. Gilmars was so happy about the weapon I made for him. It’s not that great, isn’t it? Despite being a weapon of legend grade. Well certainly, if I didn’t have Item master, I’d probably think that this thing is amazing.

“Say… Is this really legend grade? You know… The weapons you made are much more incredible, aren’t they, Alim?”
“They sure are.”

My thoughts were the same as what Mika had said. Neither of those two things was that great.

Let’s keep our hopes up for the skill cards.

I held them up onto my forehead and looked at their contents. I also displayed them on the Tozumaho, so Mika could see it.

“S-16: Howling Lightburst Rose Garden”1
Causes numerous roses to bloom in the specified area. Those roses can be detonated with any desired timing and at any scale by the user. Further, can eject a designated number of rose petals from the magic circle. It is possible to detonate those petals. This magical explosion is of the fire, wind, earth, wood, and light element.
“S-15: Puppet Wood Pterodactyl Summoning Magic”
Summons a Wood Pterodactyl2 that moves as specified. Its strength is determined by the consumed MP and the user’s W-stat.
“Magic Beast Expert★★★★”3
Gain complete understanding about the weak points, names, living habitats, and all kinds of other information about magic beasts. If you desire knowledge about a magic beast, you are aware of, that information will flow into your head.

It looked like the skill cards were a success. Two of them were S-Rank, and the Magic Beast Expert also seemed to be pretty good.

Well, but the magic in there isn’t that great, is it?4

“Mika, you can take whichever you want. Which one do you prefer?
“Hmm, is it alright, if I take the one with roses?”
“That’s fine. If anything, I’d prefer it, if you took all of them. You still only have few skills, don’t you? What about Magic Beast Expert?”
“No matter how you look at it, they suit you better, Alim, don’t they? I don’t particularly need a Wood Pterodactyl.”
“I see… you’re right. Understood. Then I’ll take these two and the one with roses is for you, alright?”
“Thank you!”

We each acquired the skills. Then the golden roses, treasure chest, staff, and magic cores. We retrieved everything.

“Then, shall we get out of here? We can leave via that shining place over there, you see.”
“Huh? Don’t you want to revive the dragon?”
“I’ll make a magic room that can hold a dragon and revive her there.”
“Gotcha. Let’s leave, then.”


We plunged into the warp hole. A message appeared in my head.

[Cleared Hell Forest’s dungeon “Wrath”.
You obtained the titles “Conqueror of the Dungeon ‘Wrath'”, “Dragon Slayer”, “SS-Rank Magic Beast Subjugator”, “Subspecies Killer”.
You obtained the seal “Forest of the Golden Rose Queen”.
You obtained 3000 STP and SKP as an extra reward for clearing the dungeon.]

“Wow! This seal is amazing!” Mika exclaimed, somewhat excitedly, shortly after we had left the dungeon.
“Huh? What kind of effect does it have?”
“On top of increasing the speed of automatic recovery by ten times, it also grants a bonus to plant cultivation, you see.”

I see, this seal we obtained is pretty good. The other day, I was thinking about using selective breeding to cultivate rice, you know. This is just the right seal. The ten times multiplier to automatic recovery is also attractive.

“Then, Mika, shall we go home?”
“We shall. Oh, when will we be going on our date?”
“Hmm, since we both probably will be busy managing our status screens for a while… maybe in 4 or 5 days from now?”
“Yeah, understood. I’m looking forward to it!”

Thus, we returned to our inn. Today I did the cooking, and we ate sautéed dragon meat. It was of a suitably high quality, with a faint fragrance of roses, and likely was the most delicious meat, I had eaten in this world. Then, I took a bath together with Mika and we went to bed for the day.

From tomorrow on, we’ll probably have a hard time, managing our status screens, but let’s do our best.



  1. The original is 光爆咆の薔薇園 (“rose garden of light explosion roar”). I used “howling” at the start, since it will be synthesized into the “howling bow emperor/god” in later chapters.
  2. In the original, the spell name calls it 木翼竜 (“wood/tree pterodactyl”) while it’s only 木竜 (“wood/tree dragon”) in the description. This is likely a typo. 翼竜 (“pterodactyl”) shows up again in chapter 160 and later ones, so I’m reasonably sure that these things aren’t dragons.
  3. The original is 魔物の博皇 (“Doctor Emperor of Magic Beasts”). I chose “Expert” since it less about ruling them, as an emperor would do, and more about knowing them.
  4. I disagree. Moon Blossom Asura does a great job to show just how deadly and efficient exploding flower petals can be.
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