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Chapter 105 – Mika’s Level-Raising – 5

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

There is no chapter 104, it doesn’t exist. This won’t be the last time this happens, though it’ll be more common that two chapters have the same number.

I went into the dungeon again.

Alright, it looks like the enemies are respawning, as they should.

I effortlessly insta-killed the Wood Golems and went to the next room. Moreover, I defeated the Flesh Eater in a flash, too, followed by the Rose Snake, which, obviously, also died in an instant. I was about to enter the hidden room, once more. However, the wall had also been restored.

I arrived in front of the Forest Turtle. The last time, the system said, we reached legendary level.

But that wasn’t at full speed, you know.

During the few seconds in which the message explained the room, I readied the Magic Absorption Sword (already filled with 2000 MP) like a baseball bat slightly to the right of the forest turtle. Then, I also activated one of the enchantments on my shoes, which put up a barrier and let me move 20 times faster as long as I went in a straight line. In this case, this was apparently 64’000 kilometers per hour.

I feel like I already stopped being human1.

As soon as the message started the mission, I charged at the Forest Turtle with all my might.

Ouch! Most of my body hurts! I’d have died if I hadn’t put up a barrier2.

Since the Forest Turtle had gone to pieces, I drank a Great Potion while waiting for the verdict.

If legend is the highest level, as it is for items, I guess I’ll get another box. To begin with, is there anything higher than that? After all, the standard of things in this world only goes until legendary.

Then, the message announced the result.

[Mission cleared. A treasure chest of «achievement level – divine» will appear.]

Huh? Divine? What’s that? I’ve never heard of that… Wait, let’s try to look it up with the Tozumaho.

…The search results said, that several hundred years ago, a single item, called an “Amrita3“, higher than legend grade had been discovered. At that time, even an appraiser who could check items up to “legend grade”, proved unable to appraise it in detail.

Was it of divine grade?
Oh, right, the treasure chest, I wonder what I’ll get from it.

It looked like a potion. Still, it didn’t look like any kind of potion I’d seen before. It had a color I couldn’t quite make out; transparent, blue, and gold.

Is that actually an Amrita? No, that’s impossible…

I tried to identify it.

“Amrita Potion”
-Status → Best
-Quality → Highest
-Value → Divine
-Materials: Medicinal herb, Divine power
-Type → Potion

-Anyone who drinks this potion or is showered in it, will be returned to their perfect state as a living being, without any defects or illnesses.
-Fully restores MP and HP
-Can revive the dead. If you sprinkle this medicine onto even a single hair of the subject you want to resurrect, it will be fully restored to life.
-Optionally, can be used to restore the body and extend the lifespan as often as desired.
-This medicine does not decay.

Eh, what is this? Wait a moment, just what in the world is this? Bring dead people back to life? Are you kidding? Essentially, this thing can give you perpetual youth and longevity, you know. What the hell is this… I totally got something incredible…

In addition to that, a message flowed into my head.

[The title “Divine Creator” has been promoted to “Holder of the Creator God’s power”.4 From now on, you are able to create divine grade items with Item Master.]

In other words, I’ve gained the ability to create Amritas… is that what it said? Amazing, what should I do with this? Oh right, let’s make divine grade equipment sometime soon. L-let’s do it… Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

A-anyway, I’ll go back to Mika for now.

I opened the door of the magic room and approached her. She was reading a book on the Tozumaho. It looked like she had noticed me.

“Huh, are you already done with your rounds? It’s only 9 o’clock, I haven’t cooked any food yet, and in the first place, it hasn’t even been 10 minutes since you left.”
“No, that’s not why I’m here. Can you take a look at this and try to appraise it?”

Mika identified the Amrita with the Tozumaho. She was quite shocked. So shocked, that she dropped the Tozumaho.

“Eh… what is this?”
“There was this mission, right?”
“Uh… Yeah.”
“It’s from there, I cleared it at full speed, and that’s what I got.
“B-but aren’t the things in this world only up to legend grade?
“Yep, it looks like that’s a new variety.”
“Hah…” Mika sighed deeply. “Then you’ll probably tell me next, that Mr. Item Master is able to make these now, won’t you?”

She is my childhood friend, after all. She has a keen intuition.

“You’re right. How did you know?”
“Well, since it’s you, Ayumu. Because the skill is called Item Master, I thought it could do it, right? I’m tired of being shocked all the time, you know…”

Certainly, it’ll go on forever, if she has such a reaction to this world… no, to me each time, right?

I entrusted the Amrita to her and was about to leave the Magic Room.

“Then, I’ll be off again.”
“P-please wait.”

She ran up to me and grabbed my hand.

“Would you like to go on a date with me, sometime soon?”
“Huh, why now? That’s quite sudden.”
“Well… I’m not sure. I’d like to spend a bit more time with you, Ayumu… that’s what I thought.”
“That’s fine, you know. Shall we go on one?”

I don’t understand how girls think. No, I do, when I turn into Alim, but as a boy, I don’t get it.5 At any rate, I’ll single-mindedly raise our level, to increase our chances for survival in this world.


I was called to lunch by Mika at 12:30 pm.

I managed about 21 rounds, didn’t I?

I also gather a large amount of all kinds of materials.

At first, I aimed for the divine level at the mission. However, all I got from it were heaps of Orichalcum, SSS-Rank magic cores and Amritas. Neither skill- nor magic-cards.

Well, I’d like more Orichalcum and SSS-Rank magic cores, but…

So, when I went for the legend level, the things I got from the key box were surprisingly good. Skill cards, magic cards, S- or SS-Rank magic beast materials (less materials from SS-Ranks), a single SS-Rank magic core, or 10 S-Rank magic cores.

I was in a great mood, when I returned to Mika. She realized I was happy for some reason, so she asked me what I’d accomplished. When I told her, she also beamed in joy.

We’ll check the status screen after we finished eating, alright? Now, let’s fortify ourselves with a meal. Time to eat hamburgers made by Mika.

Thanks for the food~!

TL notes:
As if Legend Potions weren’t insane enough already, Alim has now the means to life forever and revive anyone he wants with (apparently) no limitations. And this is before we even get to him now being able to create divine grade items, which will likely break the world even more than his OP legend grade ones did.



  1. Yes, you have, considering the fastest airplane in normal atmosphere only reached about 3500 km/h (ignoring those who flew at super high altitudes with almost no air-friction).
  2. The g-forces from that acceleration alone would be fatal. Can a barrier counteract inertia in Anazumu? Well, seeing he is still alive, it probably can.
  3. The original is アムリタ (amurita). Amrita is a word from Sanskrit meaning “immortality” and is often referred to as an elixir.
  4. In the original, the two titles are 神の創造 (“creation of god”) and 創造神の力を持ちし者 (“person holding the power of the creation god”). The first title was previously translated as “Creation God” in chapter 49. I changed it to “Divine Creator” since “Creation of God” doesn’t make sense (while Alim’s body was likely created by Jizou, a god, he got that title with Item Master, not when he was reincarnated) and I wanted to differentiate it enough from the new title.
  5. According to this, Alim’s way of thinking really changes depending on his gender. Sadly, the narration doesn’t really do a good job of pointing this out, apart from Alim taking notice of good-looking men.
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