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Chapter 95 – Together

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

It looked like everyone had been waiting in the lobby, while we were talking. Currently, Mika was walking next to me.

“Oh, Alim, Mika. What were you talking about?” Lahand noticed us and called out.
“The truth is… we are childhood friends,” I replied, having calmed down sufficiently.

Everyone present showed expressions of surprise… Well, except for Gabaina… At the same time, they also looked happy. Gabaina was the first to speak.

“As I thought. I was wondering, if you had some close relationship.”
“Huh? Gabaina, why did you think so~?” Lahand questioned him.
“It was when I was working with Alim. She muttered the name ‘Mika’ several times in her sleep. Additionally, they both have amnesia, right? I thought she was her sister, or something. I had no idea she was her childhood friend.”

Is that so? So, I didn’t just sleep talk in front of Karua, but also with Gabaina. He probably didn’t mention it because he was worried. This man.

“T-then, both of you got back your memories, right?” Margo exclaimed, in apparent joy.
“No… My memories didn’t come back.”
“Hm? What do you mean?”

Gogg’s question was understandable.

“I remember being her childhood friend, but I didn’t completely regain my memory…” Mika explained.
“I see…”

When she said that, everyone looked disappointed. Meanwhile, Lahand asked Mika a question.

“Mika, what are you going to do now? I bet you want to stay with your childhood friend Alim, right?”
“Yes! I will!”
“I see,” Lahand said, while gently patting her head. “You guys, you get along pretty well, don’t you?” He told both Mika and me. “In the end, you were able to meet again!”
“Yes! …Thank you very much, Mr. Lahand… for all your help.”
“Thank you from me too, for helping Mika, Mr. Lahand.”
“Nah, it’s all good,” he told us with a happy smile.

Gabaina was getting ready to go home.

“I’m sorry. I have an errand to run now. Alim, I’m glad that you found your childhood friend.”
“See you.”

After he said that, he patted the both of us on our heads, told Lahand not to be so reckless again, gave Uruto some words of apology for barging in suddenly, and then went home. Lahand’s group started gathering up their luggage, too, likely because Gabaina had left.

“Then, we’re gonna go, too. Gogg, Margo. We shouldn’t bother the two of them, you know.”
“Yep! That’s true!” Margo agreed. “Mika, see you again!”
“Well, we’ll probably meet again, right?”
“Yes! Sometime soon.”
“Thank you so much for your help!” Mika thanked them, once more.
“See ya. And thanks for the medicine, Alim.”

Lahand and the others patted our heads, thanked Uruto, and then went home. The only ones left here were Uruto and us.

“Mr. Uruto, about the inn…” I said to him.
“Yeah? If you want to use the room together, you don’t need to pay extra, you know? You’re both girls, so it’s no problem, right?”
“T-thank you very much.”

Did he guess it from those words? My apartment is quite large and has two rooms. Additionally, since I haven’t put anything in there, I probably don’t have to worry about space.

“Uhm… Mr. Uruto. Thank you very much,” Mika thanked him.
“Oh, it’s fine, you know. Anyway, it’s good for Alim. She always seemed somewhat lonely.”
“Eh? Is that so?” I asked.
“Yeah, it’s true. Heh-heh, aren’t you underestimating me a bit too much?”
“No, you’re an SSS-Ranker, so I don’t think I’m making light of you.”

At any rate, he brought us to our room.

“Then, Mika, this is the room. I’ll go back to work. See you,” he said, and then went back to the lobby.

“Wow… such a big room~…”
“Well? How do you want to set up the room, Mika? Should we divide it?”
“No! It’s fine how it is now, Ayumu. Look, you’re probably a girl as Alim, right? It’s enough if you just put another bed in here, you see!”

Uhm, it feels like she said the ‘girl’ part a bit strongly, didn’t she?

“T-that’s right. I’m a girl, but…”
“Yep, you’re a girl, aren’t you?”
“So, we can go into the bath together.”
“How lewd.”
“I don’t plan to do something like that1, so it should be fine.”
“Is that so? Have you completely turned into a girl, so you even think like one? Ayumu~?”

Uh… She’s adorable! She shouldn’t look at me with those round eyes! Both in Japan and here, she’s just too cute. Still, I better tell her I can turn into a man.

“Well, can you watch me for a moment?”
“Huh? What?”

I turned back into a man in front of her eyes. My face didn’t change, but my body clearly became that of a man. Especially my height and shoulder width changed.

“Eh, you suddenly grew taller!?”
“Yeah, I can turn back into a man whenever I want.”
“Is that so?”
“Would you like to confirm it?”

It’s been a long time, since someone called me an idiot, you know. How nostalgic…

“I see, then my dream can still come true, right?” she mused.
“Hm? Becoming the owner of a café?
“No, not that one? The other one, right?”

Her weird squirming is so adorable.

“It’s my dream from a long time ago. To… to become your wife… Ayu… mu~…” she told me.
“Oh… I see.”
Her face was bright red.

…Huh, could it be, that we both were in love with each other since back then? I should have confessed earlier.

“Still, I’ll stay as Alim for some more time, you see? It’s fun, being something like an idol. Let’s get married once we’re adults, alright?”
“Idiot! You’re such an idiot, Ayumu! Ugh!”

Ah, she turned away.

TL notes:
Not 100% sure about the speakers at the part where Lahand and his kids say goodbye.



  1. I think the original is more along the lines of the typical “I haven’t awoken to those feelings…” you often see in adult content.
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