Chapter 5

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2005 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1330 words

I didn’t lie, I have really seen this item before, but that was several years ago.

“Is that so… since even a maid knows about this item, I guess they’re pretty common in this otherworld huh.”

She put the square object back into her pocket and sat on the sofa with disappointment.

“Nonono, that’s not it. It is actually a very uncommon item, I was just lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it,” I hastily explained.

“When I arrived here, I was thinking of exchanging my cell phone for this world’s currency, but I found that it wasn’t necessary since I’ve come to a medieval European world.”
“What do you mean by European…?”

I expressed my lack of understanding. I guess communication could pose a problem due to the differences in culture? That’s a problem I needed to overcome.

“That means I am very lucky. I said I wanted a villa and your queen granted this mansion to me. I said I wanted a silver-haired beauty and you appeared before me.”
“That’s because you are the hero who we placed our hopes on. May I be presumptuous enough to ask, why did you specifically ask for a silver-haired girl?”
“I was deliberately trying to make things difficult for her.”

I looked at her face from the side, and she actually stuck out her tongue in a playful way.

“I didn’t expect she’d really be able to find one. Are girls with white hair common in this world?”
“You shouldn’t underestimate the tracking ability of a nation,” I answered with a smile, but I was thinking something else entirely, ‘It is true that my hair color is very uncommon. Tristina is lucky to be acquainted with me, otherwise, she’d really went and find a beautiful girl to dye her hair white.’

Following that, she turned her gaze to me. Since she looked so serious, I started to feel nervous.

“You are my maid? Then can I give you orders?”

Hearing the word ‘orders’, I felt slightly discomforted, but I replied promptly, “Of course… you can.”

Since I was typically refined in manners, I wonder if it would be too out of place to play the role of a maid?

“Then can you make some meal for me?” she continued softly, “In fact, I’ve only had grapes these past few days.”


Oh right, I remembered.
There were a few vineyards in the manor for making grape wine.

However, one wouldn’t be able to fill their stomach just from eating grapes alone. I was overflowing with a sympathetic heart just from the thought of the hero starving herself by dismissing the servants to hide her identity.

“Very well, I shall go prepare some food for you in the kitchen.”

I accepted the task, it was fortunate that I know how to cook a little. Otherwise, I’d fail at the job of a maid. Seems that Tristina had considered everything properly before picking for the job?

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“I’ll go too.”

The hero quickly jumped up from the sofa.

“I want to eat something that didn’t exist in my world.”

I didn’t know about the culinary culture of the otherworld, so having her in the kitchen selecting the ingredients personally might be a good idea. I just hope I would be able to do a good job.

Due to the sheer size of the building, it took no less than ten minutes of walking to reach the kitchen. After I pushed the kitchen door open, all sorts of food ingredients appeared before us. This was to be expected of a royal kitchen.

Then she asked me with a frown, “How did you find the kitchen? I spent two whole days and I still couldn’t find it.”

“That’s because… I interned for a period of time at this place before.”

I told a lie, I couldn’t really tell her that the queen had frequently invited me here to play right?

That said, I felt ashamed of myself. Since when have I become such a liar? Or have I always been a liar?

In order to hide the subtle discomfort from lying, I pointed at the surroundings to change the subject— “Over there are where the vegetables and cereals are kept. The meat are stored in the icebox underneath. Oh right, do you like fish? We can go fishing in the lake outside.”

“Are there salmon?”
“Huh……? What’s that?”

“It’s fine if you don’t know, then just cook something that can be served immediately,” she said.
“Alright,” I pointed at the spherical pumpkin, “This one, does it exist in your world?”

“It’s available all over the world. They’d even hollow out the insides and make it into a lantern during a festival.”
“……Okay then.”

I’m starting to get anxious, just what is it that doesn’t exist in her world?
Just at this time, she carried a bowl of green beans with weird shapes over and asked, “what’s this?”

“Goblin Peas,” I answered, but I didn’t expect her eyes to start glittering.
“This is it!”

“Eh? You don’t have these in your world?” I received the bowl from her.
“Nope, regardless of goblins or goblin peas, they don’t exist.”

This was such a common item and yet it didn’t exist in her world, it was quite unbelievable.

Then she asked me, “What’re the goblins like in your world? Do they kill and loot without remorse? Or maybe even attack a village to capture young girls as their breeding tools?”

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“That’s… It is very safe in the capital of the Holy Flame Kingdom. Perhaps you might find some in a place further away from the capital…”

I blushed when she mentioned about breeding tools and what not…

In fact, I’ve heard of what she’d just asked from a sister of mine. She said that the goblins were in heat all year round and it was a common occurrence for girls in remote regions to be kidnapped. They gave the adventurers quite a headache.

But even if I got caught by the goblins, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to me since I’m a guy.

The goblins are guilty, but the goblin peas are innocent. They are only labeled as such because they looked a little ugly.

I activated the fire crystal to light up the stove, then I poured some olive oil into the frying pan. After it preheated, I poured the goblin peas into the pan.

“There’s no need to put too much oil, the goblins peas will excrete oil by itself after exposure to high temperature. They give off a sweet smell after frying.”

The hero stood beside me and watched me cook from beginning to end.
Since I wasn’t really a great chef or anything, I was a little embarrassed.

Sometime later——

In the royal dining hall, at one end of the long table that could easily sit fifty people, I poured a cup of grape wine for her.

Other than the fried goblin peas, I have also prepared some bread and cheese for her.
How’s that? Aren’t I as competent as a real maid?

Following that, she suddenly dropped this on me— “Don’t just stand there, why don’t you sit down and eat together?”

Say what? I was stunned momentarily and couldn’t respond.

“Just sit, you don’t need to worry about etiquette with social status. This is an order.”

If I am really a maid, would I think this master to be amiable and approachable?

I saw her picking up a goblin pea with a fork and put it in her mouth.

“Mmm! Not bad, it tastes like cashew nuts, how fascinating. Oh right, come and have a taste of what you’ve cooked?” while talking, she set aside half of the peas on my plate.

I silently watched her eat the stuff I’ve cooked with my own hands and felt perfectly satisfied.
Cooking for others, watching them clear their plates and sing my praises, brings me the greatest joy!

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