Chapter 4

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1676 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1030 words

Could it be that the otherworld wasn’t a man???
Why was it that Tristina never mentioned this to me?

003From the look of it, I had messed up my first meeting with the otherworlder.
Me, the Saintess of the Holy Light Church.
Her, the hero who crossed over from another dimension.

Our first encountered was me accidentally sneaking a quick look at her naked body. Just how low had I fallen?
I vacated from the door and stood aside restlessly. Soon after, the bathroom door opened and she came out. She was already dressed in the unique costume of the other dimension. The blue contrasted with the white and it seemed to be quite the loose fit.

Hm—? To the left side of the zipper, near the chest area, there was an embroidered design as well as four small letters—

True… Light… Middle… School?

A certain organization code of the other dimension?

After a close observation, she looked like a pretty boy with her short hair. In addition to her gender-neutral clothes, it’s no wonder Tristina would mistake her for a guy.

Tristina couldn’t even tell that I am a guy in women’s clothing, so it’s understandable if she couldn’t tell she’s a girl in men’s clothing!

And back to the current situation— it was really awkward as we looked at each other.

“Sorry for not knocking before I enter,” I said.
“Come with me,” she uttered that line with a calm demeanor.

I silently followed her back and returned to the living room. Would this place where I pictured our first meeting be turned into a lecture hall?

I sat down on the sofa with a pomf, and I remained standing.

“You… already know.”
“Don’t worry, I will help you keep this secret!”

I hurriedly said to her.
With all my sincerity.

“Eh? You……”
She looked surprised, but I continued to strike while the iron was hot, “Although I have no idea why you are disguising yourself as a guy, but don’t worry, I understand your situation.”
“H- huh? What do you mean…” She was a little stupified by my social skills.

“I really can understand you,” I said with sincerity. She’s just like me.

“You don’t need to tell me the reason, I will help you keep this a secret……!”
“Are you… sent here by the queen?” She asked me.

As expected, she wouldn’t trust me that easily huh.

“Since I was chosen to be your maid, it is only natural that I will be serving you. Moreover, you are the hero from the prophecy, I am still hoping that you will defeat the Demon King. That’s why I should stand on your side instead, shouldn’t I?”

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In fact, I wasn’t really bothered that she was a girl. Since the saintess— in other words, me, proclaimed by His Holiness was a boy, it wasn’t anything strange for the hero from the prophecy to be a girl in men’s clothing.

Let’s just treat it as the joke of His Holiness…

Seeing that she’s still looking at me in doubt, I placed my hands on my chest and said with a sincere smile, “Please believe me. I will never lie in the name of His Holiness.”

“His Holiness…? As expected of another world to have some strange religion,” she muttered to herself.

“It’s not some strange religion, His Holiness is real,” I was deadly serious when I said that. As the saintess, I should naturally support my own belief.

“Sorry, I don’t mean any offense. Actually, my world also has many religions, but the largest one is still—”

I saw her taking out a square object from her pocket.

“Seems like the battery is already empty, now it’s just scrap metal.”

Then she remained silent
Shouldn’t she at least give some hint as to whether she trusted me or not? She’s really… as enigmatic as they say…

Shortly after, she moved her sight to me.

“You said His Holiness is real, then do you have magic in this world?”
I nodded, “Yes, there is.”
“For real?”

For a moment, I thought I saw glitters in her eyes.

“Yup, magic and sorcerer are common existence in this world.”
“Then… can you use magic?”

I smiled apologetically, “Sorry, I only know a few miracles of His Holiness.”
“That’s fine as well, can you show it to me?”

I suppose satisfying the hero’s curiosity was also a part of my job? I agreed enthusiastically.

“Can I borrow the item in your hand?” I asked politely.
“You want the phone?”

She was confused, but she still handed the item to me.
I took the cubic object in my hand and lightly tapped it to inject some holy magic into it.

Then with a piece of sweet-sounding music, its surface turned from black to white, and a bitten apple appeared on the surface.

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“It can boot up the phone???”

She jumped up from the sofa in surprise. I passed the item back to her.

“You can recharge batteries?” She looked at the item in her hand with an incredulous expression. Then she looked at me and asked, “What’s your name?”


I originally wanted to use an alias to prevent her from discovering that I wasn’t some maid but a saintess instead. However, I accidentally blurted out my real name.

“Then, Charlotte, can you get a little closer?”

Without waiting for me to react, she already moved beside me. With our shoulders touching each other, she raised the item in her hand at 45 degrees—

“Let’s take a selfie as commemoration!”

When she pressed on the object, the image of a white-haired maid and a black-haired girl had been recorded by that item.

“It looks so clear.”
“Eh? That’s not the reaction I was expecting, aren’t you a bit too calm?”

She lowered her arm and looked at me with a frown.
It seemed that she was disappointed that I wasn’t surprised by this item that could record images?

I guess she must have wanted to surprise me with an item I hadn’t seen before in our first meeting?
I said to her with a smile, “That’s because I’ve seen a similar item once.”


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