Chapter 3

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1984 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1368 words

“Lil Charlie, don’t you look mighty nervous? Your face is so red.”

——Tristina got into the carriage shortly after me and took a seat right beside me. She may not look like it from her cultured and refined style of speaking, but her modes switched even quicker than flipping the pages of a book. The knights and the coachman would never even imagine that she was groping me earlier!

“That’s because I’m still not used to wearing the maid costume,” I spoke weakly.

“Then get used to it quickly, because you look so cute in it,” Tristina said with a smile.


I didn’t answer due to shame. My eyes were fixed on the side ribbons of the over-knee socks. I will definitely change into a more conservative pantyhose later!

I normally wore white church dresses that symbolized divinity and purity, and it was naturally paired with a white pantyhose. This time, I can finally try a black one, I hear it’ll make your legs look thinner!

Uh— wait a moment.

Just what the heck was I thinking! Fifteen years of wearing women’s clothing had already been deeply ingrained in me. Even if I knew now that I am a boy, it feels like I still won’t be able to get rid of this habit.

The carriage moved leisurely and quickly left my house behind.

As the saintess, why am I living outside of the church, you ask? That was all arranged by the archbishop. Only now have I finally understood why the archbishop was so insistent on making me live alone. If I stayed at the church, wouldn’t my secret be easily exposed?

He was even using “things I must not do” to brainwash me since childhood, and they are— the saintess is an embodiment of divinity and purity, you must not reveal your body to anyone under any circumstance, any time, you understand?
Now that I thought about it, that was all a scheme.

At that time, I even answered, “Not to mention a saintess, it’s not like a normal girl would show their body to other people either right?”

In reality, that line about a normal girl doesn’t really apply to me.
In other words, it was all thanks to the late archbishop’s instructions that I was able to keep my secret for fifteen years!
And also the fact that I actually look like a girl, I suppose?

At this time, Tristina said to me, “In order to respect the otherworlder’s request, and to prevent the Demon King from finding out his existence, I won’t be visiting the manor much. However, I wish you can stay in touch with me. You can use the birds in the manor to send your message.

I nodded, but a serious problem suddenly crossed my mind— The otherworlder has dismissed all the servants in the manor, then what about the horse and the vineyards? Who would tend to them?

“Also, Charlie, you don’t need to maintain the other facilities in the manor, all you need to do is to take good care of the otherworlder.”

“But there’s no way I can just stand by and pay no heed…”

I answered with a smile, she was a good sister indeed to have thought of my wellbeing. I felt all the more ashamed that I had been deceiving her all this time.

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Therefore, I will treat this mission as part of my atonement—!
That way, I will feel a little more at ease.
Meanwhile, the carriage passed through the bustling street and made way towards the Red Maple Manor on the outskirts of the city.

Although this wasn’t the first time I had rode along with the Queen on the imperial carriage, this time I was really nervous. Was it because I was wearing a maid costume? Uwaaa… I wished the carriage could reach a more desolate place sooner.

Moreover, I have to meet the hero from the prophecy in this kind of outfit! I totally haven’t prepared myself mentally! I don’t even know what should I be saying first.

Hello, I am the maid you’ve requested — like that?
When I thought about that awkward situation, I would rather the carriage drive a little bit slower.

Speaking of the otherworlder, I let my imagination roam for a while, just what kind of person is he?

Tristina said that he is enigmatic, but how so? Is it because his request is weird, so he was branded as such?

But from how I see it, the otherworlder is someone who plans far ahead. He asked for a villa not because he wants to live in pleasure but to hide among the masses. He dismissed the servants for the same reason. After all, gossips tend to travel faster with more people around. A moment of inattentive and information about him would spread like wildfire.1

Above all, if that person knew the otherworlder from the prophecy had appeared, he would immediately come here to kill him.

It’s hard to imagine isn’t it, for him to be able to see this far ahead. Compared to those hot-blooded idiots, this kind of hero looks more respectable for me.

I was thinking of such things throughout the journey. Due to the shame of wearing the maid costume, I was too embarrassed to look out the window and stared at my thighs. From time to time, I would have a small talk with Tristina. Roughly about an hour later, the carriage came to a stop and a knight opened the door.

“Your Majesty the Queen, Lady Saintess, we’ve arrived at the Red Maple Manor.”

I got down from the carriage and a beautiful lawn spread out before me. The pure white manor was plainly in view.

I looked ahead with a calm gaze, silently praying that the day I left this kingdom would be the day that the people would no longer live in fear of that person.

After saying my farewells with Tristina, I walked past the lawn over to the manor.


“I’m coming in…”

I said softly and pushed the door open. The living room was absolutely empty, it seemed that the otherworlder was not here.

And the first meeting I envisioned did not come true.
He’s not in the living room, but it’s still too early to be sleeping, so where could he have gone?

I looked at the long and spacious corridor, then at the numerous doors. The manor is so big, just where should I find him? If he’s not in the manor, then I will find him in the vineyard, the horse shack, and even the wine cellar!

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Therefore, I keep repeating, “Excuse me,” while I opened one door after another, but all of them were empty.

Could it be that he’s really not in the manor?
With the mentality to attempt one last try, I pushed the door open, but I was hit in the face by a white mist.

Hm? This is a bathroom?
In the next second, I saw someone.
Short black hair, a delicate and pretty face, as well as her naked body. I have seen them all.
002 1

A g- girl?!

The archbishop had told me the differences between a boy and a girl on his deathbed. Therefore, I am one hundred percent sure that she is a girl!

I looked at her in a daze, and she also looked back at me in the same state. Time seemed to have paused for a few seconds.

“I…… apologize, I came in without knocking the door, please excuse me—”

I bowed and silently retreated out of the bathroom. I also made sure to close the door.


I leaned against the door with my heart thumping like crazy.
I actually saw a naked girl!
But she should have thought I was a girl, she wouldn’t get angry right????

Butbutbut— I am obviously a perverted crossdresser, and yet I am using this kind of excuse to get away from my crime, how absolutely shameless!

Wait— waitwaitwait!

I took a deep breath.
Didn’t they say all the servants had been dismissed by the otherworlder???
Then who was that girl just now?
One possibility came to mind, don’t tell me—


  1. Let’s hope you’re right then

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