Chapter 2

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1801 characters
Translator: Raltzero English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1296 words
Editor(s): Silva

I’m sorry that I’m a boy.
I’m sorry for deceiving the numerous believers.
I’m truly sorry! Not only did I deceive Tristina, I also deceived all the sisters!

I don’t dare imagine what sort of treatment would I receive from the believers should my identity be exposed. What kind of expression would my sisters use when they look at me?

I’m obviously a man, yet I disguised myself as a girl to mingle with them. Even if I put my hands on my head and crouch down to protect myself, wouldn’t I still get scolded and branded an abnormal pervert?

Uaaah, me, a pervert?

Even if I explained that I only knew of this three months ago, would anybody believe me?
But I’m speaking the truth!

Three months ago, the Archbishop came to speak to me before he passed away and told me——from the heavens above, His Holiness descended with a Saintess in tow, who was actually a boy, and the Church nurtured me until present day without even a bat of an eyelid!?

I couldn’t believe it at first either——how is that possible? Aren’t I a girl?
——“That’s because you were raised as a girl.”

Afterward, while on his deathbed, he told me how to distinguish the difference between boys and girls.
Then I broke down and cried for quite a long time for this reason.

The upper and lower echelons in the Church, and even Tristina thought that I was crying for the passing of the Archbishop.
Of course this was part of the reason, but……waaaah~~! I still care more about my real gender!
How could the Saintess be a boy!!

It’s one of the strangest stories you’ll hear of since the dawn of time.
To this day, I still haven’t forgotten the Archbishop’s unhesitating words as he pointed at me——“The prophecy of His Holiness is never wrong, you are the Saintess.”

Furthermore, his last words to me was to instruct me that I had to keep this a secret. Otherwise, once it was exposed, it wouldn’t just be the image of the Saintess collapsing but also the credibility of the Church collapsing along with it.

At the very least, it would be destruction equivalent to a world-class disaster.
That’s how terrifying the secret leaking out is.

Three months have passed and I still don’t know how to explain this to my sisters.
Due to this feeling of guilt for deceiving Tristina, I accepted the proposal to disguise myself as a maid to monitor the otherworlder.
It’s highly unlikely that anybody will find out that I’ve disguised myself as a maid since I have 15 years of experience dressing as a woman, right?

The more I speak, the more I feel ashamed.
It feels like I’m walking further and further down the road of a pervert……

Currently, I’m hiding in my bedroom. I’ve already changed into the maid uniform that Tristina prepared for me.
It’s still women’s clothes. I don’t feel anything when I’m wearing white church dresses because I’m used to it, but now that I’m wearing a maid’s uniform, I feel a sense of shame……
I looked into the mirror at my own embarrassing appearance.

Slim figure, beautiful white hair draped loosely on the shoulders, and a beautiful face that I was self-confident of that wouldn’t lose to Tristina’s. In short, this was undoubtedly a girl!
I barely gave myself a glance before I turned around feeling a great deal of shame.

As expected, I still can’t quite adapt to this. Even the me from three months ago would feel embarrassed wearing a maid uniform for the first time, right? Besides, I now know that I’m actually a boy……

I have a bit of stage fright. I don’t know if I’ll be able to complete my mission……

——At this moment, Tristina knocked on the door: “Charlie, can I come in?” 001

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I feel like that bird that gets easily startled by the mere twang of a bow. It’s plain as day that I’ve already changed clothes, but I was still frightened due to my guilty conscience.

I told myself in my heart, Calm down! Calm down! Even if I’m in front of Tristina, I still can’t reveal myself!

I pretended that nothing happened and opened the room door. Tristina rushed in and hugged me! Her graceful image was thrown to the high heavens.

I was so nervous when she hugged me……
In the past, I wouldn’t feel anything no matter how intimate we got, but nowadays I know the difference between males and females……

“Charlie, that maid uniform is so cute on you. Squee.”
“N-no way……”

I blushed in shame. Only I knew the impact behind those words of hers, it was like she was saying——you’re so cute even though you’re a boy wearing a maid uniform!

Then she used her hands and felt me all over until she arrived at my chest. I blushed an even deeper shade of red and thought of moving away but didn’t dare do so.

“But this place seems to be……a bit flat?”
“Your Majesty, please don’t……I’ll be troubled.” I weakly spoke with fading anger, feeling sincerely helpless. If my chest really grew, then it would be a miracle from His Holiness himself.

This was what I spoke of just a moment ago, this——was her private side that nobody knew about. Who could have imagined that the Queen of a country would be doing something so shameful like groping a chest?

“Still haven’t matured?”
“I just turned 15……! T- this is normal!”

These words came out of my mouth as I glanced at her undulating chest. Since I knew I was a boy, I was fully aware of the fact that I had lost on the starting line.

“Do you need bra pads?”
“Definitely not——!”

Heavens, spare me from bra pads and the likes.
Besides, my mission as the Saintess is to guide the Hero onto the right path and that doesn’t require some certain things to add momentum.

“Don’t worry, I pledge that I’ll complete the mission.”
Despite my embarrassment, I gave her a resolute pledge.

“I’m sorry for burdening you, my good little sister.”
She hugged me and gave me a light kiss on my cheek.

I don’t dare imagine what she would do if she found out that I wasn’t a little sister, but rather a cross-dressing pervert. Would she turn her back on me?

“If, and I’m saying if, your personal safety is in danger, it’s fine to immediately cease the mission, alright?”

She admonished me, who was wearing the maid uniform, as she looked at me up and down. Could it be that it isn’t safe for me to dress up like this……?

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But there’s no need for her to worry because I’m a boy!
Even if I run into some danger, wouldn’t I be able to cause the opponent to become heartbroken and give up once I reveal my identity as a boy?

But if this happens, my true status will be exposed, so it’s still better to avoid this from occurring.
I warned myself inwardly to properly hide myself! Absolutely never reveal anything!

Then, I accompanied Tristina out of the bedroom and into the living room——past the knights stationed by the sides of the entrance, I was the focus of numerous people as we walked towards the carriage……

Even though I’m used to being the center of attention as the Saintess, it’s still my first time being seen in a maid uniform!
Especially since I now know that I’m a boy, I feel even more ashamed……
With great difficulty, I endured this part of the journey. I escaped into the carriage and only when I was inside did I let out a breath of relief.


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