Chapter 1

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2233 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1459 words
Editor(s): Fire

On a fine sunny day, the imperial carriage stopped right in front of my house. It was heavily guarded by knights.

And right now, the owner of the imperial carriage was sitting across me while casually sipping some tea.

She lifted the teacup and gracefully placed it near her lips.

“Indeed, the tea brewed by Charlotte is simply the best.”

I smiled bashfully, but I kept thinking that maybe that was just lip service. There’s no way the tea brewed by me could reach the level of the imperial palace. Even the tea leaves were given to me by her, saying that it was some high-quality black tea gifted to her by a cabinet minister a few days ago. How could the same tea leaves taste any different if it was brewed by me?

Oh, I forgot to introduce her. The girl with a red dress and blond hair before me was called Tristina. She’s the most graceful and dignified person I’ve ever met in my fifteen years, she’s just like the living example of the court etiquette book.

Of course, that was only in the public setting…

We had known each other since she was still the princess. Right… maybe we could be counted as childhood friends? However, she’s a few years older than me, and now she’s already the queen, the highest authority in this Holy Flame Kingdom.

Oh, that’s right. During her coronation, it was me who put on that crown on her.

But even if she looked like this, she had a secret side that’s hidden away from the public’s eyes.

“I am relieved that you’ve finally broken free from the death of the archbishop. You’ve been crying for quite a while recently,” she said to me.

I poured tea for myself without letting my emotions show, then I held up the teacup with both hands.

“Thank you for worrying about me, Your Majesty. I’ve already accepted reality.”
“Am I bothering you for visiting with so many personnel?”
“Not at all.”
“Anyway, I have something of great importance to inform you.”
“Huh? What is it?”

I was very curious about the news, was it the movement of the evil cult from the East? How about the epidemic in the South? Or maybe it’s about the Demon race in the West? It could also be about the armed rebellion in the North.

However, this was what she said, “The Hero from the prophecy has appeared.”

I was very shocked!

“Say what?! You mean the Hero who can defeat the Demon King has appeared?”

According to the prophecy, the Demon King (whom I habitually referred as “that person”) would eventually be defeated by a hero from a different dimension.

And this otherworlder was the “legendary hero” we all fantasized about.

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I asked her, “But ever since the prophecy1 has been disclosed, didn’t that person went out of his way to destroy all the ninety-nine summoning gate we’ve built?”

“Thanks to the guidance of His Holiness, we managed to keep one gate hidden from the Demon King.”

Tristina sipped the tea before continuing, “There is a summoning gate hidden under the imperial palace that is still intact. It started to operate by itself without our knowledge.”

She placed down the cup and leaned closer, I followed suit to listen attentively.

“Just three days ago, there really was an otherworder who came to this world from the other dimension!”
“You aren’t kidding?! Is that for real?” My excited heart was pounding loudly, “It looks like this world still has hope.”

“That’s right, His Holiness’s prophecy has never been wrong. The savior of our kingdom has finally appeared.”
“What kind of person is the otherworlder? Is it a man? Is he tall? Short? Fat or thin?” I asked curiously.

It seemed like Tristina hesitated a little.

“How should I describe him? He looks… enigmatic and impossible to predict.”

I became more curious than ever, just how did the otherworlder look like for him to get such an evaluation from the queen.

“Does everyone who comes here by crossing dimensions indeed as powerful as they say? Where is he now? It has already been three days, don’t tell me he already set out on an adventure?”

However, as I asked that question, I could see worries plastered on the almost perfect face of Tristina.

“Say… Charlotte2, since the otherworlder from the prophecy has appeared, as the queen of the Holy Flame, it should only be natural that I support him with all my strength, right?”

I nodded in response.

“Naturally! After all, their opponent is that person.”
That person— in other words, the Demon King!

The darkest and most evil existence in the annex of history! Even mentioning his name is taboo! Anyone would be scared at the mere mention of his name!

“If the prophecy is true, regardless of whichever methods the otherworlder chose to employ, so long as they can defeat the Demon King, I am willing to mobilize the resources of the whole nation to support him.”

I nodded in agreement, she was absolutely right, this was already the general consensus. As long as someone capable of defeating that monster appears, it would be worth it no matter the price.

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At that time, just building the ninety-nine summoning gate already consumed an astronomical amount of natural resources. I was still young then, all I heard was that it was a race— that they would build as many summoning gates as that person had destroyed.

And now that an otherworlder had finally arrived, it was understandable to satisfy their every need in order to defeat the Demon King.

She lowered her voice to speak to me, “I can even give him a party of high-rankers, but… after I explained everything to him, he asked me of…”

“What did he ask for?”

The way she purposely paused was making me so anxious.
She coughed in a serious mood.

“A villa.”

Frankly, I was dumbfounded.
Do otherworlders not follow conventional reasoning and morals?

“A v-villa…? Then did Your Majesty accepted his request?”

“I’ve given him the manor on the outskirts of the city. Charlotte… the first thing he asked of me is a villa, what do you think I should do? I also feel rather helpless.”

She complained to me with dry tears.


I racked my brain trying to figure out what the otherworlder was thinking.

“Actually, you don’t need to feel that way, Your Majesty. The otherworlder is new to this world. In order to avoid… being killed by the Demon King prematurely, he must have chosen to hide among the masses, that must be part of the plan to defeat the Demon King.”

As she listened to me, her mood had apparently become lighter?

“You might be right, it would be great if that’s how it really is. Also, it seems like he dismissed all the manor’s servants yesterday.”

“Huh? But that’s…”
Do otherworlders not follow conventional reasoning and morals? x2

“He is the otherworlder we placed our hopes on, it doesn’t feel right to let him stay in such a big manor with no one to take care of him. As such, I probed him about it and he told me he only needs one female servant.”

“One female servant?”

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“That’s right, it’s great that we can at least assign one person to him, but…”

She looked at me.

“He said it must be a white-haired beauty.”3


I could feel that once she finished her words, she was steadily gazing at me.4

“White hair is pretty uncommon…” I said weakly.
“That’s right, you’re the only one that I know of,” she said to me while still fervently gazing at me. (>﹏<)5

Her gaze was making me break out in a cold sweat, I asked her with a stammer, “That’s uh… you are not thinking of…”

“I originally wanted to find a beautiful girl and dye her hair white, but Charlotte… I wanted someone I can trust to stay by the otherworlder’s side. And the one who I trusted the most is… you!”

Wao! W- w- w-wait a ⓖⓞⓓⓓⓐⓜⓝ second!
I jumped up at once.

“You really wanted me to become a female servant to keep the otherworlder in check??????”

“Charlotte, I want you to urge him on and make him understand the burden he is carrying. I know it is a blasphemy to your identity as the saintess to become a female servant, but I honestly couldn’t think of a better idea…”

“No way, no way, nuh-uh, I’m not doing it!!”

I thought inwardly.
Whether it was wearing a maid costume or whatever, it really didn’t have anything to do with my status.
It was because I was actually a boy…6


  1. Silva: kek, they keep mentioning this 圣光’s prophecy, but I have no idea what it’s supposed to be, it is literally translated as “Holy Light”, but is it a god? Is it the name of a Church? I have no idea…
  2. Silva: Let me be honest, I have no idea if this 克菲儿 is a male or a female, all I know right now is that we are seeing this from “his” perception. I’ll just keep this as Charlotte until gender is specified otherwise.
  3. Silva: This hero is a jerk.
  4. Silva: I think I know where this is going…
    Fire: Yea…
  5. Fire: How does the Hero even know her, haah? Or does the Hero have something with white-haired girls.
    Silva: it’s probably the latter, he just want a harem with white haired girl
    Fire: Way to make a first impression. Little did he know that this wasn’t a real “girl”.
  6. Fire: (°o°)

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