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Chapter 153: The enemy’s side

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3317 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1549 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

–––Leble the Fifth, Emperor of Leble’s viewpoint

I received reports that a city near the border, one without any particular industry or strategic position, had come under attack by some mysterious forces. I dispatched reinforcements twice, but both failed. The first was composed of a thousand soldiers, the second twice that, but neither had been able to harm the enemy.

There was obviously no military officer who would honestly report such shameful results. They delayed their reports as much as they could, trying to scurry by my anger somehow, and minimizing their claims about our losses. But they did not know that I have eyes all over the empire. My spies and informants had already given me accurate reports, so I stripped those spineless officers of their position, and gave them to Monocle to experiment with.

I ended up placing knights who swore loyalty to me to lead the army, and I was able to learn something. There were five enemies in total, and each of them was powerful enough to handle a thousand knights. Their skill with both sword and bow was incredible, so my regular imperial soldiers were helpless, dying one after another without recourse. Just who could they be?

It was possible they were some country’s agents, but I could not rule out the possibility that the demons were sabotaging me. Though I could investigate that after I took them down. It was best if I stopped wasting soldiers though, the world was in chaos from the demons, so I could not let this chance to expand my territory go to waste.

“Get the black knights…no, never mind, they won’t be strong enough. It has to be a smaller focused elite group. Call Monocle.”

Monocle was a mad scientist, only interested in his research. I knew I would find the means to deal with this attack in his laboratory.

“Did you call for me, Your Imperial Majesty?”

Monocle came as called, not even attempting to cover the red blood stains on his white coat.

“I’m sure you’ve heard the secret agents’ reports? Get me at least ten warriors that are of use, and send them to that city.”
“Understood. Should I consider the safety of the city’s inhabitants?”
“Taking out the enemy is the only priority. Some sacrifices are inevitable.”
“I see, I’ll pick those best suited for battle then.”

An eerie smile took over Monocle’s lips as he bowed and left the room. I hope this has the desired effect.

–––Monocle’s viewpoint

The one thing I despised the most was losing precious research time, but the emperor had given me an order, so I could not complain. I am working for him, whether I like it or not.

“Welcome back, boss.”
“The emperor has given us permission to use Group 1.”
“Ohh! We can finally see them in action!”

My assistant sounded very excited. The specimens in my laboratory were separated into Groups 1 through 10, each designed with a different skill set and purpose. Group 1 was purely specialized in combat. I had produced them from gold rank adventurers, skilled knights and soldiers, and even nimble thieves. All I needed was a base with strength, agility, and endurance, their personality did not matter. I could control their minds with just one order after all.

Once I enhanced their powers, they could easily defeat any black knight. They also felt no emotions or pain, making them the perfect tools. They felt no fear of pain or death, and would fight until their bodies completely fell apart. They were almost like the mad undead warriors of legend, and I felt like I had channeled their essence into them perfectly.

But because of those traits, they also had no care for their surroundings. They would kill anything that stood in the way between them and their target, even if it was a child or an old man. They would probably claim the lives of many innocent people to take down our enemies. I did not care about that though, it was all the emperor’s responsibility.

“Make sure they’re ready to leave immediately. And don’t forget the medicine.”
“I know. Expect the strongest specimens we’ve ever created!”

The most deadly Group was unleashed from the capital that way. I felt a slight pang of guilt for the people of the city, but I would pray for their happiness in the afterlife.

§ § §

–––Lapis’ viewpoint

“We’re stopping the attacks?”
“Not quite, we’re stopping attacking this city.”

After our first attack on the city, we had defeated two reinforcement troops, so I felt like the enemy would finally send a powerful army. If we wanted to crumble the empire’s forces, we could just continue attacking the same city over and over, and the party seemed willing to do that. But I was planning something else.

“I’m sure the enemy thinks we’re attacking this city for a reason…at least I hope.”
“Yes, I mean, even I feel that way attacking it so many times.”
“You’re thinking of something else then, Lapis?”

I grinned when Karin asked that with a bit of confusion.

“Yes, anyone, allied or enemy, would assume this city provides the perfect chance to strike back. So we can use that opening and take out a certain person.”
“A certain person?”
“The emperor of Leble, Leble the Fifth.”

Compared to other countries, Leble’s emperor had too much power. I even suspected that many of the calamities affecting various countries had all been planned by him alone. But this also meant that if we took out the emperor, the rest of the empire would end like a headless and uncoordinated mess. It would probably take more than that to really put a stop to all their schemes, but it would leave them disorganized for plenty of time.

“You’re right, if we succeed that would have a strong effect. Though…”
“I know, it’ll be dangerous, and complicated.”

Luvias and Ciel did not look completely convinced. I could understand that, they came here thinking we would simply cripple their army, but now I suggested going straight to the heart. There were probably tens of thousands of soldiers in the capital, troops of black knights, and maybe even multiple warriors with similar skills as Barbaros. If they surrounded us, it was hard to say whether we would be able to escape.

“We won’t launch a full-on war, our only target will be the emperor. I’ll use my most powerful spell on his palace and then we run. I’m sure their palace has some barriers in place, so I doubt we’ll be able to destroy the entire building, but I should be able to cause considerable damage.”
“Are…are you sure that’ll work? I guess you’ll be busy casting that spell, I’ll need to keep us afloat with Flight Magic, and everyone else protects us?”
“Honestly I realize it’s a really risky plan, so I won’t force you to follow it. If most of you are against it, we can think of a different plan. What do you all think?”

Hearing that, Luvias and Karin crossed their arms and began thinking about it. We had killed countless soldiers in this city alone, so I doubted they would hesitate killing more soldiers and nobles in the palace. They were simply worried about the chances of success.

“Master…do you think it can actually work?”
“Honestly, I feel like the chances are less than fifty percent. I still feel like we need to send a message to the emperor at least. It doesn’t matter where he is, or around who, we can always attack if we feel like it.”
“So you want him to focus more on his own country?”
“Yes, if he continues trying to invade other countries all the time, eventually he’ll expose himself to danger. I’m sure warning him of that will do wonders even if he doesn’t die.”
“I’m on board then.”

Karin gave an energetic answer. Luvias looked at her with a bit of shock.

“I want to protect Bordaule, and I want to protect Zelvis for Diaria. But we don’t have enough members to protect both places, right? Maybe the best defense is a good offense after all. I feel like it’s best to not think about it too hard and just trust Lapis.”
“So Ciel and Karin are on board…what about you Diaria?”

She seemed a bit lost, but then gathered the courage to finish speaking.

“I’m scared, but I think we can do it if we work together. Even if we don’t get to kill the emperor, he’ll have to stop thinking of invading Zelvis for now. I’m in.”
“I see. Then…count me in too, Master.”
“Are you sure Luvias?”
“Yes. I know it’ll be hard to assassinate the emperor, but I approve of raising alarms in the capital. Everyone is busy with demons, so if we can knock Leble down a peg, we’ll buy everyone some time. Also…”

Luvias took a short pause, then smiled before continuing.

“I don’t want to see you put yourself in danger alone. I have to be a good student and follow my Master.”
“Luvias…everyone…thank you. Let’s do it then.”

Whether this secret plan would work or not, could only be decided by fate now.


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