Chapter 440 – Charm and Persuasion

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1138 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“S̲h̲i̲t̲, we were late!” I exclaimed in anger towards no one in particular, seeing the mayhem spreading under my gaze. Or, well, I guess it was also directed towards Kufar, whose plans caused this situation.

The place Baa teleported us was the rooftop of a common private house. There was a wide street in front of it, and a group of half-demons was engaged in a scuffle with some strong-willed men.

Judging by their expressions, they were already fresh out of mercy and it was only a matter of time until injured people appeared.

“What will you do? Just so you know, I won’t help any more than this, you hear?”
“Why not?”
“I’m not interested in humans in the first place. I only lent a bit of hand because Yuuri, who’s of the same kind as me and you, her dependent, were here.”

Even as he maintained his casual tone, he erased his amiable smile, replacing it with one that made one freeze to the very core. It was like a mask with a smiling shape.

I felt as if I was confronting some reptile monster. I had forgotten it, but this guy was also the same kind of being as Yuuri. An inhumane existence.

“Kh, well, fine.”

It wasn’t exactly fine, but it was better than revealing I was actually expecting him to help. Like, that would’ve been fine until just earlier, but seeing his smile changed my impression entirely.

This guy really considered humans insignificant beings. He was the type that didn’t care as long as his surroundings were peaceful. So maybe that’s why Whitey made him tend the store. To rehabilitate his social disposition perhaps?

I once again moved my gaze below. They had already started a fistfight, and I could even see some people equipped with wooden poles and such. The fact that they swung such weapons around in public was proof that they had lost their reason.

Of course, that was probably Kufar’s intention. Naturally, the masses and half-demons that followed along his plan were to be blamed too. That said, if you asked whether they were evil, I would say no. They merely ended up fighting a needless fight due to Kufar.

“I can’t forgive that.”

I could only call it foolish to have people get injured and die like this. If possible, I wanted to find a peaceful solution. For that, I had to first hear the situation. But no one would lend an ear to a girl in this chaos.

“I have to get their attention first.”
“That’s it? Then should I show them my true form?”
“I’m not sure what your true form is, but don’t. I bet it won’t lead to anything good anyway.”

He was a follower of that Whitey. I bet his real form was something beyond my wildest imaginations. It would only cause the quarreling people to fall into panic and worsen the situation even more.

“I have to stop the fighting…first!”

I took a sharp breath, and activated the transfer spell on my gloves. Then, I let loose a Mythril thread from the gauntlets that got immediately equipped on both hands.

The thread was true to its aim and pulled up one of the half-demon men engaged in a struggle. I threw him to the house balcony as is, then bound him up with another thread. If I just wanted to stop the fight, I could’ve tied up the citizen instead, but that would’ve left that other guy in danger.

Having said that, I couldn’t just leave this half-demon man on the road either. Thus I decided to pull him up and leave him tied up in an isolated place.

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The masses in the middle of mayhem did not stop even as I pulled up a few people. So I continued to pull them up until they would finally notice me. Once the number exceeded five, most of the people finally pointed and looked towards me.

“Hey, that girl there!”
“She’s only pulling up half-demons. Is she with them?”
“Then why won’t she kill us? We’d be goners if she strangles our necks.”

The half-demons were the ones to notice the strangeness first. But with them looking towards me, so did the other citizens. With this, I created a situation where I could talk with them. But how should I persuade them…

Then, I suddenly remembered God of Destruction’s words. About my regenerated eyes and the new power dwelling within. Remembering that, I removed the eyepatch on my right eye to release its power.

“Please hear me out! This riot has been set up!”

My loud voice spread out clearly. I probably looked quite picturesque standing atop a rooftop and making an appeal as my bluish-silver hair fluttered in the wind. And above all, eyes that held the charm power of the God of Destruction that could even destroy the chains of rationality.

It seems that I didn’t have that much power, but still enough to charm them and make them unable to look away.

“Please remember, who caused this riot? Was it not a single boy? Was he not called Kufar?”

I spoke theatrically while focusing my gaze on them.

Of course, Kufar was a slime, so he could freely change his appearance. However, I didn’t think he’d go out of his way to do that in a place so separated from the north like this.

Moreover, the rioting half-demons would most likely get mercilessly killed and it would end at that. In other words, he planned so there wouldn’t be a single person left who knew of him. In that case, you could say there was no meaning in changing his appearance.

As a matter of fact, he hadn’t changed his appearance when he was scouting Cloud.

“Even you should understand what kind of conclusion would await this trackless riot, do you not?”
“But at this rate, we’ll all just get used up to death! Do you know? They take us to the World Tree as luggage carriers and even cast us off as meat shields!”
“Even so, this would only get the innocent people and powerless children involved. In fact, I’m protecting one such child myself.”
“Some sacrifice—”
“Is necessary? That’s what Kufar told you, right?”

I continued the words of a man that tried to argue back. This was common sophistry. There were certainly times when it was necessary. But this time, it would only result in many needless deaths. That guy probably wanted such hopeless deaths. I heard Devils desire such emotions.

“But your words are just lip service. Even just yesterday… Now even as we speak, there might be our comrades getting used to death!”
“Then I will stop such things from happening.”

Just then, a woman’s voice interjected into the conversation.


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