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Chapter 439 – Collaborator

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1218 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Fortunately enough, the little girl’s injuries weren’t very severe. Still, her tiny body was kicked by adult men, so there was no knowing what after-effects it could leave. I approached her and cast healing magic.

“Valencia One, Ultramarine One, Gold One, grant rest to the wounded hero—Comfort.”

This was the top-rank recovery magic among the interference system. That said, there were only two of them in the entire system, so calling it top-rank was pretty silly.

It had more healing power compared to the Heal spell, but it had a fault that it made the target fall into sleep. It wasn’t a very convenient spell to use on the battlefields. But it was pretty useful during these kinds of emergencies.

The little girl stiffened up at first when she saw me use magic, but she quickly fell asleep. Any visible wounds had healed as well, so there was nothing to worry about anymore.

That said, I couldn’t leave her here. If I did, some other citizens could appear to abuse her again.

“Now, I wish I could leave her to someone but…”

And someone who could protect her even against a crowd. But someone so convenient was…

“Oh, there was one, now that I think about it.”

I was in the western ward. It would take long to get to the inn, but the other place wouldn’t take so long. For example, Whitey’s tool shop.

“Whitey, or that boy calling himself Baa should handle it just fine.”

Rather, they might even take me to the south-southwestern seventh ward.

Also, given what happened to this girl, Cloud could be in danger. However, his skill was already practically first-class, and he had Michelle with him too. Unless something extreme happens, he should be fine.

“At any rate, I have to keep this kid safe.”

With that mutter, I lifted the girl up and rushed off into the back alley like the wind.

After running for a while, the characteristic silhouette half-crushed under the tree roots came into sight. The sign said they were closed temporarily, but I ignored it and kicked the door.


But the recoil I felt in my leg wildly exceeded my expectations. It was as if I kicked an iron door instead, making me squat down in pain. I wanted to just sit down as is, but I couldn’t delay my stay with a girl in hand. It would become even more troublesome if a hostile citizen saw us.

While holding my leg, I pulled out lockpicking tools and tried to open the lock. I was still a scout even in this life, so I had such tools on hand. However, before I managed to unlock it, someone opened the door from the inside.

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“Welcome. But we aren’t open yet, you know?”

The one who spoke those words in an aloof manner was the boy calling himself Baa. Once I confirmed no one was around, I turned the girl I was holding so he could see her horn.

“A half-demon, huh?”
“Have you heard of the riot?”
“Yeah, I haven’t asked anyone, but I know.”

What do you mean you know if you haven’t heard about it… I wondered, but he was that Whitey’s acquaintance, so anything goes I suppose. Thus, I forcibly convinced myself and tried to explain the situation.

“This child…”
“Got rolled up into trouble because she’s half-demon, right? I can’t take care of her forever, but I can shelter her inside the store until things calm down.”
“…Thanks for the quick understanding.”

But Baa guessed what I was about to say and gave his approval ahead of it. It being settled fast was good for me, but it felt so mysterious it was making me feel uneasy.

But now I was in a race against time. I had no time for meaningless back and forth here. I asked whether he could also send me to the seventh ward. He even managed to teleport inside the labyrinth so it should’ve been within his capabilities.

He easily agreed to that too.

“Sure, I don’t mind that much.”
“That’s a big help. I’ll return this favor someday along with the previous one.”
“A favor from a girl makes me excited.”
“Don’t take it weirdly!”
“Won’t you say I’ll do anything! or something?”
“Like hell I will?!”

Ignoring my yell, Baa snapped his fingers lightly. The next moment, the girl’s figure vanished.

“Don’t worry. I just teleported her to the basement. It’s locked so no one can enter or exit it, either.”
“Wait, wait!”

My anxiety was natural. That sounded just like confinement. Would a child really be alright thrown alone in a place like that?

“The basement is a private room. There’s no bath, but there’s a tap and bathroom too, so there should be no inconveniences.”
“What about food?”
“This house is half-buried into the World Tree. The tap is connected directly to the World Tree too. What flows from it is the World Tree sap. That is plenty enough to satisfy one’s hunger.”

“Is Whitey around?”
“She headed elsewhere with her husband. Something about fortifying the seals on the ley lines in the south.”
“South… so As, I mean, Hastur’s home?”
“Something like that I suppose? Because Yuuri is better than him at magic.”

God of Destruction Yuuri, along with being the developer of magic tools, was also famed for her magic. Seeing that she sealed Den’s home in the west, the leyline at Hastur’s home probably needed some work too.

“Then, can you teleport me to Cloud’s place?”
“Hmm… Cloud, is it? Sorry but I don’t know his face. So I can’t send you to him.”
“Kh, I guess there’s no helping it.”

As expected, he wasn’t able to do anything, after all. Well, given Cloud’s skill, nothing should happen. I should instead focus on securing safety from another direction.

“Then, can you send me to the seventh ward?”
“Seventh? Do you plan to stop the riot or something?”
“What, is that bad?”
“Uhh, it’s not that you can’t, but wouldn’t it be hard on your own?”
“Even so, unless I stop it, innocent people would get injured. I can’t overlook that, and above all, Cortina is heading there. Telling me not to worry is more unreasonable.”

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Due to the riot, not just the victims among the citizens, there were probably even half-demons who were just forced to take part in the riot. The reason Kufar called out to Cloud was probably to gather such people.

He ended up injuring me in the process, which made him realize Lyell and others could show up, so he might have used a small number to force through. In that case, half-demons that were simply deceived into acting like that would end up killed by the citizens and knights. I wanted to avoid such a development if I could.

Baa seemed to have guessed what I was thinking and nodded a bit.

“Alright then. I suppose I will lend you a little hand.”

With those words, he snapped his fingers once more. With just that, my field of view suddenly brightened up, making me realize that we teleported outdoors.

We were teleported above the roof of a private house. And below us, half-demons were engaged in a fight against the citizens.


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