Chapter 434 – Aftercare

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 899 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Before I noticed, I had been freed from my nightmarish difficulty to sleep. My mind that had gotten scattered like when losing consciousness started to gather up again. The light under my eyelids was notifying me that I was close to waking up.


As I slowly opened my eyes, a clear morning light flowed into my eyes. Finia who sat nearby had fallen asleep while toppled forward on the bed. She probably nursed me all night and tired herself out.

“My eyes… I can see?!”

My yell of astonishment made her twitch and woke her up.

“Fwah… Good morning, Lady Nicole.”
“Finia, my eyes! Have my eyes been healed?!”
“Ah, yes. Yesterday, a girl calling herself the God of Destruction has healed them.”
“Huh, it wasn’t Maria?”

Hearing that it wasn’t Maria that healed them, I had chills run up my spine. It was that Whitey we were talking about here. There was a possibility that she made a blunder somewhere.

I peeked anxiously at Finia, but her eyes seemed a little cloudy. And her face was flushed for some reason.

“Huh, Finia… Your face looks red.”
“That may be the case, Lord Reid. My heart is pounding a little fast… Maybe it’s because I learned who you are?”
“Let me expl—aghhh!?”

Then the door was flung open without waiting for my reply. But the door slammed to the wall and rebounded, closing back again while smiting the God of Destruction Yuuri’s face in the process.

After a little bit, the door opened once again, but this time slowly. Seeing her do it so timidly made me pity her a bit.

“What did you come here for?”

Seeing the blood under her nose, that earlier hit seemed to have given her a nosebleed. She could use all kinds of spells so she could heal a wound of that level in an instant. Thus, I just asked my question in bewilderment, without worrying about that.

“As I said, to explain things. And also for the aftercare.”
“Let’s start with the explanation.”

With that, she came inside and sat down next to Finia on a spare chair. Her legs dangled in the process, failing to reach the ground.

“First, I healed your eyes. As for the process, I used Disintegrate to decompose the parasitizing Slime on the molecular level. And then I regenerated your eyeballs.”
“Wait, you managed to destroy the tiny parasite Slime with a pinpoint attack?”
“That much is no biggie for me. But I’m a little bad at healing magic, so I used my blood as the catalyst and healed you with Regeneration.”

Regeneration was a high-ranked healing spell that could even restore the lost body parts. If she used that, it makes sense that my eyes would return to normal.

“You’re my descendant both in flesh and spirit, so my blood adapted to you without problems. But there’s a little problem…”
“I have a bad feeling about this.”
“Yes, well, it adapted a little too well, so a part of my power got passed over to you. Eheh.”

Seeing her cutely pull out her tongue, I felt a shiver running down my body.

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Just about anyone would’ve done so in my place. My own body might have been turned into something else under another person’s influence. This was naturally scary.

“W-What are the effects…?”
“Err, it’s nothing that dangerous, you know? The power of my eyes is to charm others.”
“So, if I meet eyes with someone, they will be charmed?”
“Yes. Of course, it can’t be more powerful than my own, so worry not.”
“Incidentally, how powerful is yours?”

She looked away at my question. I grabbed her face and forcefully turned towards me.

“How powerful is it!”
“Owwww. I’ll speak, I’ll speak so let me go?!”

She appealed with teary eyes, so I let her face go. She glared reproachfully at me while holding her cheeks.

“I expected as much, but seeing it now, I’m sure it can only change someone’s feelings towards you in a favorable direction. But sometimes they can act upon those emotions, so keep that in mind.”
“So the reason Finia’s face is red is…”
“It’s definitely because of this. So that’s where the aftercare comes into play. Please wear this eyepatch.”

Saying that, she took out an eyepatch from her robe’s sleeve. It was a leather eyepatch with black color as its base, looking like the one pirates typically wore.

“Why an eyepatch…?”
“It seems it’s my husband’s hobby.”
“Can’t glasses work? Like yours.”
“No way. These glasses are a present from my beloved husband.”
“Make another one for me!”

She firmly denied my request while holding her eyes in a desperate manner. Well, it was a present from her husband, so I guess her reaction is natural. And wearing a matching pair with a different woman wasn’t a very appealing idea either.

“Well, fine. So this only covers one of my eyes, but both my eyes have the same effect right?”
“Yes, I’m sure they do. Incidentally, I’ll tell you just in case, but your Charm (weak) should have been added among your Gifts.”
“Okay, got it.”

Since it was bestowed by a god, it was certainly a Gift. Still, weak or not, it had a Charm effect. I couldn’t help but sigh, imagining how troublesome this ability could prove to be.


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