Chapter 433 – Godly Healing

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1251 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


As Finia returned to where Maria was, she reported Nicole’s condition, trying to calm her down.

“Lady Nicole is resting now. I have changed her clothes and wiped her too, nothing else is necessary for the time being.”
“I see… You’ve been working hard. Thanks, Finia.”
“Not at all. My ineptitude is to blame for this from the start.”

The fact that she let Nicole chase a suspicious person on her own was making her feel a sense of guilt.

At the same time, she felt unprecedented hatred towards the boy called Kufar. This was the first time in her thirty years of life that she had become aware of such a feeling. And just like her, there were others who held the same level of hatred towards him.

“That b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, he’s not getting away the next time I find him!”
“Yeah, he’s getting Third Eye punishment, no questions asked!”
“Michelle, we call that killing someone.”

Tricia couldn’t help but shudder at Michelle and Cloud’s display of wrath. Unlike the two who were readily spelling out the death sentence for Kufar, she was an ordinary citizen distanced from life-threatening situations.

However, there were others who agreed with the two’s deadly proclamations said with innocent tones.

“I understand your feelings, but I’m the one who’s going to kill him. Rather than that, we have to find a way to heal Nicole’s eyes now.”

Lyell suggested with a scratch of his head. At present Maria’s healing magic could not heal her eyes.

“Presently, you could say Nicole is being continuously injured. It’s different from healing an already present wound.”
“So there’s no use unless we exterminate the Slime fragments inside the eyeballs.”
“And that Slime fragment is the problem. Normally, slimes transform to ordinary mucus with their cores destroyed, yet that fragment without a core continues to function.”

At Cortina’s words, Maria started to ponder while pinching her jaw.

“So it means we are dealing with something that’s not a normal Slime. And since this parasitizing fragment has no core, it’s hard to bring it down. Unless we take it out, her eyes can’t be healed.”
“Maybe Maxwell’s magic would be able to do something?”
“That would be hard. That old man is bad at fine-tuning his spells.”

Blowing away the coreless Slime should be possible with someone as proficient in magic as him. But the Slime in question was small fragments that had made the eyeballs their nest.

Landing a precise attack on a tiny fragment without damaging the surroundings would be called a superhuman level.

“If even that old man can’t do it…”

Realizing what that meant, the room fell into silence. As the despair started to show its face, the door was forcefully bashed open.

“And that’s when you rely on THE GOD!”

Entering inside was a young girl in white. Behind her was a tall man in his prime. He ruthlessly chopped the gung-ho girl in the back of her head, and spoke in a calm tone.

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“Like that would serve as an explanation. Anyway, we heard the situation and came. Thought we could be of help.”

Lyell recognized the man’s face. He was the blacksmith that was in charge of Nicole’s equipment three years ago. He remembered hearing he was Maxwell’s acquaintance.

“You are… Aste, right?”
“Yeah, well, something like that.”
“Something like that…? Wait, more importantly, can you do something?!”

Lyell grabbed Aste—Hastur’s shoulders with his strong hands. It was forceful enough it seemed as if he would grab his collar and pull him in.

“That’s not my area of expertise. It’s this one’s role.”

He said and put his hand on the girl’s head in front. The white girl puffed her chest in excitement with hands on her hips.

“Leave it to me. A mere Slime wounding my dependent would affect my name as a god!”

Saying that, she barged into the room Nicole was sleeping at.

Maria and Dr. Tricia hurriedly followed after her. Despite all the noise, Nicole showed no signs of waking up. It appeared that she had fainted again after Finia had left. The white girl stood next to Nicole and asked about the condition without looking back.

“What’s the situation?”
“Huh? Umm, there is a slime without a core parasitizing her eyeballs so we can’t cast healing magic. It would start eating the recovered parts.”
“Moreover, it would grow as it eats, so we are out of options.”

Being asked, Dr. Tricia explained in confusion, and Maria followed up. Hearing it, the white girl peered into Nicole’s face with deep interest. She removed the bandage over her eyes, exposing the hideously burned scars.

“Oho. So it’s this, huh.”

She muttered quietly and snapped her fingers a little. Based on the small light around her fingers, she might have used some spell. Then, she twirled around and started to push Maria and Tricia out of the room.

“Okay, from this point on, you’ll get in the way of my secret healing, so please get out!”
“Huh, w-wait! I’m a healing magic specialist so—”
“That doesn’t matter!”

She tried to push everyone out but it was impossible with her tiny body. Instead, it was Hastur who moved everyone outside the room.

After that, the God of Destruction bit her own fingertip and dripped a droplet of her blood on her scar. The droplet that fell on the still-unconscious Nicole’s eyes, permeated the scar as if being sucked into it.

“I exterminated the Slime fragments with the earlier Disintegrate spell, but just in case.”

The God of Destruction and Nicole were linked both by blood and spirit. So by taking her blood, God of Destruction had her regenerate and reconstruct her eyeballs using her own immortality.

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Had she been of a different bloodline, most likely a rejection would have occurred.

“But is this fine?”

Hastur, the only other remaining person in the room, asked anxiously. The God of Destruction replied full of confidence.

“Of course. But maybe she’ll inherit my charm power or something?”
“Now that would be a curse. You’re beyond help.”
“Only a bit of it though. It shouldn’t be strong enough to destroy people’s sense of reasoning.”
“Then, let’s add one more ‘just in case’.”

Saying that, Hastur took out an eyepatch from his pocket and etched a spell into it.

“This should manage to suppress its power.”
“But why an eyepatch? Wouldn’t glasses like mine have done the job? Besides, why do you carry an eye patch on you?”
“…It’s my hobby.”

God of Wind Hastur. By interacting with youngsters, his illness from when he was around fourteen years old had shown its face again.


In truth, even Hastur would’ve easily been able to land a pinpoint attack on the slime… Rather, his control is even more precise.

But, it seems that he decided to let his wife have the credit for it this time.


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