Chapter 371 – Night Fishing

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1079 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

With the bandit subjugation topic settled, Leona and Ellen decided to set out to accomplish it. The problem was us. Finia and Ellen were worried about getting children like us involved in human battles.

“It’s okay, we are also proper Adventurers.”
“Yeah. Even I have shot humans before!”
“I thought I would die then.”

Michelle had only shot arrows at humans a handful of times. Among them, the battle from the day we arrived at Raum left the deepest impression on her.

Back then, I had a hard time after getting rolled into the shock wave she released with her very first shot of the Third Eye.

“If you two are so determined to go, I can’t just stay behind either…”

I was full of killing intent from the start, but even Michelle was willing to accompany us. At that point, Cloud couldn’t remain behind alone, so he also ended up coming with me.

“Got it, but don’t be reckless, you hear? If we say run, you run unconditionally. Okay?”
“I know.”
“Got it.”
“Understood. I will run even if I have to carry Lady Nicole.”

Ellen couldn’t help but laugh at Finia’s extreme attitude. The Adventurer called Heath took over Temuru’s protection, so we wanted to settle this problem overnight.

Normally, bandit extermination in the middle of a night was disadvantageous, but they would hardly consider the possibility that the Adventurers that passed by would return to take them out. It would be possible for us to take them by surprise.

We couldn’t arouse their suspicion as we approached, so we kept the handheld lamps at the minimal output.

“I was thinking about dealing with them later… But I didn’t think I would come back here on the same day.”
“But judging evildoers right away is a good thing, isn’t it?”

I advocated with a slightly stimulated voice as Leon muttered with a complex expression.

“Why do you look so happy?”
“Huh, we’re taking evil guys down. Isn’t that a fun thing?”
“Lady Nicole has grown completely belligerent…”
“I just have to shoot from afar, right?”
“But what should I do? I’m not really suited to covert operations.”

As Cloud started to grumble I made them stop the idle chatter.

We were inside the darkness of the night, but it was still possible to see to a degree due to the moonlight.

Ahead of us, I saw the figure of a man sitting in the same spot as yesterday.

It didn’t seem to be the same person, in the end, but they still had a dagger on their back all the same.

It wasn’t strange for travelers to be armed, but you could just carry a normal sword if that was the case.

“There they are.”
“Yeah. Also…”

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I felt a presence approaching the guy. It appears that we managed to get here before they closed up for the day. There was some distance between us so I couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

“What do we do? Attack them here?”
“Uh, Leon, you’re the leader here, right? Why are you asking me?”
“Uhh, you looked quite reliable there.”
“Oh well. I think we should wait for the attack. That can’t be all of them. And we aren’t sure they are bandits either.”

Their weapons and conduct were simply suspicious, so we couldn’t just go and catch them. As is, he was just resting at the roadside.

That’s why, I wanted concrete proof.

And we didn’t know their exact number. Considering that they pulled back after seeing Leon, they were below the fourth rank. When it came to attacking a carriage, at least six people were necessary.

Three at the front and rear to block the road. And if possible, attackers and lookouts.

“Shall we tail them to their hideout?”
“Maybe we should just throw them a bait instead?”
“Yeah, dressing up as a traveler and having them attack me. Look, I have an appearance that’d sell for quite a bit, right?”
“Uh, but…”
“Besides, I was inside the canopy during the daytime, so they haven’t seen me. It’s perfect to pretend I’m seeing them for the first time.”
“Definitely not! I can’t have Lady Nicole face such a danger. Let me—”
“Well, I can’t have you face that danger either, Finia…”
“How about you go together then?”

While Finia and I were having an argument, Cloud interjected. We were getting a little heat up and louder, so it was good timing on his part.

I see, Finia and I as a set would sell for a lot. Finia was a dainty elf, looking to be not even twenty. In reality, she was apparently 27 years old.

Blonde Finia and silver-haired me. It was quite a showy combination.

“But would that really be fine?”
“Nicole is super strong even if she doesn’t look like it, you know?”
“But still… You are still first rank. And still kids.”
“Isn’t that just perfect?”

Silver-haired girl and a blonde elf walking on the night road. They would hardly be a pair any more valuable to turn into slaves than us.

Moreover, we had the first rank Adventurer’s card, proof of inexperience. Just about any bandit would aim for us.

“If it gets dangerous, we’ll be in your care, Michelle.”
“Okay. I won’t let them get away.”
“Don’t shoot by mistake, okay?”
“Sorry in advance.”
“Absolutely don’t do it, you hear!?”

Given how much her lethality increased lately, if I took her attack with this body, it would be instant death.

Leon seemed to have imagined the same outcome and turned pale. There was a gag order around her, but with the Goblin incident, part of the Adventurers that were at the scene got to know the truth.

Adventurers weren’t so ungrateful to not want to know who they owed their life to. Thus, Adventurers above a fixed rank who could be trusted had been let on the truth that it was her doing.

Leon and the rest hid at the roadside, while I intentionally turned up the lamp intensity.

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Since the moon was out, we walked here while keeping their output on low so as to not get detected, but it would look too unnatural to continue keeping it so low it barely illuminated what was at our feet.

I pretended to act as naturally and as attractive a prey as possible.

And like that, I headed towards the men that looked like burglars.


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