Chapter 370 – Confirmed Thieves(?)

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1248 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The carriage uneventfully passed by the traveler. The traveler did not try doing anything and merely sat where he was. He did not behave suspiciously for the time being.

I could see from the carrier that Cloud and Leon who were walking by the coachman were engaged in some discussion.

Judging from phrases like “they are probably waiting and observing,” and “vigilance” that I heard from them, they seemed to be of the same opinion as me.

“Cloud, what do you think of that earlier?”

I asked Cloud as a way to test him. This was considered an experience too.

“Hmm, right. He was probably the scout of the thieves I guess? He seemed to be on edge somehow.”
“Right, his right hand was constantly at his waist. It’s a habit people who carry daggers often have.”

Cloud’s assumption was ascertained by Leon. I was also of the same opinion.

“Correct. The dagger’s hilt was visible on his back. I only saw it for a moment, but the scabbard was too thin, so it was probably not some knife he used normally, but instead what people use for assassination.”
“You saw all that from all the way there, that’s amazing. But are you certain that it was that kind of weapon?”

Based on the scabbard, it was most likely a stiletto with a needle-shaped blade.

I noticed it because it was the type of dagger assassins often used, but Leon praised me highly for it. I was honestly a bit embarrassed.

“But he did not take any action after that, so I was thinking maybe it was just a misunderstanding.”
“That’s not it. He probably refrained from attacking after seeing Leon’s Adventurer card.”
“My ID?”

Adventurer’s card hung from Leon’s neck. Adventurer’s identification cards had a bordering colored in respective colors that told the wearer’s skill at a glance.

Leon’s card, being fourth-rank, was also colored green, so he could instantly tell. That man probably had a role of investigating the travelers and avoiding the enemy they couldn’t beat.

“Then they will not attack us, right? That’s good.”

Temuru felt relieved after hearing our conversation. I could understand it, as from a merchant’s perspective, it was ideal to not get attacked from the beginning.

However, hearing about the bandits that found the travelers easy targets made me quite pissed. If it was me of previous life, I would have immediately headed to subjugate them.

Leon also seemed to feel the same given his complex expression.

That said, our duty this time was to escort Temuru. We could not leave his side.

“Leon, let’s hurry ahead for now. They seem to be using this area as their stronghold, so they can be dealt with later.”
“Yeah, you’re right…”

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We were Adventurers, and completing commissions was our work. It was not the time to carry out our own justice.

Leon also forcefully convinced himself at my words and urged the carriage onwards.

“Ellen, we can’t be sure that there won’t be an attack, so be alert. That goes for everyone else too.”
“Got it.”

Ellen and Michelle responded with a salute.

When night came, we made use of the roadside lodging hut. This was something made for the people traveling back and forth on this highway, a humble hut that only offered a roof over your head, blankets, and a water well.

They tended to become dens of shady people, but Adventurers or the kingdom knights were dispatched during those times, so the safety was maintained presently.

We encountered a traveler aside from us today, but according to them they were a merchant and their escorts heading to Raum, so there was nothing off about it.

“Suspicious people, huh?”
“Yes. They may have been the spy of the thieves. Since we had fourth-ranked Leon with us, they probably overlooked us.”
“That makes me jealous. I only have third-ranks with me, so it might be dangerous…”

Temuru and the other merchant exchanged information. For the merchants traveling to Raum, thieves nested in that area were nothing but a headache. Much less when they did not have enough power to repel them, as they couldn’t even get to Raum.

“How about it, Mr. Heath? Would you be able to repel the bandits?”
“I can’t say for sure since I haven’t seen them. But we should manage if it’s just driving them away.”

The escort this merchant called Heath had with him answered so with difficulty. He probably found it hard to declare that they could defeat them. The Adventurer’s card on his neck was bordered in yellow. Proof that he was third-rank.

The other two of his comrades were similarly yellow.

“…I see, understood.”

Since they couldn’t declare that they would be able to defeat them, the merchant had seemed to realize there was a lack to their combat power and nodded briefly.

“However, this leaves us in a bit of trouble.”
“Indeed. Even for us, without Mr. Leon here, returning to Raum would be quite difficult.”
“What should I do. If they pulled back after seeing Mr. Leon, then he should be able to beat them, yes? I will put out a request, so would you be willing to have him subjugate them?”
“Um, well…”

The conversation between the merchants led to a request to subjugate the bandits. Even for him, it wasn’t easy to always secure veterans like Leon. That said, returning and putting up the request to subjugate them would also waste their time.

“Hmm, returning would waste our time, and it would certainly be safer to subjugate them. However, if he goes to subjugate them, we would become vulnerable.”
“Then, what if we have Mr. Heath and his party protect you in the meantime?”
“That would mean our protection targets would increase, so we would need higher pay…”
“I shall pay for it. However, this is the last resort that we have to do because you cannot defeat the bandits, so let us drive a bargain.”
“Ugh… Fine.”

It appears that the other party had reached their deal. Then the merchant proposed it to Temuru once again. Now it was up to our side to decide.

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Would he believe the merchant he was seeing for the first time and accept the subjugation request, or not trust him, ignore and move on.

Temuru glanced towards Leon. He wanted to take care of the bandits, so he responded with a firm nod.

“Understood. We shall accept it.”
“I’ll go too.”
“Lady Nicole!?”
“I mean, Leon is a warrior, right? A scout is indispensable in night battles. I’m probably the one with the highest skill in that field.”
“I certainly have some scouting skill, but I am nowhere near as sharp as you.”
“Right? So take me along.”

Finia was hesitant about my participation until the end, but after persuading her that it was for both sides’ safety, she finally gave in.

“Then, please. But prioritize your safety above everything. It would be great trouble for me if you died.”
“Yes, I’m fully aware of it.”

After we all came to an agreement, Temuru gave that warning. If Leon died here, Temuru would have no choice but to return back to Raum. And now that Heath’s party had more people to protect, they would be easier prey for the bandits.

Hence his point to prioritize Leon’s safety.

After that, we checked our equipment and advanced towards the highway.

Thus, bandit subjugation was waiting ahead of us.


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