Chapter 372 – Caught Fish

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1087 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

We wanted to have them attack us intentionally to prove that they were thieves.

Thus, Finia and I took on that somewhat role and approached them.

The one sitting there was a different man from the daytime, and the one who approached him was that previous man.

It seemed that they were inspecting the coming and going travelers in turns.

“Ah, thank god! There’s people, big sis Finia!”
“Huh? Big si—!? Ah, right, that’s great, Nicole.”

Finia went along with my sudden ad-lib. But why was she holding her nose there?

At any rate, I acted as innocently and as age-appropriately as I could.

I anticipated that the acting would get the men to lower their guards more. This was definitely not my true nature. I deny it with all I have.

“Oh, good evening there, young ladies.”
“Good evening. Thank god there were people here. It was scary to walk in the middle of the night alone.”
“Yeah, streets at night can be creepy. It feels like an Undead would show up any moment.”

The man went along with my non-vigilant behavior.

Under the moonlit night, our figures got revealed, exposed to the torchlight. I had my normal traveling clothes and a katana on my waist, along with my red Adventurer’s card in blatant display hanging down my neck.

Finia also had her longsword on her waist, but she also had her Adventurer’s card visible.

With this, the men would probably assume that we were greenhorn Adventurers who had made a mistake in their pace and loitered during the night.

My silver hair reflected red glow under the torch light, and my pretty face that I owed to Maria got revealed. Finia’s dainty physique as an elf should also have been visible.

As I expected, the two men eyed us appraisingly. Their gazes made Finia shiver a little.

“Oh, it’s night so it’s natural you’re vigilant. Look, we don’t have proper weapons on us.”

The men seemed to have sensed her tension and one of them spread his hands to claim innocence.

He had a dagger on his waist, but that was natural for a traveler, or rather, he was too lightly equipped.

I exchanged glances with Finia and nodded.

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That was both to confirm their weapons as well as to make them believe we let go of our vigilance.

“Umm… We mistook our pace during the day and it has grown dark on us. Is Raum still far away?”

Finia hesitantly asked the men. Naturally, we were just playing the role of lost Adventurers.

Hearing that, the men chuckled. They definitely thought they found a “good target”.

“It is some distance away. There is a resting hut nearby, so you can go there and take a rest.”
“Really? That would be great.”

There was nothing like a hut where he pointed. It was probably their hideout that way.

One man grinned and approached Finia, then put a hand on her shoulder. He pushed her into the forest practically forcefully and threw her to the ground after they were out of the highway.

“That was bad. Young girls shouldn’t be walking alone on a night road.”

I tried to rush to her side, but another man caught my hand.

“Whoah there, young lady, how about you play with me? You look a little small, but still a top quality good.”
“She’ll probably sell for even higher, actually. It’ll be bad to lay a hand on them.”
“Oh come on, we can just tell the boss that they were ‘used’ already.”

With those words, he reached out to my chest with his left hand. He didn’t do it with his right because he had it ready to pull the dagger at the moment’s call. He was apparently rational enough to do that.

At any rate, it was already certain that they were no proper bunch. Plus, judging from the term ‘boss’, we found out that they had more comrades.

There was no need to hold back anymore.

I threw up my right leg, and at the same time, jumped using the left and clung to the man’s arm.

I then drove my raised left foot into his face over his shoulder and using the body rotation and my body weight, pulled him down to the ground.

Normally, my body weight was small enough to hold with one arm, but due to suddenly leaping at him, the man could do nothing but fall to the ground.

And since I twisted my body, his arm also twisted, and he crashed into the ground.


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The moment he hit the ground, I feel a cracking, snapping sensation. It was similar to the sensation of getting your joint dislocated and your ligaments torn. Most likely, his right arm was no longer usable.

“Wha!? You b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!”

As I neutralized one of them, the other one who sat on top of Finia got up. But Finia wasn’t so good-natured to overlook such an opening.

Since he got up, it meant that he was exposing his vital part to her. And she did not miss that.


With a cute yell that didn’t fit this dangerous situation, she swung her leg up. It stayed true to its target and impacted the man’s crotch.

With that, he fell forward but was still holding on to his consciousness. I quickly rose to my feet during that moment and rushed to assist Finia. On the way, I also kicked the face of the still-conscious man with a broken arm.


With a shriek like a dog’s bark, he fainted on the spot. He probably crossed the pain threshold.

Then I rushed to the man who had collapsed in an inchworm posture and delivered one more kick to his crotch with all my strength.


With a strange sound, the man finally let go of his consciousness. The way he was foaming from the mouth looked quite pitiful.

“Whew, I have reached the point where I can do something so cruel huh…”

I muttered to myself while looking at the disastrous state of the man. I didn’t resort to such means in my previous life, but nowadays I ended up doing it due to efficiency. It was an attack I couldn’t possibly do while I was a man.

After a while, Leon and the rest came running, having sensed the signs of battle.

There were two men lying powerlessly at our feet.

With this, we managed to secure some targets for questioning.


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