Chapter 361 – Assassination Complete

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 801 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

When Lichtenberg heard that his life was being targeted, he changed clothes and left the room.

Looking down from the window, I saw a decorated carriage parked at the entrance. He probably planned to evacuate with that one.

I jumped down from the window and gently landed on the carriage using threads. Naturally, I had my illusion set to blend in with the surroundings, so there was no one to take notice of it.

Soon enough, knights arrived on horseback. They were most likely the guard unit.

Then, Lichtenberg appeared and went on to board the carriage in haste. I made sure to wrap a Mythril thread around his neck during the occasion. This way, I could decapitate him whenever I wanted.

The knights split into groups of four and positioned themselves at the front and rear of the carriage. When they finished that, someone resembling the captain raised his voice.

“Time to depart! All of you be extremely alert for your surroundings. The enemy might still be lurking somewhere!”
“Yes sir!”

The Knights responded with a vigorous salute… But sadly for them, their master’s life was already in my hands.

The carriage started to slowly move. Even if I had an illusion on me, I had my worries about how it could cope with the shifting scenery, so I decided to lower my posture on the roof.

Before long, the carriage left the urban district and passed through the eastern gate.

I didn’t know where Lichtenberg’s villa was, but if they were going to pass through the forest, that made things easier for me.

The knights were vigilant of the front and back, but they didn’t consider that I was already on the carriage.

On the way, a wild rabbit appeared from the grasses, redirecting the knights’ attention.

The carriage made a sudden stop and the knights tried to move to deal with it immediately. However, when they saw it was just a rabbit, they heaved a big sigh.

“What is going on!”
“Please be at ease. It was only a rabbit.”
“Then let us move already. The foolish assassin might be following us.”
“Yes sir!”

It annoyed me a bit to hear him call me a foolish assassin, but making a stop here was a gift from the heavens. Without missing the opportunity, I coiled a thread around the branch of a tree above the carriage and jumped to it.

I was using threads, sure, but my elevated physical ability to manage it without raising any sound at all still astonished me.

Since I was using Polymorph, my physical abilities shouldn’t be any different from that of my previous life. And yet, seeing how superior my abilities were now made me painfully aware of just how wastefully I was using my abilities while I was alive.

If I had this strength, I wouldn’t have fallen behind even against that twin-bladed Devil. If I cooperated with Cortina, I might have remained alive… Well, no point crying over spilled milk.

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At any rate, my preparations were over.

I tied the thread on the tree trunk and left the place before the carriage started moving. When it would start moving, the thread would automatically decapitate him.

The problem was that they would become alert for the surroundings once that happened, so the question was whether I could manage running away before the hundred-meter limit until the thread was taut.

My gauntlets were child-size now, so it was quite tough for me. It was fine for a short time, but if I kept wearing it for a long time, it could stop the blood flow and even lead to necrosis.

That said, I could now strengthen my former body with interference magic. If I used my Stealth Gift on top of it, there was almost no chance of anyone noticing me.

Soon after I left that place behind, I heard the scream of a woman from the highway ahead. Judging from their voice, it was the maid that attended to Lichtenberg.

It seemed that I managed to successfully lop his head off.

The Mythril threads made from the carefully selected Huge Crawler were flexible yet extremely tough.

And once the cart started moving, it couldn’t make a sharp stop. Much less when Lichtenberg himself was urging them to hurry on ahead, so you could say he reaped what he sowed.

I saw the stopped carriage in the distance that looked like a dot. And how the knights rushed over, dragging Lichtenberg’s body out.

I couldn’t make out the details due to the distance, but I still confirmed the overflowing liquid and the absence of what should have been above his shoulders.

“With this, Lichtenberg is no longer a threat.”

Rest was how Maxwell would make use of this fact.


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