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Chapter 360 – Disguised Invasion

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1155 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Once the training was over, I headed towards the weapon storehouse and picked a spear. I planned to bring it along while pretending to be patrolling and inspect the mansion structure from the outside.

Lichtenberg’s mansion was an orthodox two-storied building. However, one part of it was protruded like a tower, and it was the only place that had the third floor.

The influential people tended to prefer high places, so this guy was most likely the same.

“If possible, I wanted to inspect the interior too, but I don’t think I have the leeway for that.”

If I let him be now, he would probably learn that his attack failed as early as tomorrow. And then he would decide his next action on the same day.

If I didn’t deal with this guy as fast as possible, there would be no peace for Michelle.

The first floor aside, the second and third floors weren’t places that Fred, given his orderly status, could freely wander to without permission.

In that case, I guess it would be better to disguise myself as one of the maids working on those floors.

After I finished guessing the structure from the outside and confirmed my escape route, I once again slipped inside. This time, I settled on one young-looking maid and changed my illusion.

The reason I chose a younger maid was that it would be easier to use tears to get my way during the critical moment. As for the voice… I’ll try my best.

I had memories of being forced to crossdress by Cortina in the past… No, let’s just stop remembering it.

Thus, I settled on a black-haired maid from mid to late teens and returned inside the mansion. The spear might come in handy in the future, so I hid it along my escape route.

“Clanesse, Clanesse I’m talking to you!”
“Eh… Ah, are you talking to me?”
“Who else is around!”

As I was on my way towards the stairs, I was called by a slightly older maid. I tried to make my voice as high-pitched as possible and responded back. My voice belonged to a man now, so I had to put in some effort.

As it turned out, the owner of this appearance was called Clanesse. I’ll remember it, just for tonight.

However, her name sounded similar to Cloud, so I was a little anxious there.

“Hey, did your voice change? It sounds a little too deep, you know?”
“Errr, could it be that I have caught a cold?”
“Really? Oh well. We seem to be missing turnips for Master’s dinner. Could you go buy some for me?”

Saying so, the maid pushed the shopping basket to me. But if I left the mansion now, it all comes to nothing.

While I was thinking about how to get out of this, a certain rumor crossed my mind. It was about how lascivious Lichtenberg was rumored to be.

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Thus, I flipped my lady switch on and turned into feminine mode.

“Um… Master has summoned me earlier…”
“Again? Can’t he just rub it out himself already?”

The maid put a hand to her waist and said in anger, then took the basket and went away. She probably hurried to buy the products in great haste. I felt bad for making her work, but this would be her last job here, so I hope she forgives me with that.

Then, I headed to the second floor, and was addressed several times, but they let me pass once I brought out Lichtenberg’s name.

Apparently, similar things happened many times before now.

Thus, passing through the second floor, I headed to the stairs leading to the third one situated around the center.

When I head upstairs, there was a room right ahead of the corridor, with no other path past it. It seemed that this floor was dedicated to that room alone.

I knocked on the door as a test, but there was no reply. Finding it strange, I quietly opened the door and found Lichtenberg snoring on the bed.

Was this man, who had kicked off his blanket and was exposing his fat belly, really Lichtenberg? Thinking back, I didn’t know how he looked like.

“So carefree…”

Still, seeing how he was snoring loudly after putting his hands on Michelle’s parents, blood rushed to my head.

When I extended a thread from my gauntlet, thinking to put an end to him right then and there, the door behind me was knocked furiously.

I quickly stuck to the wall and switched my illusion. By turning the illusion from a maid to a wall, I was able to avoid being seen.

“So noisy, what is it!”
“Master, are you alright!”
“What? What is going on? You may enter.”

It seemed to be the voice of someone he knew, Lichtenberg defenselessly told them to enter. Immediately, a bearded butler-looking man, and the knight, Antonio, entered in.

“One of the servants reported having seen a suspicious person. We have come to ascertain your safety.”
“Suspicious person?”
“Yes, according to them, they took on the appearance of a young servant and snuck inside the mansion. They headed towards Master’s room, so their goal was most likely…”
“Me, huh. Hmph, so someone who doesn’t know his place came to target my life again, huh.”

The fat man climbed off from the bed and declared in a haughty voice. So he was Lichtenberg without a doubt.

“As always, I will take refuge in the villa. Antonio, you shall meet the enemy as my body double.”
“Yes, as you command!”

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I couldn’t help but think the difference between their statures was too different, but apparently, it wasn’t the case from their perspective.

The butler seemed to want to say something, but he decided to keep his mouth shut.

Still, this could be said to be a blessing in disguise. If he would be leaving the mansion, there was no need to even think of my path of retreat. And there would be no need to wait until night.

“I anticipated this and have already prepared a carriage already. Please make haste and dress yourself, Master.”
“Got it. Go call the maids for me.”
“As you command.”

As it turned out, this man couldn’t even change his clothes on his own. I considered mixing among the maids for a moment, but discarded it, as it would be hard to deal with him with so many people around.

No, well, I could easily do it if I wanted to, but it wasn’t my hobby to do meaningless murder. I didn’t plan to kill even those attending to him.

Thus, as I stood and watched, Lichtenberg changed his clothes and left the room.

If he was leaving the city, that was good in its own way. I could deal with him without any interruptions.

Thinking so, I revealed a grin under my disguise.


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