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Chapter 305 – Nostalgic Reunion

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1077 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Before long, a new school term had started, and we were finally promoted to the senior students of the elementary course of the Magic Academy.

We had a new classroom, but the class lineup was the same ever since the first year. This was due to the school policy that instead of building new relationships, it was better to deepen them with the people you already knew.

I was currently talking with Letina inside that unchanged classroom.

I used the short time we had before the lesson started to thoroughly explain to her just how much of an angel my little sister was.

“And then, she took her tiny hand and squeezed mine.”

“I am an only child, so that makes me quite envious.”

“I can probably bring her here after she grows up a bit more. You can come and see her too.”

“I will take you up on your offer. She’s also one of our talisman buddies.”

“True. We have matching pairs.”

The talisman that I carved from a fang was hanging on my neck. Michelle and Letina were the same. Oh, and Cloud.

Seeing that, the students and Adventurers directed flames of jealousy at him.

Well, that was only natural, given that he had a matching pair with someone as pretty as Michelle.

The brutality of her chest had grown even more. At this point, she wouldn’t fall behind even if you put her side by side with an adult.

While we were talking, my other friend showed up to join us. It was Horton’s only daughter, Matisse.

“Good morning, Nicole. I see you have a matching necklace with Lady Letina.”

“Morning, Matisse. Yes, we made it during the vacation.”

“Ohh, nice. Is it made from a fang?”

“Yeah. Fang Wolf’s.”

“Fang Wolf!? You managed to hunt them yourselves?”

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The students at the Academy had some degree of combat training as part of their curriculum. For that reason, she knew just how difficult defeating a Fang Wolf would prove to be.

The other students overheard my claim and started rustling around in surprise.

“That monster is tough to beat even head-on.”

“Well, Cloud’s skill has grown significantly as of late. We had Finia with us too, and Maxwell was there to lead us.”

“With Lord Maxwell, it should have been safe.”

“I was there too. I can take one down without a sweat.”

“You focused on keeping them in check as always, though.”

Michelle was the one that put them down even during that battle. Her skill already rivaled that of a veteran soldier. Her ability to concentrate during the critical moment was particularly outstanding.

Both Letina and Cloud were stronger than what would be normal for their ages, but Michelle was still far beyond them. As expected, a Gift holder’s growth rate was on another level.

“It makes me want to have one too…”

“Sorry. I want to make this an original for me and my sister.”
“That is a little regrettable. But now that you mentioned it, she was born during the vacation, right? Congratulations.”

“Yup, thanks!”

Thus, Letina and I combined our powers to explain in detail just how adorable Fina was. While I was busy stressing how cute my sister was with a flushed face, the people around were looking at me as if they were seeing something charming. My sister is the one who’s lovely, not me!

After our classes were done, I joined up with Michelle and we headed to the Adventurer’s Guild.

Cloud was probably already there and engaged in practice with the senior Adventurers, something that had become customary lately.

As we entered the Guild, I went to the counter right away and took on the herb collection request, yet another customary thing.

Cloud was apparently down below, as expected, so we would meet up with him later.

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“Welcome, Nicole. Are you going to gather herbs today as well?”

“Yes, there is a request for it, right?”

Whenever an illness spread in the elven settlements, the medicinal herbs were gathered in masses, so they tended to put temporary regulations in place.

We weren’t especially fixated on the buying price, but it was better to confirm whether there was a commission for them at present.

“Yes, no problems there. We also have this request today.”

With that, she showed me a commission to gather special mushrooms.

“Is this a… Mixus mushroom?”

“Yes. They are quite a delicacy, so the Horton company is requesting them.”

“Weren’t they for medicine?”
“This is for seasoning. They have a bit of a spicy, stimulating taste, so they are used in cooking after being powdered.”

“Oh huh…”

Finia had quite a big variety of seasonings, but I had never seen this. Perhaps it was a luxury item.

“Okay. In that case, we’ll pick these up too if we come across them.”

“Understood. There are five days until the time limit, so we’ll buy them at a high price if you bring them before then.”

“Okay then, I’ll go get Cloud.”

I waved at the counter girl and left the place. She waved back with a radiant smile, but I felt something similar to Cortina from a few days ago.

After heading underground, I heard the usual… no, fiercer than usual sounds of training.

It seemed that they were quite heated up today. It’d be troubling if he spends all his stamina before we head to the forest, though.

“Cloud seems to be working hard today.”

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“He should know we’d be heading to the forest, and that he shouldn’t be going so hard at it.”

“Cloud is doing his best so you don’t leave him behind, Nicole.”

If he ends up totally exhausted before we do our main combat practice, that’d just trouble me, though.

Rather, he himself should be troubled the most if his exhaustion lowers his income, given that it was something essential for him.

“Haaaa! A matching pair, you saaay!?”

“Stand up, Cloud! Let me beat that harem nature out of you!”

“Hey, it’d be problematic if you do that.”

“Oh, Lady Nicole!?”

The one facing Cloud was the usual fifth-ranked Adventurer, Kayle. Also, two people who I remembered from quite long ago.

“Oh, could it be…”

“Oh. If I remember correctly, you are… Nicole, right?”

“It has been a while, Haumea, Cole.”

There stood a female elf who I had met once before, the woman whose name I had been using as an alias.


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